Success At School Depends on Critical Thinking

mentoring minds gives us gives us a great opportunity to have the highest level of success our average success of our passing rate went up 18 percentage points per test there's a test and that from starting through 5th grade mentoring minds is more than multiple-choice questions mentoring Minds is more than finding the right answer when it's used is a true learning tool when it's used as a resource it enhances critical thinking because the teacher can ask questions of the students students can ask questions at each other but most importantly students can use metacognition and they can ask questions in themselves 72% of my kids passed the test before the one we just took and 90% passed this time and I can give credit to mentoring lines for that because we have really really been using that in our in our classroom and you know they have fun with it and I think that that's the big difference is mentoring Minds allows them to create I have been on campus before that did not have menswear mines products and I have sat and begged my principal that we needed mentor iman's because there's literally in nine years there's no other product that I have found that hits the skills that we need to teach our students with the rigor and the depth that mentor mines provide I have found nothing on any type of website from any other company that does as good of a job as been three months if you use this product if you engage in the conversations if you use all the tools that you can from mentoring minds it works through mentoring minds teaching students how to think critically kind of levels the playing field and it doesn't really matter what their background is or if their parents went to college or what their first language is if we teach them to think critically we're teaching them how to be successful and so if my students can be successful men freamon's i know they're not going to have a problem on our standardized testing in the spring when you see that aha or that light bulb moment and they get it that makes all of the heartache and a long hours worth it

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