Summer NAMM 2019: Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb & Twin Reverb Demos

there we go hey everybody it's Jason Shadrach with premier guitar and we're at the Fender booth at summer NAMM 2019 I'm here with Shane amp guru for fender and we're gonna be talking about two new model amps you have two new models of amps that use modeling surprisingly enough now when I rolled up they look just like a regular deluxe or twin of course but tell us what's going on kind of under the hood with these with these model Shane okay well that fender we've been doing modeling for decades this isn't our first rodeo but we decided with our first fully professional modeling product to do what we're best at combo amps and what better than to do the venerable twin reverb and deluxe reverb so these amps from the front perform exactly the same as the like if you get a 65 reissue twin or deluxe same features functions pot tapers all that kind of stuff but we have some very ultra modern things as well around back and you and as we were talking before you guys showed an admirable amount of restraints when not trying to pack the kitchen sink into everything exactly we refrained from doing presets or MIDI or any of that kind of stuff it's a twin reverb it's a deluxe reverb the amp that everybody loves and knows and uses with their pedals but they're extremely light they're about half the weight of their tube counterparts which everybody loves and they've got some very thoughtful features added including an XLR line output that has two different impulse response IRS that you can select so you can even do a silent stage with this if you want put the amp on standby and it's a worship situation or a casino band or something like that you can be silent but you still have your cool amp there some other features that are really important is we have a power output selector on the back everybody likes to run their Twitter deluxe at 4 or 5 or whatever the sweet spot is but if you get to the club or the rehearsal or whatever and you're a little too loud you have lower selections you can do and that's just it's not like a wattage thing like you're stepping yeah yeah and these amps utilize a very powerful Class D power amp but they are set up to simulate the 22 watt deluxe or the 85 watt twins so they're about the same apparent volume on the gig as the tube counterparts we really put a lot of time into that so what they're here what they heard on the intro there is as you can see there's no mic in front of the cabinet here but they're hearing the XLR out on the back and what setting did you have it at I have it set to the SF in model which every guitar player is familiar with that microphone it's it's pretty bright and pretty you know good attack and everything and then for somebody wants something a little different the second one is a roy or ribbon mic and we did our own ir's in a studio in phoenix we didn't buy them from anybody we took the time to really get that part of it done some other things I'd like to point out too is the reverb for example everybody loves and knows the Fender spring reverb it's a world standard we put a ton of processing power in to do a convolution reverb that really does exactly what the spring does so I'll turn this way up get all Dick Dale on it yeah you can do that so it'll do that and the it has what I call the little juicy bits on it it's not just a CAV reverb it's got all the little Springs wiggling around stuff going on and if you bump it it's not gonna know you know we thought about putting that you know motion sensor in there but you know costs too much probably above all the features like you said the weight it even says right on either both of them picked me up so the deluxe coming in at 24 pounds but the Twin Reverb at 33 which is has to be less than half I mean yeah I think it may get people back into Twin Reverb again because those have kind of you know as people have gone to in ears and a lot of us are getting older and we don't want to pick up a 60 70 pounds win anymore if you could pick up one that's you know a little over 30 pounds it might it might really do it for you we think steel guitar players jazz players there's lots of people who love twins they just don't want to lift them anymore on the way out we're gonna hear Rick play some pedal steel through this so just kind of wrap up has USB port for firmware upgrades what kind of firmware upgrades are you guys thinking you might put in there um we're not promising anything right now but we thought that was important to put that there because well later on maybe we get into offering some different IRS or a different tremolo circuit or whatever you know we have that a kind of open door to the future with these and and really to me the most important thing is that when the player is playing the amp they forget that they're not playing a – BAM we've had a bunch of artists playing them so far and some of them that didn't even know that they were playing it to vape and they go up on stage and they play and they're like you know they don't even know the difference let's hear the vibrato we heard the reverb let's rock out the rival vibrato this is our did a deep study of fender Reaver our scuse me offender Tremeloes and and these amps originally had the opto isolator it's the little light bulb with the photocell and a shrink wrap on it we had six or seven old blackface and sick and silver face amps in in the lab and we studied the rate and depth the waveform of the tremolo and we picked one of the amps that we thought was most representative of that era because they're all over the map you know and so this will do you know a fairly slow deep you know it'll do that one and then conversely it'll do the you know the real chattery fast ones so it's modeled exactly perfect we used all the processing power just to do a deluxe reverb in a twin reverb so what we'll be pricing and availability on the two models um these go big in stores all over the world in September we've started building them the final assembly is in our own factory in Mexico Ensenada so you know the hardware the covering the grille everything looks exactly the same as the 55 reissues do and one other thing I'd like to point out they really as with the original amps they take pedals incredibly well so you go on your overdrive hello play clean you know the feel is there you dig in and you feel the amp digging in we spend a lot of time getting the feel of it right which is for a guitar player ISM as important as what it sounds like yeah so pricing you said available in September yeah us advertised prices on these is $8.99 and $9.99 so considerably less money than their tube counterparts if you try these out and you go now I'm gonna still stick with my tube amps it's like we get it we're tube guys we've spent more time with this than anybody and we're still gonna keep making the tube amps just like Steinway still makes grand pianos even though a lot of people have a the NL at digital piano today so so we don't think tubes are going away but we think it's time that fender does a truly professional modeling product all right so now we're here with Rick on the other side of the booth and now we're gonna hear him play pedal steel through the twin and one thing I want to ask you Rick was about the speakers the they you guys worked with Jensen on some special speakers correct correct yeah we wanted to find something that would pair really nicely and have the same feel that the speakers that we normally put in the 65s do so we work with them to create a neodymium version of that so it's the Jensen and 12 K so it's got the feel of the of the C's that normally go in in the standard one but a lot less way that contributes to why it's so light we're gonna have you place out on some pedal steel all right this is Jason with premier guitar [Applause]

