Student-Centered Learning (21st Century Education)

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  1. Good Video on Student Centered Learning. All points covered and presented well with clarity. Thanks

  2. Very good video to watch.. Now I have some ideas of student centred learning. And will absolutely adapt to teach using this strategy. Hope it works with my students especially those low ability learners

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful video, this help me a lot to improve as a traditional, teacher centered, now i know what will i do on a daily basis in the class.

  4. A very good presentation. Rating: 4/5. Lots to wrestle with, but I agree with much of it. I might quibble over projects versus deep dives but setting any kind of goal could be called creating a project.I would also quibble over the role of the teacher as being solely a mentor but more than just a guide on the side. Regarding the definition of student-centered learning,
    I am reminded of a quote of Roger Schank,
    " Learning occurs when someone wants to learn, not when someone wants to teach"

  5. Far too many teachers see themselves as a sage on the stage. That there is why so much talk about mobile phones because they cant tolerate the competition! I see myself as a guide on the side which is harder to do because there is so much resistence in the beginning from the students. This a very good video and so very, very true. I sometimes think teachers are all frustrated failed actors!🤣

  6. The more the students need us for their learning…the worse the class is…the more independently they learn… the better the class is…in fact ,we shouldn't be teachers, we should be coaches ..or facilitators…or instructors…we don't "teach" anymore …we create a favorable environment where knowledge "flows" …but traditional schools don't accept or understand this so easily…tell me about it….!!!!

  7. Excellent presentation…I have been a facilitator for years, so many seminars and courses…but recently I was fired from a traditional language school,the students complained that I didn't explain enough,and they didn't want to compare answers…not even sit down together..or rotate or shift their places….it was very frustrating for me…but now, I Am in a school where I can teach student- centered classes.I teach spanish language.

  8. the content of this video is so rich and interesting. Great work and a lot of effort are made in it. Thanks for sharing your experiences which I am sure will help us make our children better citizens especially with these challenges of the 21st century

  9. its a wonderful video to know abt scl. i want to know more and more because im teaching arab students at college, plus am about to present on SCL to academic staff as its decided by the education ministry here to apply SCL in our classrooms. arab students at school level learn very less english but at college have to write speak read and are asked to speak or communicate in english. that is a really BIG pressure on both sides either teachers or the students. some of them even cant write a sentence properly ,now if SCL is implemented so teachers are asking when are we going to complete the course. i guess whole thing needs to be change and the first change will b in the curriculum itself. i would like to thank you for this video but as i said need to know more.☺

  10. Thank you so much for this video. I'm an ESL teacher. Recently I had my class observed and the observer told me my class was too teacher centered so I tried picturing situations where my students wouldn't feel I'm useless or just another person in the classroom instead of taking a lead role as they are used to. Now I understand what the class is supposed to be, still I've got a few questions: How can I enrol students into this learning model that requires more commitment from them? Do I have to tell them my role is mentorlike and put on the table what they can expect from me or just keep up with classes carrying out the suitable activites and techniques for this model?

  11. I removed a comment by Jeeves, because he has a potty mouth. Watch your mouth Jeeves.

    He asked how this video relates to teaching I.T. in organisations. Seriously, if he doesn't know how student-centered learning applies to corporate training, he shouldn't really be an instructor.

    As with ALL forms of learning, both with children and with adults, learning involves doing what it is you're supposed to be learning. If the instructor gives a slide presentation about how to use computers, that does nothing to help the students actually use them. If you want them to learn how to do something, get them to do it.

  12. great explanation. thank you all. I am interesting Problem based learning. please share something special about it.

  13. Thanks a lot…May Allah Bless you…Wish you all the best…I will never forget  to "" Give my Ss the control ..and  Observe…and after writing down the  points of weakness, give those who are clever the chance to teach their colleagues how to overcome their weakness…not Me ""

  14. Fabulous! Just what our teachers needed to enhance their understanding of student-centered learning!! Thank you!

  15. Thanks to Lizbeth (+Lizbeth De La Cruz) and her university classmates for their kind comments and, more importantly, their interest in student-centered learning!

    One thing that I really to highlight is that learning by doing applies as much to the teachers as the students. If you really want to be a student-centered educator, you have to actually do it. Textbooks and YT videos only ignite the fire and create curiosity. Unless you practice (and practice soon), nothing will come of it. Thanks again!

  16. WOW!!!! This is so me. I can't remove myself from the front of the class.  I need a lot of professional development in this area. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great video. What age group does this theory ideally apply to? 'Every one' may be the obvious answer, but 'student' suggests FE groups, e.g. 16 – 19… in essence, more mature students who can handle responsibility of independent work. I would really like to make this point, as an FE teacher, because 'students' in FE will be very different from primary or secondary school 'students'. Handling control over to students can only be done when trust is built and students have the maturity to understand instructions and structured learning. Food for thought!

  18. I will watch and listen to this again if I feel I am confuse of what to do…Thanks for clarifying! 

  19. Some educators search for 'Student Centred Learning' because they want to see if they can become better teachers. Other do it to see if they can find a video that supports their teacher-centred approach; and, when they come across one, they get really defensive about it. They don't bother to ask 'how do you do this?', but rather 'how you can you say this'. If not, they wouldn't find this video so aggravating.

  20. There are some valid observations made in this video. To the greatest extent possible, students should learn by practising, doing, and collaborating. To the greatest extent possible, students should be empowered to discover and allowed to fail with the goal of learning valuable lessons. As much as possible, students should be involved in planning their learning and thinking about its effectiveness. Students should do as much as possible for themselves with the teacher being the guide on the side instead of the sage on the stage.

    It's regrettable, however, that such an adversarial, condescending, and disrespectful tone is used towards his intended audience. The tone and content of this video implies that many teachers, if not most, are narcissists with poor self-images who need to be the center of attention. All teachers should be expected to be lifelong students of their craft and to be continually improving. Most teachers, however, are not the enemy.

    It's ironic that he mentions how teachers should allow students to think for themselves while he himself is telling his audience how to think about education and it's rather one-sided at that. It sounds like the only right answer is his.

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