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  1. History will hopefully answer the question , How did Barry Soetoro become the president of the USA.

  2. Make sure to study hard because those who don't study hard for there history exams are doomed to repeat them.

  3. As someone who is currently studying computer science at the university of Birmingham I feel i must stress that if you are going to do any sort of Engineering or science degree that you must be prepared to work you arse off if you want a good grade. Even in first year. also be prepared to be so stressed when exams come around that you have a bit of a break down. I recommend you take up running or something (trust me it helps. You can literally run away from your problems then). The university is amazing though and they're building loads of new stuff at the moment. It's going to be amazing.

  4. This was super interesting as I almost studied History at Uni but chose Art School instead! I would love to know more about what you can take into later life from a history degree, eg what job does your friend do/ your other course-mates? xx

  5. I'm studying History at Uni in September, but I'm finding A-Levels really difficult. I feel like it's not so much about what you know but how you write it in the essay. For example in my German essay if I don't have an 'integrated approach' I can't get past a level 3, despite how much I know and the general quality of writing. (which is very frustrating as I need an A!) Is this the case at Uni too?

  6. I'm doing history at Leeds uni right now and it's really great, I'm also looking at doing my dissertation on China/India and Orientalism. I just did a module on sati on India and if you haven't looked into it I'd really recommend it, there's a lot of interesting intersection between imperialism, Orientalism, evangelicalism, Hinduism, Victorian protofeminism and feminism 🙂

  7. This was so insightful! I've been torn between English, History, or Classical Studies as my major recently, so this was really lovely to watch. It's helped! And you two are so passionate about what you're learning, I love it c:

  8. What a lovely video this was! I can only hope I will be as excited and happy to look back at my uni years when I graduate! (plus all of the modules you mentioned sound crazy exciting, I'm a bit jealous)

  9. I'm doing a BA History at the University of Essex at the moment, and I love it so much! So stimulating!

  10. I couldn't take the eyes off the chocolate frog on your shelf. It's in the exact same spot on my exact same Ikea structure that mine is. YAY FOR HUFFLEPUFFS.

  11. I do the IB and the last thing you talked about with the little mermaid and truths is something we do in a class called TOK (Theory of Knowledge) – how do we know what we know sort of thing 🙂

  12. "MUST LEARN!" lol
    This was so interesting and entertaining to watch! As a high school senior (graduation is next week), I love that you touched on study skills and the different thinking used in some of the courses you took!

    Btw The Little Mermaid reference was genius and I understand what "post modern" means now that you used it!

  13. Hi @Hannah Witton my boyfriend works at Uni of Birminghami! 🙂 How did you manage youtube and Uni? I really want to pressure a creative career but I'm not sure if I should take a BA along side juggling youtube or take a year out and try to pursue my youtube with a job at the same time? Love your channel. Thanks! X

  14. I studied History (World Wars specifically) in college and now I'm going to teach History in High School.  This video nailed my experience. I loved it so much! 
    I'm so glad you made this video. Absolutely loved it. I think a lot of people think History is boring and facts but it really isn't! Its about analyzing and critically thinking about a situation and understanding what was going on and how it affected the world and how it is still impacting us. 
    I'm so glad you shared that with your viewers!

  15. I was a history major in the U.S., and I'd agree with a lot of what you're saying.  I'm a little confused by your mention of "tutors", though.  We had graduate students who were teaching assistants, and they would frequently teach our classes, and I think they were eager to help us, but I didn't take them up on it as much as I should have.  Is that similar to your tutors?

  16. I was looking at the channels of the people who are going to summer in the city, and I found you that way 😀
    You're so cool!
    I love collabs, they're always the most fun! To watch, but also to make imo haha. Do you agree or do you prefer making videos yourself? 🙂 I'm interested haha

  17. I just got my prospectus through from Birmingham university and I'm pretty sure you are on the history page – is it you? 🙂

  18. I am taking GCSE history this year, and next year (Year 11) I'll be taking a thing called the Extended Project, which is basically just under AS, and I'm doing a dissertation. I wanted to do it on LGBT or history, or both. Do you have some tips for what to do and such?

  19. It is so true. Sitting down with your lecturer and bringing up a topic, they blow your mind and you come out in a sort of daze.

  20. i love history! i highly recommend checking out medievalpoc on tumblr, if you haven't already. it's bulldozed through a lot of the preconceptions i once held and expanded my mind/knowledge of history like WHOA.

