Study overseas with OS-HELP

This high school student has just finished school. His name is Toby and this is his teacher. Toby has decided to attend his local university. Excellent. But he’s already contemplating what to
do in his second year. Well, you have a choice. You could have a break
and get a job at the local pub for a while or you could continue on at your local university and just keep living at home with your mum. But you want a little adventure, to widen your horizons, see the world, pick up a little culture whilst you study. Well, that’s great. But that can get pretty expensive, can’t it? Don’t fret Toby. Did you know that if you’re eligible, the government can offer financial assistance to help
with some of your costs. So, say you wanted to study Society and
Culture in historical Europe. With OS-HELP, you could receive
a loan for one or two study periods of up to six months overseas. So, you could do that clinical
placement in Hong Kong. Which means if you are Asia-bound, you could also be eligible for an additional
loan for language study. You could even study a new language
in fascinating Japan. You can find out more about OS-HELP at or head to your on-campus study abroad office. Once you start earning above the
minimum repayment threshold, you’ll need to start paying back your OS-HELP loan. But that’s ok. Because you’re now a student of the world with cultural experiences and wide horizons. If you’re like Toby, you need HELP. Find out more about OS-HELP at

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