Sunday Service – Principles of the Buddha

all right ladies and welcome to the salad since I'm a CPA rise up our be bizarre this is IMC accessibility services first and foremost a tradition of all pastors in the past present and future I'm an entertainer number two this is for adults only so if you're not an adult they'll be watching anymore and three don't break the laws of the land okay I want you to keep the laws to keep yourself out of jail this is the Sunday services today I'm going to do a little bit different if you've never come to this before I'm about to blow your mind okay mmm let's here's what I'm gonna do today before I get into the sermon I'm gonna read a while I'm gonna read from one of my teachers now I'm a teacher on earth and one of the least paid professions on earth is a teacher you can never pay a teacher enough money all right okay good so now I'm gonna be from one of my teachers who's not alive okay but it's always a lot he's not alive but he's always lost okay because the teachings I'm about to give you their timeless that means that we're talking about in 2019 but I want you to go back to 2000 2500 years ago if we went back 100 years from now it would be a long time can you imagine what it would look like 100 years in 2019 the wall that in 1992 hundred years ago it was at 1819 imagine what this exact location at 1819 about a wilderness right wherever you are at 1719 would be 300 years ago 1619 is 400 years ago 15 1914 90 1319 looking we're almost like losing track of what the world would look like at this point 1019 we're still not there where thousand years ago we're gonna go back another 1,000 years and what I'm about to say to you another man came onto the same planet said this 2,000 years ago no 2500 years ago 2500 years later with men going to Mars I'm talking through the internet and I'm driving a Maserati 2500 years ago his words still stand true in 2500 years from now maybe we're in spaceships flying around maybe there is now aliens around these words will be relevant 2500 years from now anytime you find mankind in a human body these words are going to be the teaching that's where the timeless teaching is you see the difference it doesn't change with the time it also doesn't change with your race so if you're a black man watching me we have black people watching me if you're a Hispanic watching me oriental watching me if you're a middle-eastern watching me Australian European watching me all of you the teaching works if you're a rich man watching you make a lot of money or you're a poor man you have no money this teaching applies to both of you if you're a king and you run the United States as the president of United States or you're the illegal immigrant trying to get across the border and figure out how to get your family across that border then he's building these teachings apply for both of those people are you with me this is fascinating now what about a woman what about woman whenever we say woman from now we gotta emphasize the mad part well then that's how it was made I don't saw he was like whoa man and God was like that's right that's what that's like you of the low woman yeah just go you missed my beautiful joke it was so good it's okay whoa man close your eyes first like a bluish light yep okay what about wall man if you're an old woman that shows spam on somewhere ladies and I guess I don't know she's acting too old this woman I know I know my niece is the youngest woman I know she's four and a half five years old okay my niece at five years old can understand this she can apply this and Grandma towards the end of her life can apply this grandma at the end of her life meets this as desperately as four and a half year old niece needs this she's about to journey into another body she's gonna need to know as much as she can she's gonna need to understand in between what how is she gonna conduct herself between body to body when she's about to be erased her memory how much can she regain is she gonna be what is that last moment before and my niece has a whole lifetime with other people that need this really bad and the more she understands this the better she's going to be able to get along with people they both need this desperately if you're a successful businessman and you're making happen you need this because you're about to lose yourself you have to lose yourself I'm telling you I've been there struggling you don't know where your next dollar comes from your your account at zero you need this because you're about to lose yourself one you're going to lose yourself in your success the other one you're going to lose yourself in your poverty but you need this so that you don't lose yourself now watch this if my dog could understand these words my dog would have a better life literally so the same teacher who's the Buddha Siddhartha the Tama said let's start with his teachings I'm teaching his teachings today okay first I'm gonna be then I'm gonna teach boots up to you but Buddha said the Buddha said by the way let's define Buddha means the awakened one that's all that means he said I'm a man just like you I have problems just like you I have sex just like you I drink food that I I do what humans do but I'm awake I've been woken up and I've seen that life is a suffering be suffering is caused by oneself see there is an end of suffering deep it's caught and there's any place you have to act in order to get this the Eightfold Path for local troops in fact I just moved anyways the Buddha said you're lucky if you're a human this lifetime because then you could do what we're about to do study and break free from the cycle of life and death he said you're lucky to be human because you have an opportunity to fix your karma and what's your karma that's the big question what's your karma let me define it for you how I know it I am fixing my karmic to see know the person who knows Arashi Bazaar or AED is fixing his Karma rapidly your karma is anything that you hold inside of