STUDENTS Reveal Their STRANGEST Experiences with a TEACHER (r/AskReddit)

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  1. She had me stand in front of the class (in pre-k) and told everyone i didnt know how to read and made fun of me

  2. Went to an all girl catholic school for half of my freshman year. Had a social studies/history teacher who really seemed to hate me the moment I raised my hand and corrected her on something (I completely forgot what it was because it was so insignificant). After that she began her reign of terror against me. She would give me failing tests even though I compared my answers with the other girls and had the exact same answers they passed on. She accused me of faking my mom’s signature on a sick note and got really mad when I insisted that it was her handwriting. She said she was going to call my mom in front of the entire class and have it on speaking phone so everyone would know I was a liar. I shrugged and said “okay.” I gave her my mom’s number and she called, having it on speaker phone. My mom picked up and the teacher looked at me with a smug grin as she asked my mom if she knew about the note. I did a mental happy dance when that smug smile fell as my mom explained that it was her handwriting and that it’s just really sloppy. She hung up the phone after the conversation looking a bit shocked. She screamed for me to sit down and I did, smiling just as smuggly as she did. Another time she asked if I was a lesbian in front of the class because I hugged a friend who was crying that her pet passed away the night before. Boy was I happy the day I was transferring to a public school because I got to flip her off in the middle of class and tell her she was the worst excuse for a teacher. She wasn’t the only teacher I told off that day but she was the one I most enjoyed, especially ripping up a detention slip she gave me right in front of her and the class. Hated that bitch.

  3. my first grade teacher was really nice to me but very recently she was in the news for physically abusing kids, (extreme hitting, pulling, etc…)
    its nothing compared to what these redditors went through as actual victims but i feel like my childhood memories have been eternally corrupted

  4. I remember once my teacher said something on my dad never wanting me. I instinctively stood up, went to the front of the class, grabbed the teacher by his collar and just screamed at him. I got expelled but it was worth it cuz the teacher now keeps his mouth shut

  5. In primary/elementary school (around 3rd grade) I was a good student. So much so that my teacher appointed me for an award as the best student in school and so, I had to be taken to the public library in the city (my school was in a small town within 15 kms of that city) for a little award ceremony with other kids from different schools all within the area of that city (so, basically, each kid was representing a school and I was representing mine). Everything was nice and dandy leading up to it, but I ended up getting sick a few days before and missed class. The day of the ceremony arrives and since it was at 11am and my classes started at 8am, I had to go to class and then my mom would come pick me up to take me to the ceremony. Nothing crazy could happen right?
    The teacher called me up to the board to answer a math question and, I, although having been appointed as the best student in school, wasn't very good at math and had missed the previous class so not only did I not know how to answer the question but I also couldn't concentrate because I was excited for the award, so I stopped halfway through and just looked puzzlingly at the blackboard.
    My teacher, seeing I couldn't finish the problem turns to me and very loudly asks "You can't do it?" And I, very embarassed shook my head no. She then says "Go sit down. You should be embarassed, you don't know how to solve this problem and you're going to get an award for being a good student. Frankly, you don't deserve it." I put down the chalk, my eyes filling up with tears and went to sit down. Some kids laughed at what she said, but I was devastated.
    That woman was like that sometimes…clearly wasn't cut out to be a teacher. I told my mom and she went into class with me when she brought me back after lunch and cussed out my teacher out in the hallway for "public shaming a 9 year old" and "making me cry". I don't recall if the teacher said anything but I got to go home because I was still shaken up by what the teacher said, so much so that I couldn't even enjoy getting the award and diploma that came with it.

    Also, this was in 2009 btw.

