Student Voice – Warragul Regional College

Student voice is one of the
most important things needed to run an
amazing school. It’s important for student
voice to exist because students tend to know
what they want and why they want it. It’s important to have
student voice, because we need students to
say what worries them or what needs improving. As students we get to choose
the electives taught here, we can choose from
photography and the arts, to technology with
metal and plastics. We can do more humanities
subjects, like history and literature, all offered at lower levels
than VCE now. Students can now see what
they can do, and see like, that they can make a
change to the curriculum The students are involved in the
school council, the outcomes committee, the student curriculum team,
we have a student run newsletter, we have students involved
in choosing teachers. I was on a panel to choose a
teacher, and I thought it was very good because it allowed
both myself and the other teachers on the panel to see
how that teacher would interact with students. For the teachers to be able
to listen to the students It makes the students feel, more like, welcomed and heard. My hope for the future of
education is for students to be able to have the
electives, and the choices and the opportunities
available for them to achieve their dream
in the future.

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