Study Support Service (NIHR Clinical Research Network)

The NIHR Clinical Research Network
supports the development, setup and delivery of high quality research in
England. We already provide added value to the
research community through a range of guidance and procedures to support study delivery in the NHS and other health and social care settings. The CRN Study Support Service will bring these separate elements together which will increase the consistency and visibility
of our support. This means regardless of topic or location, all eligible studies
will receive the same level of support. To get the most out of the Study Support Service, we encourage sponsors, researchers, study teams and R&D offices
to discuss studies with their Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) as soon as possible. They'll help you understand how the network can help you deliver your
study to your timelines and recruitment targets. Once this conversation is
underway, we can work out how to best support you and your study. For
commercial studies, we offer guidance around the conduct of your study in the NHS – such as patient access or local prescribing. Through a single submission, we also
coordinate the distribution of study information across the entire NHS to
enable the identification of potential sites for your research.
If you haven't been in contact with the network early on, we will undertake a
review of study delivery to help identify potential challenges and
explore the type of support you'll need. We provide access to Network funded
research delivery staff to support study recruitment. We also help eligible
studies arrange access to staff within NHS service support departments – such as pharmacy, radiology and pathology. Working with study teams we will produce
a performance monitoring plan to ensure the study is delivered to your study
timelines and patient recruitment targets. When your study closes we will
undertake a performance review, so we continue to improve our services and
processes. For more information about the Study Support Service, you can speak to
our helpdesk, drop us en email, or visit our website:
[email protected]

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