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student loan debt in the US has hit a crippling time high we have the 1.6 trillion dollars that's how much 43 million Americans owe in student loan debt the average college senior graduates with about $30,000 in student debt according to a College Board survey the question on their minds is it all worth it because honestly how our students going to pay for it you know we're gonna graduate with what $200,000 instead from undergrad for most Americans a college degree is regarded as a measure of success yet a post-secondary education has become cost prohibitive for young people even when they receive financial aid financial aid experts say it's not difficult to choose federal loans since they come with low interest rates and built-in protections however there is a limit that caps at $31,000 at that point student borrowers sometimes take out private loans which have higher interest rates but millions of people are racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt amassing a burden that will take decades to fully pay off some have even ended up homeless a 20-18 Hope Center for college community and justice survey found that homelessness affected 14 percent of those attending four-year institutions a combination of factors including rising tuition and financial aid packages that fail to keep up with the cost of food gas childcare and affordable housing have fueled the homelessness crisis among college students in 2018 the average annual cost of attending a four-year private institution in the u.s. reached forty eight thousand five hundred ten dollars that's more than double what it was twenty years ago College costed one tenth of what it does today but because students tend to pay loans with low interest rates over a long period of time the feds aren't making up for their losses according to the Government Accountability Office a USA Today Suffolk University poll found that education was one of the top five issues that Democratic voters want to hear candidates discussed so Democrats running in the 2020 elections like senator Bernie Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren are making student debt a key part of their platform proposing largely free public higher education and forgiving most or all of the 1.6 trillion dollars in student debt held by Americans given how important the issue is to voters promises made surrounding student loans should play an important role when voters decide who will be elected in 2020

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  1. Nobody forced them to go to college……want to make the big bucks$$$?….you gotta have the “skills”….I paid my loan back for my MBA. These “crybabies” should do the same. Period.

  2. 1 less doctor , 1 less scientist. College debt what a phenominal idea to put into the game so it fucks over the human race slightly.

  3. See what happens to our country when people stop going to university because it’s too expensive. I study computational mathematics. It’s not easy and if our country doesn’t have people studying to be scientists we’ll fall so far behind. Why should I pay the government $50,000 so I can just help them later. I’ll never pay back my student loans, I’ll just leave the country and work in a country that’s grateful to have people want to learn and improve.

  4. In the real world a debt forgiven would generate a k-1 with the forgiven amount shown as income and considered taxable in that year.

  5. Buying votes. Might as well hand everybody that showed up at the voting station a $20 bill to vote Democrat. Never mind the laws

  6. Those students entered into loans on their own and with the encouragement of the educational establishment. No taxpayer I know of cosigned for their obligations nor do they consider it fair for liberal politicians to obligate them to those debts for the purpose of buying votes of those who prefer not to meet their debt obligations. The Tax and Spend Democratic motto seems to be alive and well in some wannabe circles.

  7. To the balance the economy we need tax reform, consumer and student debt relief, minimum wage increases, & adjustments to entitlement programs:

  8. THIS > 0:47 Private banks being shielded by bankruptcy laws. ONLY the feds should be protected not private banks. Most of the private commercial lenders have floating rates and can easily double while in deferment. I'm sure most all 18 year olds have a firm grip on what they are signing up for when it comes to private loans. Feds are usually low fixed rates and have arrangements you can make that are not too bad to pay back.

  9. The problem is…
    We cannot get the job we want because of the degree it requires.
    Well that requires more money and more loans to be taken out.

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