Success Story Of Telangana Social Welfare Residential School Students | Ground Report | V6 News

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Pandey sir Sir I'm a more indirect Irish algunas watching ah ok now go faster damn gonna need love for that dinner monsters Nessa you know any ways for governments hit load in China I said oh no no 70 judge ruled on a pillow Sonny James you're gone the search on smoker but is there strong enough first nano man upon Egypt NASA banana also China's Anderson the name relatives who channel on the apron China yeah ma Janice Santos orders when I'm not an opponent change a person a woman – ok sir officer all digested officer called Ronnie now go tada class Monday dr. Ramirez dr. Dolin in China in distance hey Brandon and dr. Alton oh no sir code they mana economical problem so Alana cuckoo song Ashley not to attend to ergo he courtesy you dirty Nia coaching is Randall snog on kasha variance are a couple mala Praveen Kumar sir ooh Oh Arlo munchies you were already several principles are oh man chief haggled oh no sir faculty a bunch of me when that went down time or ten that Dianna Luanne honey Luanne that Dianna cook said to will work under sahajiya up adore create outs and I April and I phoned a Shanna where a certain phony bitch Anna a clarify he bitches about sovereign wish my Randall district of anger gana mana right oh I'm a cool quell day I can have a reason to fight that if I marks around there in the net la Catedral Endicott eh si $6.99 change it is money Lucerne in aggregate inimical night BB a silence innovation me amico mean an actress a new dr. Gallagher common and Ed Sheeran imakandi eval Aquatica need a witness go ninja life even while good a chili approve low Milan in if I should act ever got the nod to a link at Salazar I have till person appear Oh mother angle which I made an area Madara param gender I'm appear sorrow by thermogram mr. Cheney the Karma blue konjam shall appear the altar Anagha 491 monks which name year a citizen a microRNA sir seat wrangling first to Maliki japonesa a be a minimum of three okay mmm could I bother now Sunday shown now anything same in Japan and he couldn äôt antics PG like opening an indie band rata pretty cannot mention open a search in upon OG Kush support the new moon or custom nada de novo on Lonnie that dynamic amid Connie – mmm so very much so South Korea alum and they oka corporate College London ahsoka to Alberta oh gosh oh were up by Kenichi vedanga coulda said Jason's our best faculty today teach algebra Charla caster Padukone to will be the plan were 30 yeah we definitely done honey in ciccone mom only select yes Connie to add three more customer value each other when she's 16 each a pinche everything at each Nilsen me parents upon gesture damn uncle kind of less fast not Elena polyester oh yeah well sand owe her money spent in our custom Doncaster body while alert : by surname masala with tea was coster-waldau valleca starvation in Castro Valley arena medicine is unbalanced no I don't know if I don't need my god needless animal come on Larry cuts tournaments in la mancha Locanda doctor I'm honest understand stubble and cotton lavertus MBBS Italy then dr. Kalyani you're gonna keep doing the lift and he can you go no Canova me I'm Anna Nicole Khanna in luggage tension rather than an adult red animal when she under one-on-one chose katsuyama in load Oh Kermit Tamaki pregnant – no voodoo doctor Ella okay we have one man juice coconut little bit dumb debate – Viru a potential doctor neither one vixen – answer me I'm on Avenida Marion no hay mana Valu Erica tiaden mother shadow : garlic with the green chain and the ideally my family law first me man mother and totally have told me – Mara and Koli in Goldy more in Tallulah mother tack turn in Elton bakasana pero Marmol up anthem survivor degrom mom check this world mother stop are alone – Navi at noon see hospital calendar that fake kilometres littell allah Medela of a gallant a a volatile Allah Allah Solomon is an oppressor on a hill the problem in a favorite Channel and a mansion on e and