Study in a Queensland Government School – Oswald from Papua New Guinea

My name is Oswald. I am from Papua New Guinea
and I am currently in Year 12 in Whites Hill State College. I chose the EQI program because of the course I wanted to study which is Marine Biology
and we knew that it would be difficult to study back in my own country – that’s
why I chose it. To be in Queensland was a dream for me and
because I got to study some of the subjects which weren’t capable of studying back in
Papua New Guinea. So I did subjects like Ancient History and
Photography… The school environments way friendlier than
back in PNG. The teaching staff is … they’re really helpful.
They help with all my studies and they do what’s best for you and they’re always
there to help, especially my international coordinator.
She’s always there to help me so I’m grateful for that.
My goal is to get into James Cook University in Cairns because of the access it has to
the Great Barrier Reef so it’ll be good for the study there. My homestay here in Brisbane it’s not really a homestay because I live with my sister,
but when I was in Cairns, the homestay family I lived with were just amazing. They were friendly and they made feel more open than I always use to.

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