you there's been an action you've taken on the outside or an action you didn't take on the outside that you should have and then you hold that imprint inside of you and then you move forward in life and whatever is imprinted on the inside it will have to manifest on the outside so you run into your own misdeeds all the time when you clean your karma you start acting in a way that doesn't continue the skee-bowl into your lives if you run away from it you can't run away from it you carry it inside of you if you face it get ready to face what the hell is hell is your car hell what you've done or what you haven't done okay now let's read the Buddha I'm not that chained yet here we go I'm just gonna go through the book first first once all wakefulness wakefulness is a way of life the full sleeps as if he was already dead but the master is awake and he lives forever he watches he is clear how happy he is for he sees that wakefulness is life how happy he is following the path of the awakened with great perseverance which means what what's perseverance to push through obstacles is perseverance as a definition perseverance assumes there's things to get to persevere you have to stick to throughout the the path you don't give up perseverance is the opposite of giving up not it everybody here with great perseverance that means whatever your obstacle in your life is that you're going through perseverance with great perseverance he meditates seeking freedom and happiness that's the first passage secondly Luminess which means bright luminous is this mind brightly shining but it is colored by the attachments that visited this unlearned people unlearned this unlearned people do not really understand and so do not cultivate the mind luminous is the mind right brightly shining and it is free of the attachments that visited this the noble follower of the way really understands so for them there is the cultivation of the mind clean your mind get it your mind is dirty yes you got a dirty mind not like that you got a dirty mind right you can walk up to any ruler and say you have a dirty mind and you'll be able to hit until you face the Buddha you go you have a dirty mind and there's nothing in there it makes no difference what you say cuz they cleaned it out next the sage a person of wisdom should be truthful without arrogance without deceit slanderous you don't talk bad about anybody shut your mouth Nixon talk bad about somebody if you're around me not slanderous and not hateful the wise person should go beyond the evil of greed and miserliness to have your mind set on calmness you must take power over sleepiness drowsiness and lethargy what's lethargy tires know how much of a problem I have with them but they don't know is how much of a problem who died with that there's no place for laziness and no recourse which means what to turn around in sand and make something by for pride you don't you up and you find us different it's different than mean pile of your family proud of your team product it's different we talk about area right right I can never do wrong get written about the fall do not be led into lying do not be attached to forms you must see through all Pride and fair long without violence do not get excited by what is old do not be contented with what is new do not breathe for what is lost or be controlled by desire shame I agree this is one of my favorite passages let's get one here we go ready you're about to read 2500 years ago what 2500 years later now ends up being Tony Robbins a part all Arashi Buzard everybody else you're about to meet them the original self-help guide are you and me about what you think here we go are you with me yeah okay one here we go this isn't the Buddha on yourself out journey the Buddha shows up and said ready here we go God we are what we think all that we are arises with our thoughts with our thoughts we make the world speak or act with an impure mind and trouble will follow you as the wheel follows the Ox that draws the cart we are what we think all that we are arises with our thoughts without thoughts we make the world speak or act with a pure mind and Happiness will follow and Happiness will follow you as your shadow unshakeable how can a troubled mind how can a troubled mind understand the way I tell my students the top boys you're on the wrong path it's not even where you are you need to get off of where you are and come on up you're not getting anywhere you're up and down and up and down and up and down and you're good you're bad you're a slave you're safe your emotions your slave your thoughts the route is here you how can a troubled mind understand the way if you have any evil in your home you understand where I'm coming from if you have a lie and your company understand where I'm coming from if you don't have compassion how can you understand what the I'm coming from and if you value the experience I'm having you need to change not me he says on the same message your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded unguarded you know the gardens if I were to guards outside here you wouldn't get an enter because you have to go for the guards your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded you allow one negative thought to continue your fault I catch one negative thought I put it aside I don't get involved I know where that goes it goes to where I'm not gonna go anymore that's where it goes it goes to where I won't take my family anymore I'm not going there if you want to go there go but I'm not coming anymore your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded but once mastered this is the Buddha this is not me talking but once mastered no one can help you as much not even your own father and mother when you master it you've got it you got the key you can walk through life the way I walk unafraid honest ethical uncompromising and still get the job done you this now he gives a he gives a teaching to his months what we were studying see this is why you have