Strengthening Secondary Education in Africa and India

in recent decades primary education has become Universal in nearly every corner of the world but in far too many poor and rural parts of developing countries the opportunity to continue learning at the secondary level is still out of reach cost distance and capacity are frequent barriers governments and donors distil the emphasis on the basic education however most of the costs for secondary education relate to the parents and so many fill out and gender bias makes the challenges even more severe for girls we know that India loses significant amount of economic benefits because of school dropouts it's almost like your economy running on half a leg beyond the economic benefits secondary education leads to improvements in health human rights living standards and even environmental quality secondary school means that you can actually look towards a different future it's with a different future in mind that a partnership of international donors is investing in innovative ideas to create opportunities for quality learning at the secondary level projects in India East Africa and Nigeria are showing what can be done to overcome barriers and make a real difference fatum always looks at what is going to create an impact the idea is to give the dropouts a second chance to complete their education so it is with this secretin open school for education started in seven states by combining occasional classroom instruction with village based tutoring the Pratham open school is making education more accessible to dropouts and it's giving students new hope support okay South American Arabiya body can be edited on it need not be that everyone becomes engineers but everyone is equipped to live a life in a better way or take a step ahead in life in 20 pilot schools across Kenya and Tanzania the global East schools and communities initiative is equipping teachers with skills and technological tools that enhance science English and math instruction the main focus of the project actually is the training of teachers teachers are India schools learning while teaching at the same time we are taking the technology to the classroom where learning takes place as opposed to the computer lab which limits the number of students that access the technology in a school next landing YJ about the students the retention of concept is quite high now I can understand well first I get the concept very easily it's very interesting in the rural northern Nigerian community served by the Center for girls education early marriage and pregnancy greatly limit the life prospects of many adolescent girls staying in school opens a new path through education you'll be able to reduce a lot of problems of women child morbidity maternal mortality sickness diseases and the rest the center pays for school fees that many families cannot afford and it's created village girls clubs called safe spaces where mentors provide tutoring in English math and skills the girls need for successful lives we teach them numeracy and literacy and life skills even cooking a lot of things we are trying to make them have confidence make them be able to speak for themselves and any children nagamma multiple symbols of material intervenor a bit of miscellaneous category as an airbus one above hackers Kaufman is a moose in grammar after almost I believe that's an educated mother will never want her own child not to be educated property will reduce people will be healthy and children will not die one day we'll wake up to our dreams everybody is striving towards educating his or her chair you

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