Study in a Queensland Government School – Oliver from Switzerland

Hi, my name is Oliver; I am from Switzerland and I’m in Grade 10 at Coolum State High School. I study in Queensland because the weather is nice here. I’m near the beach and the people are so awesome here. The support at Coolum State High School is really good. In class I’m asked if I need
help and I get more time to do homework. Also, the international staff are really good; I
can contact them if I need help. My favourite subjects are English, History
and HPE (Health and Physical Education). I like HPE the most as I like sports very much because you are with friends outside playing something. One day I was surfing before school with my mates and we were out of the water sitting on surfboards and saw the sunrise; exactly at that moment we saw dolphins jumping around and hunting. It was just so awesome. *Speaking in German* “I am not missing home too much because it is super here; it is great. At school, the support is fantastic and they help you with everything and it’s not really difficult
at all. It’s just awesome.”

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