to know what you're studying and it makes a difference I'm study because I have context about about to read to you what we heard was him talking to the world but you're about to hear is him talking to his mom's there's a difference when the Buddha speaks to his mom's Justin are you ready he says to them this is the work of those who are skilled skilled you know what sealants here's a skilled guitar because it did something skilled scene-stealing communication and then there's someone not skilled in guitar right falling on his feet and sucked at communication he says this is the work of those who are still and peaceful you know peaceful is opposite of non-peaceful this is the work of those who are skilled and peaceful who seek the good dot dot now he's gonna tell you the work if you were as monk you would have to do this and I am so I'm doing it so hold me accountable ready goes like this may they be able and upright straightforward of gentle speech and not proud people get confused on that the Buddha when he first became enlightened the first thing he said he said in all the heavens above and the land below I am the perfected one and then he says don't be proud it's not the same definition now there's one arrogant right he said it earlier may they be able an upright son are you or me Lord where is fall may they be able upright straightforward of gentle speech and not proud may they be content and easily supported unburdened with their senses calmed may they be wise not arrogant and without desire for the possessions of others may they do nothing mean or that the wise would reprove them reprove means to say that's not right may all beings be happy may they live in safety and joy all living beings with a weak or strong tall or stout average or short seen or unseen near or distant born or tibi born may Audio let no one deceive another or despise any being in any state let none by anger or hatred wish harm on another as a mother watches over her child willing to risk her own life to protect her only child so with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings getting rid of the whole world with unobstructed loving-kindness are you with me stay away there's more to it standing or walking sitting or lying down during all one's waking hours may one remain mindful of this part and this way of living that is the best in the world unattached to speculations views and sense desires with clear vision such a person will never be reborn in the cycles of Sussman with a little bit longer than electric listen to this okay I need you to get this because one of the abilities that I have is to look through other people's eyes and it makes all the difference in the world so listen carefully because this talks about that a little bit all beings tremble you know what Rumble means before violence if they're about to be if there's violence about to be done on them all beings tremble he says all fear death all of life is the Buddha all beings tremble before violence all fear death all of love ready this is the Buddha listen Jeffrey see yourself in others you tell me this is the secret of seduction see yourself in others then whom can you hurt yeah I know the feeling what harm can you do send thank you see yourself in others then whom can you hurt what harm can you do he who seeks happiness are you with me you seek happiness ask yourself it's question see if you seek happiness and yeah you know get yourself a real honest answer okay maybe you don't want to be happy well then thaw ha we'll get you later you we listen to the rest of this okay he who seeks happiness ask yourself a few do by hurting those who seek happiness will never find health against he who seeks happiness by hurting those who seek happiness can never find happiness see this formula is true health can you you go back one step first you realize all beings tremble before violence all fear death all love life you got that that's the first three sentences all beings fear before trouble before violence all fear death all love love then he says see yourself in others then how can you harm someone how can you hurt another person then he says those who seek happiness by hurting others who seek happiness the day before happens now let me ask you something do I have a photographic memory because I just give you all the sentences or do I have a full understanding of what I read that's what it is I don't have a can't even remember what I but I understand what that is so now it's not done there's more to the passage for your brother is like you he wants to be happy your brother your sister never harm him and when you leave this life then you too will find happiness don't don't look for afterlife that's already something about believe in the cycle is coming back he's not talking about you find heaven it's not Buddhism okay that we misinterpreted my question like oh my god I find have another you come back which are not harming people so you come back cleaner and differently you become that child that you and I see and go back child is an adult she's bright you become the person who comes back and starts teaching people because you just like others have the same problems they do but you're not suffering that's the difference you just want suffering you have transcended you've gone about okay I'll do one more that's it at one time they exalted one lesser they call them the good I was living in Jeddah growth it's a place a certain deity no that means like a lesser God a deity he with me a certain deity of astounding Beauty approach the exalted one so this being appears of beauty and says to the assess to the Buddha many deities and humans have pondered on blessings tell me the blessings supreme like what's the highest lesson is beautiful being asked the Buddha replied to associate not with the fools to be with the wise to honour the worthy ones this is a blessing supreme to reside in a suitable location to have good past deeds done to set oneself in the right direction this