what law hospital scheme Lutz illumination Peru why London Russia dr. Alan in on Kuna piranha and the American oak emancipate the hospital at its valve under Kiowa gigantic work on tuna and Lucas annika stores are in Libya Senna origin animal doctor ilaha Arthur education corrilesa under tin design AMA enter a pin on desiring the creation of al-wada securly over Liam yes I did uh Turkey he could have coaching this cannot put an equal mix Oh Korean MMO Laker soccer Alec on a carpeted private Khalid Saleh and in doing so Kannamma pension Karina occurred Island South Carolina kanessa ante Manning financialization Avante I attend that the argument teaches math on under in can add out soon I am owner on eleven or twelve are codominant Eduardo under under thirty it's also night under the Roma could you can stage the stones or 180 cannot want that all into calahonda H neck Mike Madden I are cannibalistic tell Kabbalah Mandel multiple a drama mana MMO reverse I'm Jess under it Darrow name okay tomorrow McCoy Chile mata mata Mata retino much Alamo in Madurai when I came on Alvin Alvin later cutting marklar you need luminaries in irrational mandala emarketing carnal principles are a motivation na Castellano Callaghan chin to my teachers anger would not out sin channel clarification row you know hard work on a smart work equation voila voila would motivation waldenian entire item coupe calcaneus on una cosa en a mahkum Callaghan Sigma principal sir Olivia so dr. Ruth niihka course will get the car checked annually on any landing institutions of coaching is tiny mala antics on Monday a French ski all agree there were run in chosen already proved under gonna tell Smith oh my / Veronica sir Monica you know rock what you think now go okay all India rancor bundle up I know ginger and category ranked 6,000 – indeed and not mark so Jesse 4:15 sir and I tell her this is my father's ambition and a mutt Amitha Matata Sanford Amala my father unable to fulfill his dream so and wala I took as an ambition to fulfill my father's dream and the concession Amy Poehler kumudam private college loan it has been now and this is my first government college and in a custom I dunno Leon Cunha faster honey now as I'm Schanke madam contrary on Dakara excellent coaching and excellent facilities admirable architecture solamachi me Nakia and my private college look and Toyota kata better hoondi and it could ever coach in ikura every nursery they can mold themselves and it could have faculty members all about a row Thomas Cavanaugh without Anna Nina du marché Cortana key yoga and tear basically need under Lonnie normally a phone kettle apart Akane addicted owned a conical cotton Torretta an ambition mood comes in the pending Cup a quad dedicated I pay no and shall depend on chala focus at Cindy he could join in Tibetan a and my teachers chalice supportive on thermic oof it put it out Erica Nevada aim koncham Buddha map I know Arabic una after oh and this is the best institution I am I have seen him MBBS sutala lady Nick or Akana Mia Monaco you cannot let a meaty Charlie just about and chipped a new quitting this job but you know mama Nana mama gettin in a agriculture officer or damaged himself cannon action upon in chamber B as dr. Gawande then the Tottenham agriculture officer Ganga do MBBS a damn whether custom and J Peru I'd say – Iranian kacha tanka MBBS doctor IUP sunny he could our entrance examined a surface turkey obtained rinse examine a sticker gold editor Cindy we could enter that need exam last a pretty result Ajinca they pay the value dr. Ireland any bugger by patent Arianny custody edge whatever in a doctor a thorough at the government school slaw light they and the teaching bonded one each atom and the expectation soon te kani gall didn't you say Mohammed la salle de Palermo any private institutions can take the best to girl the discolor cavity life knee transitional school at the girl the D equal cuts not grand shala happy affiliate una FATA partial grammar I tear male appendage talk now or later Sheena furniture man k they will come to know knock upon and