Students Teaching Teachers Technology

my name is dr. Roland Rios I'm the director of instructional technology for Fort Sam Houston Independent School District were a public school district but we reside entirely on a military installation all of our students that attend school here are military dependents it's it's tough I remember when I was in the principalship walking into our counselors office and there was a young lady cry and I said is everything okay and the counselor informed me that her father had just been deployed to Iraq and I looked at the other idea what I'm very sorry to hear that sweetie when will he be back and she said februari I said well that's only about four or five months and she said up the following year you know saying goodbye to the bad for for 16 months as a father it's can't fathom it well when parents are deployed they want life is more they don't we tried focus groups we tried support groups the kids don't want that part of the challenges of constantly moving of these mobility of the students is that the consistency in their extracurricular activities my first year here in this new position I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to do this alone so come here to in my position I turned our high school counselor and I said what if students had some extra room in their schedules those kids that have an affinity for technology so what if we made them my tech interns and they came to me a period a day and just help me help the teachers and sure enough it worked like a charm last dr. real offered a fantastic opportunity as a technology in turn I always loved computers i thought one from scratch with my dad when I was little we kind of learn the ropes has really helped a lot teachers will usually look for one of the interns before they come hunt me down yeah we do get called out class sometimes and fun so the teachers are ticking ticking thing hi I'm Shelby talents and i'll be showing you how to get to not gonna lie it makes me feel important one of our district beliefs is that that everyone's a leader on so that everyone can teach and everyone can learn to trust a student to know what they're doing is a great thing nowadays because we're growing up with technology and I think we're letting it a little bit faster it's something they can do on their time they don't have to come to a class or anything like that they can just go online and look it up whenever they need it's great for the students helps up with teachers and it's a great experience I know the programs working because they're going through registration right now for next year and I've already had several kids dr. Rios can I be an intern gonna be an indoor it's great it's fun they're my friends we have a good time my name is dr. Roland Rios on the director of instructional technology I'm a husband I'm a father i gene i snag I Camtasia I do it all techsmith rocks Jimmy and I got it going on

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  1. This was VERY powerful ! I love this idea of students teaching teachers about technology! What a great way to validate them as learners but most of all empower them with their learning to continue to help others. Just watched video at the TechSmith screencast camp!

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