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Our topic for today is Subtraction of Fractions. Locked. To unlock the shutter, subtract 4 upon 8 from 7 upon 8. 1 upon 2. Wrong answer. Last chance remaining. What happened? My dog is locked inside. I am unable to solve this. It is very easy. 7 upon 8 minus 4 upon 8. While subtracting, fractions should be in the form of like fractions. Denominators should be the same. These are like fractions. Write the common denominator 8 as it is. Subtract the numerators. Is equal to 3 upon 8. Right answer. Shutter is unlocked. Locked. To unlock the shutter, subtract 2 upon 5 from 6 upon 7. We have a problem again. I do not know how to solve this problem. What to do now? Don’t worry, my teacher will help us. Let’s go there. Don’t worry, I am going out for help. Please help us. Solve this problem. Subtract 2 upon 5 from 3 upon 5. Hello Rabby. Hello Sir, we need your help. How to subtract 2 upon 5 from 6 upon 7. 6 upon 7 minus 2 upon 5. Denominators are not the same. These are unlike fractions. Convert them into like fractions. LCM of 7 and 5 is 35. So, convert 6 upon 7 and 2 upon 5 into equivalent fractions with denominator 35. Multiply 6 upon 7 by 5 upon 5, that is, second denominator. Is equal to 6 upon 7 into 5 upon 5. Multiply 2 upon 5 by 7 upon 7, that is, first denominator. Minus 2 upon 5 into 7 upon 7. Is equal to 30 upon 35 minus 14 upon 35. These are like fractions. Write 35 as the common denominator. Subtract the numerators, that is, 30 minus 14. Is equal to 16 upon 35. Thank you sir for your help. Bye. Bye. Right answer. Shutter is unlocked. The End.

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