children daily I'm Allen Burgess colony a paler conditioned air per company but then the other productive a I'm all and when she was called a mole a hospital in looser but then uncommon she Hospital Ngati Mutunga Co journey in a plane gonna open in chief to class good lucky Indians Asians are approving a coupon hearing good plan Seto Chile a conditional life Martin tanley Tinto Alcan punishing dr. alan baharlou tint world cash award essa terrified Intel CEO Elon karma akarma Santos Santos er on itself my biology teachers while Sallah protein serum nakooma I'm chip now looking embracing a Larry chale couldn't tip CP it was out they love each other no honey muncha muncha pizza a Cassie 30 member adeana Connie first a Templar or four max OD maybe as miss any be decision kv asaru sunset Angela risk under mm socket ecology arenas an Indian optometrist Nicole MBBS an oddity suddenly at any good VBS and a blue Nova they do and then okay one year Inca cast over each other knee couple immunity no other custard Sheraton with HQ al-tohra and it was a sad for 7:30 number castaway Richard Acuna ISA Mottram notoya by him and the Peleliu VDS solution may be a solution to the schooner Muhammad Ali the consumers they get mad calendar coup de Versailles Nevada una Valu chinnough chinnough panel Yasukuni but koala pillar will do luck she'll Assam Parthenon narlikar the gurney collection quote some caster body savvy an akuna lucky a knee-jerk una pelea we lack of organization ah teacher Luo Naru Arata Mottola rhythm volume into Kuno methodology AMD indigent and position it lies a pin Luo Yi generation who gunned a saber cut the grass around a course or Atlanta pillar no roads oku paddy-paw daehan who can tell a cool tree with its aluminum man will be single he can teach children principal owner ooh-wee liqueur a three-panel a cantilever hakufu dinar will tear at the panna cotta Buraku panel DN a– she burned the go to Newark in this tie see Bundy pill a month apart other into coaching the while the government's Navy Sharon though what the money of erotica dominum martyrdom the only 30 institution please spell sitanagar mother guru Naru Palermo town coordinators in Veeru America coordination principal Sharda guru parboil adjacent a teacher automatically Naru quantum Andy he campus learner you'll understand martyrdoms are couple Allah cool miru yet cloud TJ's in the pillar on all the clothes pins yet love I don't know Alex I'm a peddler motivated Connie pin sunny day Ola can take can even say they will dr. lemon of the Hulu video capita sahaja and no Chawla go buddy I'd say evey a curvy sister dr. nathie take a manga solid oppa Ruthie cuppa tea Paula Dolan switched her 20 with the earth aloo very akka luck Shamu doctor and I want a Veeru gentlemen Dixie was it's inevitable they show no real a counseling Jason Paula know what do i j CC male Koga c2fo dr. C – waifu following motivated and Jerry Lee I wanna cheer Hanikra paladin ruler knee during our JC could hostile own devil gravity vada Keith Alexander Laney Kuerten Mitchum really what a caliente semester which Nevada I'm importing our case I have Carol and insha'Allah mocha thilaga counseling each come to month a pump in Tijuana so patty Nell apparent searching upper – kaikoura valley co salmon kata in Ciavarella's world elegant routine suzuki equal sum in cata interval we can examine / – a circuit mark with each cone a value occur coca encouragement community value or aluminum only in the last year medicine see touch no appeal I'll go double aqua chip of merge modulo encourage a Sun Devil well accout Ambani a croco thise KELOLAND lecture Malala palanga an art Kohn 100 Tsubasa and the carnival heroes in separate incidents are oh god Apple L would I ever hunted Takuya do best examples of my Akutan value and mucuna alumna loan appeal any other Sangha soup in Shivalik a monomial anus are in such a better are a pill I know but I overcame an otaku Godot at like a hard pill elegant Kabakov another stock chair country when any generations together Valu bound are nad mundo Nietzsche were like inculcate GSM Oh Diana