is blessing supreme to be well-spoken highly trained well educated skilled in handicraft and highly disciplined this is a blessing supreme to be well carried of mother of father to look after spouse and children to engage in the harmless occupation this is blessing supreme outstanding behavior blameless action open hands to all relatives and selfless giving this is blessing supreme to cease and abstain which means not from evil to avoid intoxicants to be diligent in virtuous practice this is blessing supreme to be reverent which means like respectful and humble content and grateful to hear the Dharma which of the teachings at the right time this is a blessing supreme this may be the my country is to be patient and obedient to visit with spiritual people to discuss the Dharma at the right time this is a blessing supreme to live purely to see the Noble Truths to realize Nirvana which is the attainment of the spiritual place this is the blessing three a mind unshaken when touched by the world states solace stainless and secure this is the blessing supreme those who are fulfilled all these are everywhere invincible and they find well-being everywhere this is 2500 years ago 2005 nine years from now and two thousand five years from there these words were richer you understand that and there's many things that you know that twenty years from now ten years from now won't be true you walk around with ideas neither does history your ideas about life okay I like the rain I don't like the rain I like the Sun I don't like a son I like pizza I don't like pizza I like heavy metal I don't like heavy no that's my favorite singer I don't like that I don't know your ideas will change in ten to twenty years but some truths remain forever your society will change in 10 to 20 years some truths remain forever the person is on this path now I'm lecturing the person is on the staff is the person who keeps to the eternal truths and disregards fallouts all else doesn't register but if something 2,500 years ago regardless of your shape size former occupation and now and the future stands then that is what my mind occupies as a truth because it doesn't change it still stands true but any other opinion changes thanks Hannah you to wake up with your acknowledgments yeah I'm not here okay bro okay your present conditions keep changing some feature on the truth stick you're missing the point of life and I'll say you I'm talking about birth you missed the point of life it's not to go get a job to pay the bills to go them to get married now this is not a point of life the point of life is not a spiritual existence its spiritual awareness of who you are and what your relationship to life is and why you're suffering and to lessen that suffering for yourself another period all else is a lying that you botched and the lie was brought to you by none other than those who are this line brought to you by those who want you not to do well now you walk around Dina you walk around doing to others what has been done to you because you have no other reference you know you have to if you and I were in front of the Buddha and the Buddha was hanging out with us on a daily basis we would have to question our own insights for a second imagine being with the Buddha right and then you make some kind of an observation about life and you watch the Buddhist reaction right you say something like I hate those people that bla bla bla and you forget you over the Buddha and he wouldn't tell you do or don't but he would be the Buddha whatever you think that is but if that happened day in and day out at some point we'd have to look at ourselves ago what the and then we realized that our dad did that or our mom did that our uncle did that or caretaker did that or whatever the we grew up did that we are simply repeating what has been done to us see if this is true for you they say that you know you end up becoming like your parents later on in life this seems to be true until we break out of that cycle I haven't met a person who doesn't want to be happy today okay I haven't met an individual today who doesn't want to have a great day now if you want this and so does the person next to you it's okay as soon as the person next to you and if you're so similar to each other tell me what's the conflict but really if we're that similar right what's the conflict you want to be happy I want to be happy right maybe you got the false idea that if I'm happy you won't be happy right but that wouldn't be true that wouldn't be true there's an old test they say if you were about to win ten million dollars but your best friend was about to MIT win five hundred million dollars right or you are about to win ten million dollars and a person you didn't like at all at all was gonna win 100 million dollars would you accept the ten million if they got a hundred the person he didn't like a lot of people wouldn't accept the ten million yes it is weird but even there's a conflict inside there shouldn't be that's my 10 million give me my 10 million I don't give a that's enough so we have a false idea that if he has she has I may not have it's not true like that's just not true yeah so let's just create okay and so I know you want to be happy I know I wanna be happy but how is your communication with the world I have no idea no how is your communication with the world right the way you engage with another life-form is going to determine how they engage with you if you walked outside right now and there was that there was a dog out there and it started to show its teeth at you and start to snap at you in the air that communication will get from you a certain response if you walked outside there was a dog out there and it started put his ears now the lack of sound kind of like spin around like it's getting cute that communication with their different spots we respond to the communication the life gives us the ones that are skilled in this art form of living they realize that just because the dog snarled