Student Outreach & Educational Development

Our division mission is to offer programs
and cultivation opportunities for the students Not only to seek and attract students who
have the academic profile But students who are well rounded and who
can enrich our student body My name is Noha Saleh. I work as the Director of Student Recruitment
and Outreach at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar. We do early outreach. We start very early in schools. So, our goal is really to excite the students
and to make them aware of their capabilities. We do lots of cultivation programs and relationship
building with the community in order to help the students and the younger people of Qatar
to know and understand what a career in medicine entails. We try to engage the students in activities
and hands-on activities especially at the clinical skills center they can see for themselves
the clinical aspect of the medical curriculum. There is something for everyone, so students
who are in grade 10, 11, 12 definitely have the opportunity to have that continuing of
activities so that by the time they apply, they have a great and successful application. We want to attract the top-quality students
while having that kind of diversity that the students would look for. Part of what we do is to have the students
being more aware of what are the opportunities that exist here. And why they should seek and pursue medicine
and why should they come to Cornell in particular.

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