collet Alexandre soccer angora makka pakka and indeed sir mirakuru Hyderabad alone with armature kill el talento Valentine I would do a parent super letter no Wailuku chibita chaplain in the consequent now a la ku was the one that also go to the rapport ye pill elevation me reality schooner ooh each level mold additional 30 people or Nikki okay consumed Hakan shallow him a beast jangle any work on up lil mawt remain adequate coaster mine fishin coaster cavity while Kong phenomenon tilted Ally then Kirkman Evangelion and the first of all like a lag say Mooney well hope Alec remain in the common in see staff who knew I with Anna Maltese to practictioner move alacrity weekend Lumia may take a look Annie Waddell Adani Monticello Hollis to trot Avila crane and depression Karina Allen approaches to individual gossip Okuda Dominus to work a category enjoy a lien a 20 support Tony while an uncommon voltages say catchy tanga mono sod into an American shaman car yellow giant Gordon kasanga Peleliu Rondo interest s inverse he was third on Dakara so if you brought in a low no deviation person thee so Waldo first enter in stress roster throughout the tunnel of Phil train of a loony Marley second entrance test with this control this control of a loo artist to pass in the rata McCauley select author Andy so the regular way with Shiva children at lagaye monarchy clavo BBC knee in coca batch notice on thee the inflow long term with the other loo coaching this concurrently the on icky okay neat Rankine e mc2 ankeny specific capita Coney Donnie hapana with the earth is Connie ever at they strongly motivated on taro wall and this connect remem coaching Islam and a weaker section so much SCH TV the earth along the recorder ikura hey the earth on the photograph which is also constantly government operation mr. on the Quran he Sabbath Ramu MBBS lo BDS low C to the takuna velu vodka are at some point Cena with the earth Allah tono at the epiglottal mark Ladino war in a pod a beauty forever into traitors of the Quran knew we were all marked our enum apricot able to put a starter in thee ikata bachelor una pelea lu Tama Huata mundu Navarro while in space in the schooner Marie barky ever oops Putin is to Naru you put the root tuna bachik what about you need not immoral Cana started in the classroom only equal Sudoku never I they are some pies adentro valid Sudoku no class today I will teach early you can do no classroom Allah Kelly a classroom let Laguna while a boys night Charlotte la una llamada or never – no sorry governor the gurukula ecology low on a classroom he could appeal on aku MBBS BDS section actually the canal cool datura IATI style without a collar Poti / exterior with our Telugu fiction Eastern Qatar HED run more like in the Prairie mo ND calico class low to make around my libido Roberto martyrdom well lucky Lindy well indeed a patron for the montemagno my travel plan would have Telus condo in dr. Ouma it puts secondly our MPC recording this good along i-80 je mains and advanced okay yeah might have inferred no actually je mains and advanced IAT custom on this control nakiya Teague and Teague de now goal space scientists of the money space scientist gallant a the major institution in anti est le kala Londi danke je mains percentile in City scooter Dan Kerman the patient's je cuts necessary good no itís a puckish erga little Katanga yes didn't see its role of space scientists or them and not gonna burn your throat I'll be all sorry mr. Jerome o my Habib Nagar Basti ricotta completed I plainly in Cavani Randy Makara need coaching salable sooner ooh are some faculty and academic sure delivered at Sala systematic on today and Nicaragua chapter ooh for the architecture and Nicola correctly on time ago now Baron el Chauhan you know Coronel in church in Omaha Boone we care about district now Golan rent a yellow seat somebody in serum Kurata other a cocoon de mainly Esquivel Nobel imbalance at Chapman's realistic certain opponent ciat and they charge them a letter Grammy in librarian and I boost Iqaluit opposed to Cali party indigent oh well library free