Study Music Alpha Waves | Studying Music | Concentration Music | Focus Music for Work Brain Power

32 thoughts on “Study Music Alpha Waves | Studying Music | Concentration Music | Focus Music for Work Brain Power”

  1. I'm going ahead for the next exams …. study! no I laugh if I write this comment is that I spend my time reading the comments as if it would motivate me …We are all in the same trouble …. And also I tell you to study because otherwise you will regret it really, even just read your exam subject …. kisses I wish you a good future and a lot of happiness <3

  2. Je prends de l’avance pour les prochains examens…. étudie ! non je déconne si j'écris ce commentaire c'est que moi même je passe mon temps a lire les commentaires comme si ça allait me motiver … Bref dit toi qu'on est tous dans la même galère …. Et aussi je te le dis étudie quand même parce qu'au sinon tu vas le regretter vrm, ne fuse que lire ton cours…. bisous je te souhaite un bon avenir et beaucoup de bonheur <3

  3. This mix right here + Adderall puts me in the FUCKING ZONE! 👍👍❤️❤️All the other “Focus” audios on YT are distracting with annoying melodies.

  4. I am the slowest adult learner in the world still stuck studying at level 2 in the UK but in spite of having every reason to give up on this joke of a life, I choose to stay alive with positivity, gratitude,faith,determination, bravery etc. Dear God please,I pray this evening in addition to all the other forms of worship, let me prevail from now with total victory.

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  7. Been listening to this for an hour while studying. Problem the studying is getting done but I also feel like crying…

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