  21. Love your videos Hannah 🙂 Hope I can give some advice too! If any students want to see the life of a MEDICAL STUDENT, please check out my vlogs xx

  22. very interesting video =) i was never good at history, because i wasn't good at seeing the bigger picture and making connections… i guess i didn't even care enough to study all the facts xD but i'm very happy with medicine now… good thing we all have different interests

  23. I'm studying history in Austria and wow, there are a lot of similarities 🙂
    And I hate medieval history as well. So boring. (I love ancient history, though :D)

  24. Hannah, I am keen on studying history next year at university after I leave school (don't know which one yet) but I am worried about the step-up from A level history and the work load!! Do you have any tips about how to succeed your 1st year???

  25. The passion you guys have is inspiring. Yall make history sound so interesting, i'm sad that i am taking engineering 🙁

  26. This video has helped me so much! History has become my passion not only in school but in my everyday life. People have always dissuaded me from studying history further but this video has made me confident about my decision. Thank you guys so much, it's such a great feeling knowing that there are other people out there that enjoy history and learning so much! Xxx

  27. I'm in my second year of a history and our lecturers tell us not to even use the word bias as everything is biased. Say why and what its bias is but seriously do not in seminars say something has a bias … you will get laughed at by the lecturers, it happened in my first seminar to someone!

  28. I'm hoping to study English and I want to go to Birmingham bc the course and everything there is ajsdlkfajsdklfjaklsj

  29. bout 90% of my uni grades are firsts and most of what these girls said is pretty much balls (i study history at bham) it's no different to a-level, in approach or difficulty.

  30. Don't know if you knew but I went to the History talk at Birmingham's open day and one professor showed this video

  31. Do you remember what you wrote for your personal statements?? Like how many books did you read etc?? Thanks!

  32. You're both exceptionally eloquent. I don't think I'm going to be all that good at explaining myself at University. One of many fears.

  33. Yay for Hannahs who are history majors! I got one 7 years ago and even still I use the tools I got from that every day. I feel like history majors really know how to research well and how to critically think.

  34. Hey Hannah. What did you after finishing your degree? I have just finished my degree in History as well, and I would like to study a postgraduate in UK? Is it difficult to study a Marketing Postgraduate (for instance) having studied History?
    Thanks for your videos! Keep it up!

  35. Amazing video! I'm also studying history but currently in a public university in south Brazil. There's a great diversity of themes here that i am really into, way beyond traditional ones. Hope the best for both of you !

  36. Cannabis is been used in India like 4000 years back and now changed rules by US, what is this, does everyone live like the US does? its not the same everywhere. ands and means balance sheet is not zero

  37. I am studying History in Norway at the moment, really fun, but I cant decide what to write about for my Bachelor thesis, you have any good advice on how to choose the topic? My teachers want us to write about really local history, which dont interest me at all, so hoping for some good advice 🙂 And I wonder how long did you study history for?

  38. i am studying history too with psychology and economics as side subjects i like it, i love it so fuck the people who are saying i wont find a job, theres always a way so shut your freaking mouth

  39. "isn't History already known" is often questioned by English students who don't see the irony that they focus on either fictional books or Dickens and Shakespeare.

  40. I'm sorry (and this has probably been pointed out before) but as I am majoring Doctor Who in the School Of Life I feel I need to mention that it's "Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimey Stuff" not the other way around. Oh and I am majoring Art History in University.

  41. Considering I've actually applied for UoB now (History and English, Literature based), I feel like I actually can watch this video and count it as not procrastinating

  42. I desperately want to study history but I feel as though it will not be beneficial to my future. I’m not to keen on being a teacher or professor, what other career options are out there besides becoming a historian?

  43. If this video was accurate, it would just be a compilation of you getting pounded by some guy you've known for less than a day, every single day. Prove me wrong.

  44. I’m currently in second year in uni studying history and I was wondering if you could do a video on how you coped/dealt with your dissertation, how it came to picking your topic and how you went around doing it

  45. im in my final year at Uni , majoring in History and civilizations .basically we learn every civilizations in this world but after I watched your video I just found out that history is more than learning about the people of the past ,like Hannah is studying about Sexual history that's awesome and I really want to know more about that ,btw I love your video ,sending hugs from Malaysia 🙂

  46. If you are going to study history, just remember to figure out what "products" you want to create with a history degree. Writing? Verbal communication (ex. teaching)? Websites?

  47. ugh i love history i'm so glad i made the switch from political science to history, of which the former i pursued simply because it seemed that opportunities will be better with it

  48. Thank you for the video. I know it's been a few years. I'm really scared and indecisive about post-secondary options because even though I love history, will it be beneficially for me? People are also saying a history degree is useless in obtaining a financially-secure job but I think I just have to go for it. Debt or no debt, I don't want regrets, as naive as that sounds.

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