49 thoughts on “Sugino Sensei 10th Dan Master of Katori Shinto Ryu.flv”

  1. you just know if you pissed this man off with a live sword in his hands, you'd be cut in half before you could blink.

  2. as an aside though, this man is 10th dan not because of the skills shown here, but because he's dedicated his life to the way of the sword. the most masterful things here are his reverence for the sword and the unfaltering execution of the form. a layman cannot simply pick up a sword and do what he is doing, how he is doing it. it's obvious if you watch any other videos of kenjutsu katas.

  3. Дайте деду самогона и заберите меч жалко его пораниться (((

  4. Он в конце секунд на 40 должен был взлететь, и пиздить ногами окружающих, но устал… и не стал.

  5. Что за шляпа беспантовая мой малый лучше показал бы как надо махать

  6. 剣道とかのルールがある試合の型じゃなくて実践向きなのかな

  7. Amazing skill patience and love of his craft, the art of killing with a very sharp blade ,today all over the world men women and children will be saved with a very different kind of sharp blade in the hands of a man or a woman trying to save life, its a gift and a love of humanity to build a better understanding of each other to create suffering is to darken our soul,

  8. Я бы кинул в деда мандарином, чисто из уважения, дать шанс показать реакцию.

  9. Наш стройбат с лопатой, таких самураев 20 штук одним махом уложить…. 😁😁

  10. I here this guy was pulling his sword and shit then some crackhead shot him and took the sword to pawnshop

  11. Oyun oynamaktan başka bir şey değil. Vakitlerini boşuna harcamışlar.
    It's nothing but playing games. They wasted their time.

  12. Sword worshiping rituals aside; the drawing technique for close quarters combat and counter displayed here are truly exquisite.

    From leisure posture to full throttle; the rapid response of the style to any encounter demonstrates how a lethal encounter could be a moment's away during the warring era where the style was used in actual combat.

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