Student who lived in shack cries when teacher rewards his kindness

a twist tonight is pronto insurance in action for news paid cash for kindness usually it's a staff member from a school that's been nominated for the $400 prize this week a teacher at Niki row in McAllen reaches out to honor a special student and to pay it forward episode you won't soon forget while most Nicki Rose seniors are itching to get out of school this student doesn't want to leave so you're a mando beltron yes Ryan Wolfe with Action 4 News you look very surprised to see me use the 19 year old spent most of his life in foster care and with no real family to call his own this school has been Armando's only true home he often spends 12 hours a day here he has nobody to turn to parents or family and yet he's so optimistic and he's such a good kid I mean everybody who meets him loves him Cynthia Villegas teaches English at Vicky's row she'll never forget mando's caring ways like when he volunteers in a library or helps staff in any way but she'll also never forget where he's come from once living in a shack and how he rides his bike for miles to and from school or how he has to work odd jobs because he only has a delayed birth certificate and no social security number of his own I wanted to pay it forward to him on those because he gives us hope and he's got a good heart you know and I just want him to have a better future because he's so optimistic pronto insurance has to pay it forward prize usually is the staff that's nominated for the pay it forward program being able to recognize a student brings his joy at Punto insurance on behalf of prone to insurance and action Ford news here's $400 for you to pay it forward with the money in hand cash for kindness we head into the library for the surprise Cynthia breaks the news to mando why we're here mando I nominate you for the pay it forward because you your story inspires us all expecting for return for them the recognition is clearly overwhelming mando already gets help from some Nikki row staff who've been financially pitching in on their own the money's enabled him to move into an apartment but to hear how he's been giving back through kindness only reaffirms why he calls this school home just said who's that judgment less here and even come to visit them you know when I'm gone I will miss that affection of being here every day talking to them Bridget Vee is principal she believes mando's impact at school will last long after he's gone he doesn't feel sorry for himself he doesn't have he doesn't expect things he's just a real grateful student that's just looking forward and and he's just a great young man and while the $400 prize is a shocker what are you gonna do with it I have no idea mondo knows he's far richer with family his Nikki Rowley I really don't want to do know when my parents lived I really don't want to worry about that anymore so every time we come here I see them there's so much and they help me out that let's take a loan or help helping from the heart it's one more way to Armondo was born in the US but at a home with no Midwife or doctor the Texas legal system is assisting him with obtaining a birth certificate and social security numbers soon now once that happens he hopes to join the military and while the staff feels like family to him we here at Action 4 News welcome Armando to our family with open arms to nominate somebody for the pay it forward prize head to Valley I have a link to it right on my Facebook page just search Ryan Wolfe and while you're there tell me what you thought about Armando's story

28 thoughts on “Student who lived in shack cries when teacher rewards his kindness”

  1. They make that much profit in one minute..$400 $4000 in ads insurance company but nice bit anyways…

  2. What a great young man! In this world where we have become so material it is great to know about such a beautiful and kind soul. Kids today need to learn to be more generous and kind and be less selfish.

  3. I love everything Ellen do on her show if you feeling bad sick depressed after her show you'll be laughing as I say just want to Live Laugh Love my daughter have an Auntie Cheryl we call her she's a Teacher and she's a little Ellen she's always doing for others someone broke into her house and took all her jewelry that her mom family husband got her over the years not replaceable her mother passed away this year but she's strong she cares about others and don't let what happened stop her kindness ever so know what ever going on in your life we all have problems but always be kind and help when you can 😇

  4. He is an illegal alien. Who came here illegally. N that’s what happened. Ok I feel for our kids here the mother had the baby n left. It’s called anchor. Baby

  5. Prayers and safe keeping for this young man. God speed! It would tickle me to death if one day he met and fell in love with my granddaughter!

  6. This is a class's example of how the system fails, drug dealers etc live in government housing but a student who studies lives in a shack

  7. God has blessed him already,his self proclaimed family of teachers and workers at his school are beautiful people with huge hearts. I'm proud of those who stepped up and helped

  8. God is great to those kind people.Armando alwys pray to God for ur success God is always with you?God bless Armando

  9. Best wishes to you in what will surely be a bright future! Maybe the school could offer you a job of some kind so you can keep going back to see them? Just a thought, either way, I hope you continue to stay close with your school family ❤️

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