Student Learning Advisor intro video

hi everyone my name is Jason and I'm the student learning advisor at La Trobe college I just wanted a few minutes of your time to talk about what I do and the services that you can access for support so to begin with if you can come and see me if you like I am on level 3 in room 309 and there's one usually here you can just drop by or you can also make an appointment as well we'll look at how to make an appointment shortly now the second thing we have is a learning support page which is on Moodle so to get to Moodle you need to click on this button here Moodle and then it will go to your dashboard now you have usually you have the list of subjects here of course I don't have what's the subjects and then you gotta click on learning support from there you'll have all these buttons that you can click on and these are all mini workshops now going back to how to make a walking with me if you want to make up walking you click on here if you're not if you want not sure how to do it you can click on this video but it's fairly easy so if you click on this it will go to the walking platform and then all you need to do is click on one of these circles now these circles are grey so I'm busy that day but those last know that that day is ready past however this day is available and this time is available if you if I'm booked out then you might need to click on the arrows and see when I'm available as you can see I'm free here make sure you do make it in advance because I do get quite busy alright let's go back to the loan support page all right so you can there's all sorts of information here if you want to know how to do an all presentation or just how to get better marks then there is a short workshop here I recommend expanding the presentation so you can have a look it up so the first parts about structure and then the second part is about how to get extra marks and there's also some tips as well so I have a look at that when you get some time there's also an example of good and bad presentation and a checklist so that will be very useful so if you're not sure how to start an assignment then I recommend you take a look at this section alright we recommend use about take about four weeks it's up to to make an assignment so as you can watch a video or you can read as well if you like alright referencing if referencing is a bit confusing then you can click here and this video also that video this presentation will explain the differences between reference and anneal and end the citation as well and why it's really important to do referencing and then we've got this really handy shortcut as well so if you click on here there's information on how to use this referencing shortcut it's online there's written instructions here as well if you don't want to use the video and there's also a link which goes to the referencing shortcut tool but it's not complete shortcut you'll still need to use the Latrobe referencing tool to help you moving on we've got information here on how to write a essay and this one covers writing an introduction this one here is how to write the body of an essay there's also information here about the introduction so you just need to click on a on a question and it highlight gives you information about what that section is about there's also a video too what else paragraph structure could be useful also studying can be really stressful time so there's buttons on here which will link to Moo Tim and Beyond blue as well so click on those and explore what they like another another final option that you have is going down to learning lounge on level 2 and you can visit a pal mentor so these are students who have studied here before another University if you have any questions about the course you can talk to them if you have any questions about university life you talked to him about about that as well they can also help you with anything else like it's where to where to get a good coffee and so you know and also where you can get textbooks as well alright that's all for me now please drop by and say hello at least once and don't leave your assignment to the last minute thank you bye bye

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