Studying at the University of Adelaide, Australia

What’s very special about the University of
Adelaide is that students will actually be in
contact with people who create knowledge it’s not just about the distribution of
knowledge it’s also about the creation of knowledge. The University of Adelaide is the third oldest in Australia it was created 1874 and over the last few decades it has created a plethora of excellence. We are very proud of
the 106 Rhodes scholars who have come through our rank and we also have
been associated with five Nobel prize winners through either a staff or a student. It’s more than any other university in Australia can boast. Adelaide’s an absolute brilliant place to be a student. It’s very safe and inexpensive in contrast to the rest of Australia. Just down the road we have 100
kilometers of white golden beaches and 21,000 students studying on North
Terrace campus. If you do like a wine 70% of the premium wines in Australia are made within an hour of our campus, normally by our graduates. It’s generally a wonderful place to be why wouldn’t you want to be here? One of the great things about being a student at Adelaide is it’s comparatively affordable that means you can live closer to the city rather than being the outer suburbs most of
our students are right in town right where the action is. The city centre where the University is is a very young demographic thats promoted by being one of the real festival
centers of the world particularly in March, ‘Mad March’ we call
it with the Fringe Festival, one of the world’s largest Fringe festivals. A big concern of the University of Adelaide has been to redefine our facility and the way we operate around the student and taking a very student-centric approach. One embodiment of that has been
this particular place – Hub Central which is something that we developed
with and for students where we provide a range of services. In Hub Central you walk down there
any day of the week at any time of the day and at the desks are a mix of international and domestic students working through the problems their
lecturers have given them but also kicking back, having a coffee and a chat. I think students should actually come to our website, look around, look at program descriptions, look at staff descriptions and get a feel for what the University is
all about through just experiencing the different aspect of what we do. We have the world’s best intellectuals, the world’s best
researchers who’ve made the choice to come here to Adelaide to study, to research, to teach. I’m proud to be part of that
tradition. We’re fortunate to have a University which is a very special place in town that is a very special place in a state that is a very special state. All of that combines to making the experience of the students a very enriching one. Keep an open mind, keep an open mind and
come and learn with us.

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