Student Vs. Teacher (2019)

28 thoughts on “Student Vs. Teacher (2019)”

  1. You know this is a good example cause elders or adults don’t listen to us they never ask for our opinion on things they think we should study get good grades and get a job that pays enough money but they don’t ask what we are interested in they think we are bad kids but kids act like that cause they need the love they deserve and the attention from there parents, in class some times you just sit there can’t even concentrate why, cause you have to think about the pressure you have at home and in school and the things you have to do to make others happy not what makes you happy one day technology is gonna take over out lives we can’t do anything to stop that so what is the point of learning things if there is something that is replacing us .

  2. School doesn't prepare us for the future, it forces us to eat useless ** and throw it back up on paper and judges us on that. They judge us on what they think is right and they haven't changed anything. They should judge us on how we can work together, compromise, creativity, and stuff like that. Not old dusty textbooks that no one likes.

  3. You make me passionate for causing a positive change in the world. I wanna be a teacher, and teach children to respect our earth and help it heal. You've taught me more than anyone, child or adult has ever.

  4. Really good talk dude your a good inspiration and i totally agree with what your saying school is fucked up..

  5. How did this dude get all F's but he knows all these bug words and inspirational stuff?
    Anyway this is so true!!!

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