Student Research & Showcase Event

It’s as they always say a single moment
can change a life forever but I never thought it could or what
happened to me not like this… Once a semester we hope showcase night
students get to showcase their work and show off the research that they’ve done
and the hard work that’s gone into this semester. It draws upon students
experiences, in class discussions… And their life, and the work experience… The
disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science… The other
students get to appreciate that and it really strengthens the sense of
community here. I offered them a chance to put themselves in the role of a
character who was around at a time period that we were discussing. So I
chose Elizabeth Jennings and then I said well could I do it in the form of the
play because it would be easier for me because I write plays… These students who are apprehensive at
first I get to see them after one two or three semesters standing up on the stage
talking about the research they’ve done. I think they’re intimidated only because
they think it has to be something really big so I say just do something that
interests you every day like somebody that a point loves wine so she went to a
winery. Professor Williams said that we could do a narrative. I’m a pastry chef
by profession, I created my own narrative and that’s why it was obvious to me to
look at sugar because of the countries dictators we have studied… and writing about New York we
really talked about this city and the historical flash fiction pieces that
they read would be an opportunity for them to connect the dots between
immigration and 1960s New York as Ryan read about with the immigration issues
that we’re dealing with in 2016… or talking about the public administration
class and new ideas of delivering the services of the city… We have both the
producers and the consumers of services in the classroom so there will be people
who will be complaining about the city doesn’t do this to the city doesn’t do
that and then we have people in the classroom who are working for the city and
seeing how hard it is for them to actually do what they want to do and
what the obstacles are… It really is about expanding that frame of reference
and washing the student apply what they’re learning in the classroom to
what they’ve experienced city and where they plan to go; whether
it’s through their career, through raising a family, through just living in
the city… The housing and gentrification issues are really something that my
students think a lot about… Rose’s story about the Lower East Side and these
squatters in the East Village touched on that… [Reading] My poster board is
reflective of my ethos it led me through the pry that you have in your culture. If you want to manifest that with revolutionary tactics which is what the
young Lords did, certainly the women’s feminist movement and what we are all
constantly doing to bring that equality to a good balance and education once
again is key. The topic I chose was homeless in New York City the reason. The reason I
chose that topic is because at one time I was homeless in New York City for
approximately a year. We have people in the Early Childhood Education program
who are going into a college classroom and observing or working with students
and then doing a presentation about what they learned and what it means in terms
of childhood element. My students for the Early Childhood Development course went
into different schools and they came up with an analysis of where this child was
functioning… cognitive, language, social, emotional and adaptive
functioning. We actually took ten early childhood students down to DC for the
NAEYC national conference. They were able to meet teachers from other states, they
were able to meet teachers who teach in a different you know grade levels and
really seeing research in the action. We have students doing research projects
and their families to experience immigrating from countries all over the
globe to the United States. Many of our students come from recently immigrated
families and they oftentimes have had to be right in the middle of many kinds of
different language conflicts… I get to see them move on and go to law school or
is pursue a master’s degree… to become the director of their department and
they’ll come back to me and talk about how their experience here change their
experience at work, change the whole outlook… These are the experiences of
this city

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