Success Depends on Critical Thinking

if you're a critical thinker it goes across all areas of your life it's not something that you turn on and you turn off it's always going to be there mentoring minds gives you a not only challenging but there's a critical thinking aspect that other resources don't have no matter what skill you're working on it in mentor minds you were always using critical thinking my students they have to be able to think about what is it asking them to do what are the skills that they need to know what is the what are they going to have to do to solve the problem the questions that are in the mentoring minds book are hard but it's good because things on the star test or any other test that they take their heart as well it's just another resource that we can use to help them to answer those hard questions and mentoring mine does a good job of that it's a good level of rigor it has the teks already provided at the top so you know what standards are teaching and you don't have to go around looking for good material and shopping for good material and looking for specific standards it's all there for you it's all labeled for you and the students can go through and find what they need to work on as well if teachers are using it using it accurately this could definitely help them with their job and make it a lot easier for them if we teach children to become critical thinkers they will continue to be critical thinkers as they're reaching adulthood so it's going to make all the difference in the world for their lives one of the things I find as a person that evaluates teaching as their teachers maybe through their training there's just not so much emphasis on finding things to keep kids engaged and keep them thinking at a higher level metric – does that the kids in the town that I teach in they meet me and that makes my job that much more special because life isn't that easy for them so when they come in my door I always want to make sure that I'm that happy person that they see in the morning and the happy person that they see before they leave I think mentoring Minds has made me a better educator you

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