hours loss the lunch hour Loma live meaning free hours wellick after 4:30 thorough at the final 6:30 or of who you just good reference books so far to what are meticulous icicle through Lara you put Hammacher amo watch a we – ah what's ironic watching this condom appeal alivelu we like Baudelaire soon a teacher and Arikara LePage Sri Ramakrishna's El Nino botany senior lecturer in a villa villekulla English you terminal at the very opening ah Bielecki MIMO went to quantum of the Telugu medium in chief background under 20 people along taro I like English medium in church 1020 people alone Darwin I said daily medium Union Church net 20 politically English you could terminology energy causes that to put a buy a liter Nalgene is a conch mo I've done yes Scott I'm an ethic when chief Bernie Kanger one to me so I necessary melaka me maintained at telugu terminology would have put up or sand ryo cheating eval q use chase to allocating liter Nalgene a frequent award to one alone that went to buy any power to determine wattage of faculty casinos faculty combative no parent ago Oh Ganesha Riga hasta la luna pilla unity – that's for avec la mère ubu put on the model Japan in Japan China and then Gandhi and take village in a background on day 100 southern Chile I'd say Idol sent up wearily idol sent a Miley Delta hamana the it's a chala a putana forest it alone Charla customer colony on the same couch over tea while a motive Pauline motivators to colony you cannot ante in the successful guitar Donna Kuala customer intimacy result in Houston Apollo we feel really Manta cast Annie pressures nyan Otellini anthem achieve a feel very happy and kurukulla with the IRL o hadouken tuna with the are to Lu Jia T sniper a shallow yet la guitarra sadist Naru a claw MBBS ooh brilliant work locket claret or some pies thorough with their to each other Tony martyr inner guru clear with DRI Alistair carried our c RS parent Margaret Warren Erdogan will under knee a program in Guara yet level and Garnica no cooling of moldy scanner the apron alacrity schooner Gurukul over there I lost Mahara Polly when he bite is a Madonna Coco Ella other someone gotta be a claw who tonight he end up in touch Atheneum she mutiny grameena parental on mt thunder on choose to Nepal aloo Jes type Eric shallow management Syrian clue yet let's go gluten or even shall I tell Phillip Garrido fear Wonder Girl Naruto martyrdom Salamis say congrats thank you very much which an iron Gurukul with you and I are no prati Etta MBBS BDS logically Puritan a sir Mira chin taro Atari Mirinda caliber nyan cat ever seguro de l'école du cinéma euros Rollo ether on e indigent alas a couch or on cargo a carcass de Palermo Tommy pairs of tomorrow the media in Japan do a locator motivation envelope brother Ganga intentive oka castle nerdy you know he pretty bit dirty local Agora to Don Jurgen de la la la pelea does have initially a grameena parental and SMS L per square inch allen kasi throughout the wallet Alessandra and Aragon e vowel and a purse it e there was a you boolean and well Italian Louie another Geum Barnabas and peninnah bada precio current LaRocca connecticut ordinary ah k'tano arcane illinois kassig emerge canary with the kakapo t double iike Charla p3 kono machi walk away pop the blue in coca why put Kalani a colonic Luna is in his ingest : Akashi under D re need him kill me help in the a parish carrandi are we done gonna many people in London a motivated Jessie is like it is coroner in each at Lakota our teacher la ku pill eloquent Amira take away never know program this Canara later Chanukah 'unity Zelda Tony hooniverse Turner to Nara Laden D yoga practicum in a practice taught McGavin a program with his Khan only with the earth alone Agora challege a great Agha qlm Markkula protopathic anatomy select relevant Markkula problem our color taupe our to wallow polylearn t pozzolana d repo int accustomed which nagura third koga lara lou caputo kabbalah marina corey cobalamin a golden era unofficial what you see with the Earthmen Toscana wanted upon undeniable mark lecture Mandela Marlow Senate is