#SuccessIn60 – Anthony Ema (West Chester @ Center City)

My name is Anthony Ema. I’m originally from West Africa. When I came to America, there were a lot of opportunities that are valuable to me. One of it is to go back to school. The earning power is always greater when you have a degree. Then I decided to choose West Chester’s business management program. because of their rating. And what people told me about it. And maybe you have some difficulties understanding something you can easily let your professor know because class size is small. They sit down with you and walk you through it. And that is one of the great things that I enjoy in this program. My two daughters. They look up to me and the struggle that I have to go through. balancing work and family and going back to school. And I’m successful. When they see my GPA, they say, if daddy can do this, we as well can do this.

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