  6. In ninth grade I had math in Mr. Johnson’s class, older gentlemen, seemed nice at first, started telling all of us we were stupid and useless, went to the school board about him, they wouldn’t believe us, then one day in class Mr. Johnson was acting extra odd, giving word problems and equations that don’t make sense, finally he gets up unlocks his closet and take a large gulp from a bottle of whiskey, puts it back, locks the closet and goes to the other side of the room to get on his Facebook, one of us says “are you going to finish the lesson?” He looks over at the class with a terrified expression as if he truly forgot we were there, he then stared blankly for a moment and said “oh, I thought we were done”, of course the school board ignored this event too…

    I later found out that he was retiring the following year and was one of the school’s oldest teachers so they were purposely denying all the complaints so he could retire without problems, I failed ninth grade math because of how incompetent of a teacher he was

  7. There's a teacher in our elementary school called ms rath…

    And I heard she was super rude and yelled at her 3rd grade class practically every day

  8. My teacher ran into the bathroom and yelled don't look!!! Me being a confused 5th grader held up my hand and ran out. So yeah weird.

  9. Religious schools are absolutely bullshit, no reason for that shit, don't put your kids through that

  10. I had a teacher, I'm gonna call her "Mrs. Terrible" how anyone could be married to that women I haven't the slightest clue. Anyways. I was in 7th grade and i had just transferred to the school because i had moved states. I really liked science and was super excited to meet my science teacher. The sad part is I liked her at the start. But she started picking on particular students as the school year went on. It started out with the rule that we had to wrote in our journals with a pen only. And im being serious when i say, if she saw you holding a pencil she would break it, and through it in the trash. This rule wouldn't have been so horrible if it wasn't for the fact that she took points off for "messy journals." What I mean by this is, if you crossed out/made a spelling error etc. She would take points off. (These problems couldve been avoided with a pencil) Our journals were 30% of our grade. Then it got worse. I was working on a project with my friends and something happened (I dont remember what) that harmed the project in some way. I was going to say "That is fucked up" but instead I thought better of it ad said "that sucks!" (I was really proud of myself because at the time I had a horrible swearing problem, that i managed to keep under control in her class) All of a sudden Mrs. Terrible calls me up to her desks and asks me if i knew where that term came from. I bit back the urge to reply "vacuuming?" And shook my head. She glared at me and said "it's when man sucks another man's penis" I was mortified and shut up for pretty much the rest of the year, as i was struggiling with the concept of sexual things. It got worse. I had never had a science fair project before where you had to explain your process etc. So naturally I worked my ass off to get a good grade. (Unfochantley this was rather hard as we weren't allowed to do anything like the placebo effect.) Anyways I had been staying during my lunch to work on it. At one point i was smiling because i was close to being finished and she said "why are you smiling? Are you looking at something other then your work?" (That gave me a heart attack jeez) when i finally finished it (had it proof read by my English teacher, who said i did great) i walked into her third period class to turn it in as I had to leave early that day. She then proceeds to humiliate me in front of the whole class (and My crush) and basically tells me how stupid I am, and how this report is poorly done, and that I put 0 effort into it. (I HAD STAYED DURING LUNCH IN HER CLASS, TO WORK ON IT???) I dont usually cry a lot, it takes a lot to make me cry, but i broke down right then and there in front of everyone and ran out of the class. When i got in the car my mom noticed my eyes were red and asked what happened. I told her what had happened over the past couple months and my mom was pretty upset, so she tried to talk to Mrs. Terrible, who proceeded to say "I dont want to talk to you" and shove my mom out of the door way, and walk to the principals office. (Before this, I talked to my friends and apparently they were also having similar problems. So we all wrote a note to the principals office and turned in our notes at separate times ) the principal claimed that NO ONE had written any notes, or any complaints about this teacher ever! (not even me, apparently) and so yeah, she never got fired and my friends started leaving the school because of her and i left too. FUCK you, you ruined my love for science, and pens you sick fuck.

  11. I tell my kid if you need to go to the bathroom to just get up and go if you really need to. They have a problem they can call me.

  12. Fuck you Mr Studier I'm not a bad kid and neither were the other kids in your "special detention". He is a coach and I wouldn't be surprised if he fucking touched kids.

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