and snapped I don't have to take out my gun and shoot him then maybe I still can during that time communicate in a friendly manner maybe it's still possible now you and I know the person who understands dogs the most and who has the most compassion for dogs will be the least likely will be the least likely to lose their patience and get aggressive with the dog the person who doesn't like dogs and is afraid of dogs will have the most severe reaction right away but there's something else there the one who doesn't like dogs a sincere reaction if you look deeper it's not that they don't like dogs because dogs are likable it's that they are afraid of thoughts so the person will say I don't like dogs but what they really need to say is I'm afraid of dogs so the reaction is a fear-based reaction to life's communication now if you go into life and you begin to act seriously towards things those things will start to attack I'm going to tell you that again you could try this in nature see if this is true you could try this with your relationships to see if it's true you can even try this with life start becoming afraid of something for a short amount of time and watch how the energy pulls to you right it's an energy phenomena we start to activate through your fear that thing in the environment that resonates with whatever you actually yeah and it's a law of attraction nothing else going on whatever it is that's not you moving like this that's your energy that's what you're putting out you're putting out the energy that's why through drama I've learned and I'm practicing to relax my body stay calm to show what I'm putting out is still because what you put out is what your world will start to become okay do you guys get and this is a different level of talk now do I think that this is gonna help you achieve your goals yeah don't you want to do business with someone like me I do of course I'd rather do business with someone like me than any other any anybody if I knew that it was me that was no business with I buy say I know my headaches I know where I'm at I know where I'm doing right so I know that my business can't suffer what about relationships well I want to be in relation to me but I'm a guy or girl there's a matter I'd want to be around me and oh me why because when I look around my universe I go through what I really become from being around myself not because I know myself but because I'm know something to be around ok so I know my relationships are not going to suffer I know that my business is not going to suffer what about my health if I stress out and speak hatred and evil anger or I don't that's not easy but that's the practice right which one is better for my health obviously keeping my peace so my health gets better my relationships get better my mother gets better and I thought we were all on this self-improvement kick well we are we just like I can tell people you're on the wrong road the road of self-improvement is not to improve these things that you have and get more and more techniques of how to do this the road to self-improvement is to get rid of whatever the is in you that creates the upset in the world that improves you yeah you can and over and overcome it once it's no longer uncomfortable to face that thing you've surpassed it and that's the goal that's the practice the practice is like that ancient script I read a long time ago said when you stand if I have a mountain the mountain crumples right in front of you and you don't flinch you understand the teachings it was a Taoist book book was called Taoist immortal but this is what we need to speak we need yeah it's not a good look and she has skinny something but that's not a good book it's confusing it's kind of retarded but you know I went through the whole book I think maybe I didn't beat the end of it and I just worked that sentence that sentence but I've used that centers often so maybe if you're interested in that but don't waste your time yeah okay this is what is what we need to teach our children you see that way to teach them a little more peace of mind way to teach them a little bit of calmness we need to say come here Junior okay Lin come here do you know today's gonna be tough for you or what then people are going to upset you they're not gonna acknowledge ey but they're gonna miss communicate or they're gonna miss judge and miss miss miss everything okay you when you come back on tonight I want you to bite his why well because you're gonna be shining brightness from inside that's that's one telling the people doing that their lights have dimmed during that time right so you're interacting with people who are not shining their lightning that's out there why they're suffering the Buddha said it's a friend or suffer okay now you have some of these teachings you can grown up with this when you come back tonight and you're gonna be shining a lot everywhere you go I want to be the strongest one doesn't mean the mo something obnoxious whine like everything's good not that person the person has the most compassion who understands the people around them and have the best communication is the shiniest the Chinaman is not the one who talks the most the loudest of the prettiest the richest the shiny one is the one that understands everybody has communication they shine despite of her insecurities when I was around men wet more well for more lobes what does didn't matter why because during that time the interactions are going to show that the value of me is to being there people feel acknowledged people feel like they can talk people feel like but they're saying is important right but I remember with the Buddha said that person around me on the table they also want happiness I also want happiness and if I take away their happiness don't you think that that's going to cause something on me if I'm in a place and I you and I are together right and some dude walks up and he tries to take our happiness from us whatever that is this is gonna be a problem