20 thoughts on “Summer NAMM 2019: Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb & Twin Reverb Demos”

  1. Like the strat they made a few years ago with the cards to rewire the pickups and pots, and "more cards to come"…yeah right.

  2. Tubes are getting harder to find in production in large quantities as the production of tubes in many countries is being questioned for health risks. What fender are trying to do is make amps that preserve that classic sound in an alternative package thats easily renewable to make. And it solves many issues we have as gigging musicians. If one of these accidentally tips over there's no tubes to break or replace. They're also very lightweight and easier to lift in and out of vehicles. In reality these are magnificent ideas and executed well but I still agree with everyone else that they're slightly overpriced. I am looking into getting one though. I love my tube amps but tube amps are a hassle to keep working properly and transport. These are finally a good amp in the solid state category for genres in blues, jazz, country, and styles that require a clean dependable base. Kempers and other brands cater to metal, and other styles that wouldn't even use a Fender amp to begin with. Completely different markets. The only downside for these are the price, but they're almost cheap enough. If they were around 200 cheaper on each model they'd be perfect in my opinion, but considering they as a company need to get compensation for the time and effort put into designing these, they aren't horribly priced. It took 3 years to design and test. That's 3 years salary for everyone involved. You can't expect Fender to just give these away free and lose money. They're a touch expensive but not ridiculously expensive.

  3. These look great. I dig the approach they have taken. The most difficult part of modelling is modelling the actual physical characteristics of the cabinet and speakers. But these amps are intended to sound exactly like the amps of the similar dimensions, so it should be spot on. The problem with modelling is when you suddenly ask an cab of particular dimensions with particular speakers, to sound like many amps. If this tried to sound like 10 other amps, like a marshall stack or metal, then it wouldn’t be spot on. I am a marshall guy and I recognise that the most important thing for the marshall sound is speakers and cab. Keen to try these. I have actually been put off by the weight of a these amps, as I already have a full marshall stack.

  4. Wow I never thought I would see the day someone would pay $900.00 for a Chinese amp I think I'll wait a year or two and pick it up at music go round for $200.00 bucks !!!!!!!

  5. Somebody might wana tell fender that they already make the deluxe reverb and twin reverb. You don’t need to model it.

  6. Fender amps … once again … going the exact wrong direction. I can only imagine the innards that look like a computer, with ribbons, and tiny little wiring. "reVERB"

  7. I saw Shane demo a fender 64 hand wired Deluxe Reverb two years ago and ordered one immediately. It was the most amazing sounding amp I heard live. It even sounded better than my vintage 64 DR. Fast forward to Namm 2019. I am confused and very skeptical . Fender launched the Mustang GT series with similar functionality but a lot more features and benefits including modeling these amps plus a ton more plus a boat load of pedals built into the amp. Why they would strip off the wide array of amps and pedals is beyond me. They should have just built in that franchise and improved it with the improved fender look and optics of the tone master. The comment below of a kemper with one profile is spot on.

  8. these sound avg at best should be like 3 or 400 bucks tops….I played all the quilter katana garbage and they sound fake and sterile…plug me into a good small vox or princeton reverb and THAT IS THE SOUND

  9. Nice but used versions of the tube amps sell all the time around here for less. I'd rather deal with the weight plus a few extra bills in my wallet.

  10. They could have had something amazing but then they got greedy and ruined it for all the youngsters who could have known what is was almost like to have a twin or deluxe without spending more than 1000$ in my eyes these should have been priced 299$ and 399$

  11. How about robotic Fender tube Amps that lift them selves and load themselves in the van or trailer? No actually, they sound great!

  12. Hmm… interesting concept… I like the flexibility and appearance, but I'd need to plug in and A/B test against my Deluxe Reverb before I'm sold!

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