Colonel at leisure elegantly render body ooh but I wouldn't energy Oh Padre I'll be billowy mop ela leu Marple economic em anomaly Peleliu prophet Oh Mohamed o copepods Everton D Bacchus imagine in March a okay back tonight Elizabeth autonomy debate in D and the curcumin we enter it again again a sedan Cavalli kaolin Guney Jaden April typography is Cobra do honey okay ala Monday teacher ananka tebah hundred teacher in Marathi ke ala ma partisan and open a GSA teacher Lama traumatically by a Tama by to open market low are chanted with Amina Pratibha my opinion apolinario no no either with anger he is Kochi wall anakata now a pity wallet and what is how the cheap insurance there with him Monica Bedi Sol maybe a seed like some engineers in the area and collusion Kai yes host a local club there till tomorrow Chara Cheston amo chala Chia both number are away roseola heroes EK below and VBS a beauty a second appeal of this question d you put a work on new sandwich in dante indian maritime university law but Jenna meet Amanda Vicki harthal to qualify under karim nagar center of excellence energy indian maritime university ante nautical science now Okolona repay with hanuman T now karana near-mint IV Donna Mehmet II April 9 when Anna Mondamin of Grameen apparent on Lilly any Bedell thin Delaney Patel sanitary napkin connect over an e-coat a double inhibited Tully laineebee dilettante Elaine patello ye bit the loo Robbo a rosy low part of allah now Cullinan airmanship both on our own now color nappa both on ro now Carlos Eric a a they they trade in the one is Jamie that one is Janet Shawshank are both on our Harvard University LAN Tecopa University India located in the Ashoka university soon a pot low been leaky locator on loan to thee I University he played the repeatedly select time there are a mile a shredder Maria Bargh Avoca my supercar has narrow in go kamiya Clara nozawa zero chuckles agree Clara ye there are Marian topes Erica munakata manager chanimal o heroes Ashoka an ascetic select entity put a male 1 pitch in rule somewhat sera Nikita me like she rubella català Connie Oh crickey ashoka university may my mother got each other each condemned olanzapine with la ilaha robbery roseola mayo national instead of Hotel Management Co entrance the thumb back Amanda therapist a yenna by and romantic qualifying to which and I are o Yanna by his money he entered the qualifying national entrance entity national entrance so a laga prati entrance allah wahda EP la la vaca pure innocent guy yonder on achieve a partay Tecopa would Santoni rows in Topeka sooner and pista de proper naka unta Monica Springer Baga and it weighs say you know vague internal Pike oh sorry Avianca spring Galaga eople L and the rule alone David Sami people around a Pratibha and ID okay yeah Agni power thilaga but the liber8 costanera cannot conditionally premier yep anemone our cotton and undo Koval entails me institutional Sudoku Napoli like a havoc a semester ah yeah the bite even our talent wound to the hostel to the leg on a bite out of poor people don't aru Atlanta for lack of interest no a la comida not return a bow Jalan even a custom thought to call a sick to know elugu routine see Atlanta Bollywood is Sarah under a key system Perry come on the net the bully then a thin delay than a procedure would not a bit Dada when I gotta gotta do tonic illallah no Samadhi cheese covered okay GD p– ratio Commission Yuka pradana on Election Day so ye operation blue crystal gurney operation emerald lo que uno Gurukul operation lucha de una with dirty laka ma trauma caused by it a partition loads other couldna private partial as other kochu KGB villas other coach of government school as other coach Oh Connie Nico in the loco har hatha make apes' Erica mo are bigger I want a definite granny kekada Astana Malta the under they may have Molly Molly Shapiro summa kalla sawfa tara lynn generation I operation Priscilla guru crap partially with their Thelma travel arrow by a torch a do conduit they are tell Korra he could keep pay their economic Guto but booth Amanda Carla booth no no brother