for him for me for you for everybody in the environment now let's play the opposite you and I are out and it dude walks up girl walks up does matter and he or she contributes to happiness okay you guys are at this table here is a bottle or here is a pass for this or whatever contributes with good energy now the person doing that gets happy I get happy you get happy everybody gets happy so you get happier by making people who want to be happy happier it's weird the reason why everybody's getting worse is everybody's got this weird you know this is what this is what life looks like to me like another thing and I'm not even saying it's not like that I'm saying it is like that but be so smooth we start tapping them but you know I mean that they swing after you go and they're like hey let me go again and after a while they see your skill level and they just kind of dropped their hands like okay well you just teach me that like that that's how you teach somebody from from where we are on earth it's a prison planet everybody's on edge everybody's everybody's guilty and everybody's not guilty at the same time it's up so you got to get so skillful because if you mix it up with them you just feed into the system to break the system you get so good at maneuvering your communication emotions and stuff then you slip tap slip tap and they exhaust themselves they dust themselves of their energy the exhaust everything they do it and then they drop so their hands down they start trying to say okay then just teach can I just be like you you say yeah that's the whole point now can you keep slipping and not fall prey to suddenly does not get the out that's where our practice comes in do you get that okay don't be wrapping up I could give you one message that would completely change your life today this is it right now other people are not treating you a certain way because of you they're treating you a certain way because of that you gotta get this their evaluation of you is not you it's them not you that doesn't mean every time somebody think somebody else is bad that they're bad it doesn't mean that it just means that their idea is that that's not you you are not other people's ideas of you that's why celebrities go nuts it feels so good and then some of the the same people who built them up come on and say Kanye's crazy well if you believed them when they said you were a god then you better believe I may say you're crazy but if they said you're a god you laughter then when they say you're crazy because they don't determine that they can tell you that they choose to relate to you as if you're a god okay you can choose to relate to me like I'm crazy that's fine but that's not me that's you That's not me that's you remember that me now what about me what am i well personally it's very clear to me the only thing you know about me is how I'm going to conduct myself today did you know that you know nothing else about ya if you're gonna judge that based on the way I talk carry myself and other stuff you know nothing else at the end of the day you're gonna make a judgement about me how easy this is to be treated exactly the way I want to be treated I just got to stay consistent with the way I project myself to you yeah what if that's not even me but if I'm some unethical bad person you know it wouldn't make a difference as long as I treated you sold out for the rest of my life and everybody else – then I could die a really bad person who was a really great person you see it makes no difference what the is happening inside of that's my problem sign your pal it becomes your problem what's happening inside of me comes out of my mouth to you yeah then I transfer my energy from me to you but that's what we want to do because the energy hurts us so it seeks an expression well then is an expression of pain then if you don't say it feels like and then someone blows every time but sure but that's an expression of the pain right all you know of the next person is the way they conduct themselves all people know of you is the way you conduct yourself you have a responsibility it's old philosophy it's from Greece I don't know what the exact person of it but every philosopher and I am one you are one every philosopher should know this you are the walking talking breathing example of your philosophy and philosopher is his philosophy is visible in his living that means you must conduct yourself as the way you think this is crazy you conduct yourself the way you think all of mankind should conduct themselves that's what you have to do each one of us is responsible for showing the rest of the world with right conduct looks like do you understand how crazy that is if it's good for you to do it's good enough for somebody else to do so you stop doing it first completely before you ever point a finger or make someone walk for it you can't make something else wrong if you're doing it yeah but this no the wrong person to talk to about that whatever the reasons are you need to stop doing what it is that you want other people to stop doing and you need to start doing what it is what other people start doing no excuses yes so if during an argument or upset I got a message that they're having you must conduct yourself the way you would want the other person that's difficult but that is actually the right time to combat both people must in an argument conductor tells the way they what the other person to conduct themselves with them if they did that it adds right there because both people seek understanding patience and outlet and information but the argument doesn't become that it becomes about you and me and you to this event that you know the listen my internal world my responsibility okay if something comes out wrong tell me yes we can all talk about what I said came out here you all had to hear it I've now subjected myself to the law of the universe by speaking on it until then if I go coming here and I don't speak on it but I act on it well I didn't say