29 thoughts on “Struggles Of Learning Spanish”

  1. Maya I am a 10 year old girl and I'm Mexican. But I can't speak Spanish. I understand it well but I feel like I'm not good enough. But, you inspire me so much. Thank you for being a role model.

  2. My Spanish teacher is third generation Mexican American and she eventually learned Spanish and now she is fluent… which is obvious because she teaches Spanish 😂

  3. You’ve actually inspired me so much maya. I’m not hispanic or anything but you made me realise it’s never too late to learn the language of your culture. I think I’m in a similar position to you, I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t speak sinhalese and it really sucks but I’ve been reading some grammar books and trying to watch sri lankan dramas 😂

    En serio me has inspirado tanto, maya. No soy hispano pero hiciste que me diera cuenta de que nunca es tarde para aprender el idioma de tu cultura. Siento que estoy en una posición similar a ti, soy la única que no habla cingalés y me da mucha pena pero he leído unos libros de gramática y estoy tratando de ver telenovelas de sri lanka 😂

  4. Babe all you gotta do is put Spanish subtitles on anything that has it that way u can watch your tv and learn at the same time that’s what I do I LOVE YOU MAYA THAMK YOU

  5. Ahora estoy estudiando en España por un año pero vivo en California. Mi novio es Mexicano y su familia están emocionada porque estoy aprendiendo español. Soy filipina pero me encanta la idioma. I resonate with this video so much jaja. Gracias Maya y Pero Like. You make my day.

  6. These videos make me feel so much better about my learning this language! Definitely need to have a heart to heart with my fiancé about how I need to get out of my own freakin way, relax and work on it EVERYDAY!! So afraid to look like a moron in front of her and her family, really anyone that speaks the language that I freeze whenever she speaks it to me and then I try to respond.

  7. I need help, I'm mixed (half mexican and half black) and when I was little my mom tried to teach me and my little brother Spanish but my dad wouldn't let her. I tried learning back in middle school but it didn't work out. I'm 16 and I would really like to try to get back into learning. My mom has lost a lot of her ability to speak Spanish, but is able to comprehend it. I need advice please.

  8. I am currently learning spanish, and my family wants to help me but yet when they try to explain something to me it makes me more confused than i already was.

  9. I’m studying in Spain right now and am kinda conversational (I can get my point across and typically understand what the other person is trying to get across), but my grammar is A T R O C I O U S. There’s too many verb tenses and irregular verbs 😭😭

  10. No soy latina pero también estoy aprendiendo español. Lo más difícil para mí es los pronouns (no sé cómo se dice) porque a veces me confunden. Por ejemplo “a él no se le dijo” ??

  11. I cant even produce my R's and im in a latino family. Everyone in my familia will tease me, epecially my abuela… omg..

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