no perceive it there they go to a caricature voila prior to book on a mother Gary coaching at schooner on the Kirk a resume we intentionally render the volume neat lo Haga Vera Marcal a coke our children take control of a sign of al-ghani maybe the MCL or do they wanna mark lechia he stole a kunda neat low polls now and I want a doctor cacao alençon immediate delivery through narrow well undergo developer Athena Bertie voila economic criterion but you are a community in but Timothy's Canaan from Priam's your pretentious anandhi by eatable no hollow coaching will discontent all axial axial oh it's a listener Pelham our parent school with their telugu meera deepika motto channel card ways and a unit and a vandal Amanda medicine medical kochenko potent ro Polynesia – Narwhal Amanda piranha mr. bodnariu ha crowd nobody a Gumpel Oh buddy come cloak of in the Lajamanu revoir Lambert him on a pillar know all about an orgasm Europe on Jionni Bala mantenga paella know Monica all know pilla live in the rue de la moneda correct a cousin in uncannily heroes who yoga medicine cover dr. Carlin de Vaca engineer Cowell and a Vogue Italia Kath Andreea be de no guru kalsi kaur a saccade kavacha Gunther and I can tell Morgan telethia on college in Cheney Sangha Monica capability soon aya one of the great SS Allan Kaprow Prabhu the mr. Nassau carrier Liberty us okay aluminum kiss Koga llama this kakashi um anaconda want a kuriboh Aliana prayatna JC okay research JC governament officer Lowe Kochi Milan tea program the crouch and a hunted Appa Amaya kanga in the local topof Andelman the piranha institution coaching instrument member Rendon our lucky Louie Rose mother kara what happened to me there too low volatile isn't hulu in tucumán do Rendell actual a rope I'll go to Babu JC I push a see Polanco gon be several notable mark LaHood rallied and a couple opa-locka Cassidy the Little Rock Akanksha Noddy a pillar low property owner he cannot provoke but Kazan averted Akane Institute may be Rosa Abbott delicately disco cheeky mob bit delegate mustn't abit DeLuca wall on a treat Jesse but Amir Amir polish act on the inequality Paulina Tandy balling Anita Eva danke no tears it Dani overcomes a virtue a Belinda I think I mean choice juanny Rosa go to Punta Mita Paulina lui bei dela Tony may he pray pray pray on Amana Chism so undo Corky Rosie please bother your injuries too long and Ethel even like Chaplin Cunha the internet' so Prabhu Tom Marino Michelle calpis scenario Carnac Palala Pratibha Kurata Palala Concha Mila Paula Gouda el auntie Cosima Lola be learnt and Caterpillar disturb chillin on kW one knee choose Cody then I put em on our cash alibi prowl and to the ponder over luckily Mandy Oh coaching in suit both Omega vert applause applause you see the road to me the body Palala carbon peachy well it's all a computed Minami run a wall around the pink corundum in and I'm gonna Gurukul avocado Giroux tuna De Luca la vie de la Vida remarks una tira varney an akuna election by pool cue swivel tuna JD Gravina parantha Luna Peleliu Thunder loud Nephila Luke MBBS Liu BDS Liu out in a wanaka naruto Dnepropetrovsk Rama you

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  1. Rs ప్రవీణ్ సార్ గార్కి హృదయపూర్వక నమస్కారాలు

  2. ఆర్. ఎస్ ప్రవీణ్ కుమార్ గారికి హృదయ పూర్వక ధన్యవాదములు, పేదరికంలో మగ్గుతున్న విద్యార్థులను, వారి ప్రతిభను గుర్తించి వారి కళలను నిజం చేసి వారిని గొప్ప పౌరులుగా తీర్చి దిద్దె మీ పట్టుదల, అంకిత భావం, బంగారు తెలంగాణ స్థాపన కోసం మీ పాత్ర చాలా గొప్పది… జై ఆర్. ఎస్. పి….. జై భీమ్…. జై స్వేరోస్. 🙏

  3. సూపర్ స్వేరోస్
    ఇది ప్రవీణ్ సర్ పడుతున్న కష్టానికి ప్రతిఫలం…
    ఎంతోమంది విమర్శలు చేసిన, తనని ఎన్నో విదాలుగా ఇబ్బందులు పెట్టినా తన లక్ష్యం కోసం అలుపెరుగని పోరాటం చేస్తున్న డాక్టర్‌ ఆర్ యస్ ప్రవీణ్ కుమార్ సర్ కి మా యొక్క జై భీమ్ లు…
    ఈ ఫలితాలు సర్ పై బురద జల్లే వారికి చెంప పెట్టు…

  4. Tq Govt of telangana for Unconditional Support to Dr RS praveen kumar .. i request CM KCR garu .. to extend. His Time span as Secretary of Welfare Residential Institution… This Humble request Poor parents

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