Suits 9×02 Promo "Special Master" (HD) Season 9 Episode 2 Promo Final Season

if you want me gone convinced me your people can fly right and if we don't then you'll be fired that woman needs to go and we have no leverage then we'll get some it's conspiracy and it sure as hell isn't on the up-and-up like you agreed to if you want to blame someone look in the goddamn mirror we end this thing on good terms no matter who wins you are not the same old Harvey our relationship is none of your business something needs to be done but I'm sure as hell not answering to you I won't leave my friends when they may think about it I'm not over him I don't trust you anymore you've lost yourself party and you know it as of this second you're fired soups all new next Wednesday on USA

22 thoughts on “Suits 9×02 Promo "Special Master" (HD) Season 9 Episode 2 Promo Final Season”

  1. So excited by it!!! Brian and Katrina together again!!! I hope they can be somehow maybe his wife cheated and they are not together anymore but I need to see them together ASAP!!!!

  2. Harvey has become weak since season 5. He started caring about people but the trade offer was losing his killer mentality. Mike is going to school him in this case lol

  3. Mike is going to be pissed when he finds out Harvey and Donna were "banging it out" at his apartment.

  4. Is she firing Donna? Because the walls of the office in the scene where she's firing someone are the same as Donna's office!! Or am I just crazy? Goshhhh

  5. Can’t believe they are ending the show they don’t need to. Get rid of wheeler that was a bad cast. Keep it going with Harvey

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