Student Spotlight: Antoinette Love

So, this day is finally here. It’s been a long road and we are going to
hear some great stories, but I want to welcome our families and friends here to help us celebrate
this amazing graduating class of 2019. Antoinette’s graduation to me means that the
fifteen-year-old me that had a baby, that didn’t know what she was doing, becoming a
parent of a daughter that has grown tremendously, has loved tremendously, and also is going
to make a huge impact on the world. Antoinette Renee Love. [Applause]. [Music]. Being the first person in my family to attend
college makes me proud and also sad because no one else in my family had the chance to
go to college, but now that I have a chance to go, other people in my family may feel
like they have a chance to go as well. She’s going to be able to hopefully show her
brothers and sisters that they can also go to college. [Music]. Well, the motivating factor for Antoinette
submitting numerous applications to the collegiate institutions is basically to give her an array
of options. Antoinette bought into that and she said,
“Okay Miss James, I’m ready to hit the ground running – let’s do this, okay?” I think Antoinette recent accomplishments
are really a testament to her perseverance and persistence, and that is setting out a
goal, having a goal, finding a way to achieve that goal and then not stopping until she
gets what she’s looking for. Her work with the counselor also gave her
sort of that that impetus that this is something you can do, and I also think that the support
that she has received from her family – that’s a testament of who she is as an individual,
and the type of person that she is going to be for the duration of her life. I’m inspired by Antoinette just being able
to finish school. It makes me want to go back and get my GED
so I can also finish school. I chose to attend Eureka College in Eureka,
Illinois. I noticed that they had a great Education
Department, small class size like I wanted, and also – personal connection. Taking that trip to drive Antoinette to Eureka
to stay – I feel like it’s going to give me a chance to learn a little separation from
Antoinette because we grew up together by me having her so young, and it’s also going
to make her mature into a young adult that I know she’s capable of being. To me it’ll feel that in the moment, it would
be like a missing piece to my puzzle. Antoinette is special because she loves to
help people, she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, and she really wants to be like
that background-helping-person. Class of 2019!

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