anything I don't wanna upset anybody you did say that you said a lot you said a lot by an image so I'm not saying don't just use your words I'm saying the way you conduct yourself remember that now the word conduct is beautiful because electricity goes through a conductor and the way you conduct yourself shows the energy which I carry your conduct is the carrier of your energy the way I carry my energies through my conduct conductor of energy energy flows through the conductor good conductor all right good end it hope you enjoyed it then it was a prayer why I pray that if there is any kind of truth I need to say a dog or a being whatever whatever truth is available that makes us better let it be known to us let us know the next truth that we need to know to make life better fast enough I pray that as any physical healing and he SAP and it happens now any mental healing denisa and happens now I pray that you find whatever it is inside of you that brings you that peace and calm that you need to lessen the suffering for others that's important see when you no longer are trying to handle you you're a boss until then you're in the hospital my friends you know funny days right you see one person in a hospital like all wrapped up like hey George and George is like yeah I just want to tell you you got a posture up when he mock yeah and George is like you know yeah I was gonna tell you you have to remember whenever you drinking water you gotta fight they get into a fight and one guy's like well you know everybody goes you have a posturing you see a posture because he's got like a brace right and the only thing they have left in this Hospital is your daughter I'll tell the other person look at what I got you know about and nobody's getting better and then you suddenly step out of the hospital and you walk back into your whoa what the that's doing there you go why are you out of bed you be resting right now I'm just I'm telling everybody that need to be motivated no you can't tell me well you can you can how about we get out the cast yeah you got some issues here let's get out of that thing but when you're no longer fine now you haven't asked okay come here let's go over here to this all right and this person was hoping it's a different experience than the person yeah okay you got it anyways I pray that you can relieve suffering for others all right it's worth it and I pray whatever else needs to happen did you get everything with you that you want you know what I mean let's handle this thing we all gotta go the up everybody okay start doing business as a grown man start conducting stuff is going man if you're a woman start and conduct yourself like a grown woman good luck it will help you out and just start throwing away these old values these old ideas that we saw and we thought we're supposed to do it's not cool I don't like it it's not it's not it's not exciting it's not attractive I don't like the way I talk I'm changing the way I talk it's not a cool something like an idiot you know and I don't like the way I conduct myself I don't like the way I talk me talk about me right and I'm fixing all that and that's you see me do it I'm changing every day in front of them but I'm dusting up that's the problem they get between me and my girlfriend's right now it's hard to be around them and but I think they I teach people you just have to get better matter okay just tell your been erratic that's it and and then and then I'm gonna die or you're gonna die so let's gonna die it was all fat one more chance I just I just have one more chance I would do it right that's the already right wake the up and then this this is an issue for people money is an issue for people okay so I want to I want to say something okay whether you have a dollar or you have a million dollars write your name you walk around and you conduct yourself like a Prince always okay you keep yourself clean you can always wash your case and wash your mouth and you know you groom yourself and you walk with pride and you speak the best you can with great communication and you demonstrate that having a dollar or having a million dollars is no reflection of your presence yeah it's a reflection of your workload and what you needed to make money it's not a reflection of your presence or your worth absolutely not you demonstrate your worth by the way you conduct yourself if you think you're worth as much as the animal keypad if you want to be worth like a god what about not a good example in the Bible and the Quran it's not not that kind of God that does really vindictive crowd like no arrogant there should be me no vanilla no not of an example you know what kind of a God your version of a God so you have your own understanding of what would be to be an a supreme level that I want to see I want to see your version of God everybody should have their own religion know everybody has their own religion your your own church you're your own plaster you're your own congregation hey because you have your own person hey if there is a god you have your own personal a what that thing whatever there's not somebody in between here there's no no way it's gotta be you think you you think you were disconnected your mom well whatever the that is there's another umbilical cord somewhere all right I refuse to think there is I'm not saying that someone peed I just look we don't know I don't have the answer you got the answer right but something's happening here so if you're gonna believe in anything believe in some good believe in some that if you pass on to believe somebody else it can ease their suffering don't get people beliefs that them up but all right I'm saying it should be the best picture

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  1. I'm not a Buddhist for I believe there is a God (Creator) but their teachings applies to all of us especially the great discourse of blessing that Arash shared with us. Thanks Arash!

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