STUDENTS during LUNCH BREAK – Types of Kid | #SchoolLife #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

let’s have Lunch now see that big Lunch box might something special in it leave it we’ll have our own oho..we’ve our own Lunch just come… Hi..what you’ve in your Lunch today ? all those regular meal same here…we’re thinking to do Lunch Switch Up today… Ok but my Lunch box is too big so I want to exchange it with both of your Lunch Ok bye.. open it fast..its too big..will enjoy having Lunch today Ok let’s open up the second nothing is here ok..there must be something special in the third one.. you might be thinking.. what is this?? our today’s video is related to it.. Types of kids during Lunch Break so hit Like first before enjoying the video and get it to reach 2,00,000 Likes & also do Subscribe to MyMissAnand so before my Lunch Break gonna to be over you enjoy the video and I am having my Lunch Pooja Let’s share the Lunch but I haven’t brought it today we’ve to share her Lunch today leave it let’s play now.. I’ve got tired today today’s lesson was so boring so let’s have lunch first No.. will play first No.. I’ve to go Washroom first who’ll wait for him now.. let’s go to play eat fast then will go to play ok..but wait I am back within a minute Yak..ok you go.. ok now lets start the game come fast Who is my Minister?? Wait I am coming in a minute.. oho.. don’t let hime to go now from where do you bring this amount of pee:-))) don’t let him go today..always ruin our game and just keep your finger down otherwise I’ll break it eeuu.. tank got leaked feeling hungry..let’s eat something who has taken out the Lunch?? my lunch got finished.. now what to do No.. then what I’ll eat?? such a miser… let’s go for hand wash then will have our Lunch You go I am coming Ok Pooja let’s go for Lunch I am coming… Your Lunch was too yumm!! let’s play You guys go out and play ok then you come too Ok you go I am coming why you study all the time studious one… see teacher’s Lunch box is there she always eats our today we’ll do a Surgical style on her Lunch its Surgical strike.. you fool who ate my Lunch? you all go out Go and keep your hands up have enjoyed the lunch.. will have more fun getting this punishment no need to attend the class and no one can see us let’s go towards the swing its Lunch Break…take out your lunch box fast what you’ve in your lunch today Pooja what are you searching for in your bag.. just take out your Lunch fast seems like I forgot to carry Lunch today its ok.. let’s share our Lunch

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