Hey it’s me Destin welcome back to smarter every day One of the reasons I absolutely love helicopters is that you can get places that you can’t with any other device So today I’m with Bradley Friesen here in where? Bradley: We’re, uh, right now in British Columbia, at Widgeon Lake in beautiful Pinecone Burke park Alright, so we’re going to talk about helicopters in a way that you might not have thought of before but first, let’s do the safe landing Bradley: So we’re coming into what we call mother nature’s helipad here on Widgeon Lake Bradley: Right here we go I know is that incredible or what? Today on Smarter Every Day I wanna talk about a particular misconception when it comes to helicopters A very famous well-respected scientist recently tweeted “That if an airplane loses an engine it
turns into a glider But if a helicopter loses a engine, it turns into brick.” Today on Smarter Every Day, I want to questions this by literally putting my life on the line. I’m going back into the helicopter and we’re gonna power down the engine and we’re gonna see what happens How do we get to earth safely? But before we do that, Let just go and enjoy this in the helicopter, and let go meet an expert on auto rotation. let’s get Smarter Every Day. Destin a little birdie told me that
you took interest in one of my tweets where I commented that it airplane whose engine dies, lands like a gilder. Whereas helicopter whose engine dies, lands like a brick. Assuming that the propeller blades not rotating. But now I hear, that you know of a way to land a helicopter with a busted engine well, if so I wanna know about it. You know why? cause I want to get smarter every day. so I’ll be watching What a super classy way of
responding to somebody whining about one of your tweets on the internet thank you very much Neil and you’re kind of right at if the rotor blade quits turning you are
gonna fall like a brick. But helicopter pilots have a physics trick to keep that from happening. When a helicopter engine is running it acts like a big fan blowing down the air. If you try the fan off, it stops blowing and starts to fall changing the direction that the air goes through the rotors. Just like a powered fan can create air movement, air movement can create fan movement just like pinwheel. Helicopter pilot have ability precisely change to pitch their blades by adjusting the control called Collective. By doing this whenever the
engine dies they can quickly adjust from this powered fan mode to pinwheel modes
that they can use that air that’s now coming up to the bottom of the rotor
system to keep the blades turning all the way down to the ground while they
fall. If you pinwheel this too fast they’re gonna over speed them and breaks stuff and you’re gonna fall like that brick. So here’s the trick, we know that the outside of the blades moves faster than the inside of the blade, right?! and we also know that drag
is a function of velocity because of this does is magic point along the blade
that it no longer acts like a pinwheel it acts like a fan the pilot can then adjust the collective
and determine how much of the blade he wants to use a pinwheel and how much he
wants to use a fan he feathers it and rides at all the way down to the ground keeping the rotor system at just the right speed not too fast and not too slow he keeps the blade running with the pinwheel mode and he bleeds off the
extra rotational energy in the form of lift which helps him slowly glide to
the ground. This whole maneuver is called an auto
rotation and it’s taught by helicopter training pilots everywhere Now I’d like to demonstrate an autorotation because you, you need to do some training right? yeah we’re going to talk to who? what’s the guys name? His name is Gerry Friesen He actually trained me twenty five years ago, he has around 16,000 flight hours Destin: Good dream.
– and he has a…they say… It takes 10,000 hours to become master of something So Gerry is a master… Destin: and a half
– and a half It’s awesome. Alright! let’s go get Smarter Every Day with
Gerry Friesen. Are you Gerry? Yeah! I’m Destin. Nice to meet you. How you’re doing? If someone were to say helicopters fall like bricks What it would be your input to the common man what would you want the normal person to know about helicopters? Well, I..I would like… anyone to know that a helicopter glides nicely like an airplane. And the nice thing about the helicopter It’s a…instead of an airplane where… where you force to touchdown probably at a minimum of… fifty to sixty knots. And the helicopter can touchdown at… Ten knots! So even safer than an airplane? I would say you’re safer. and the reason is… Ok, that makes sense because in order to glide you have to be moving through the air very fast or high rate of speed but in a helicopter you could do it almost zero. You pick an open spot, an airplane going into that spot it’s gonna land at sixty and tumble Right! and maybe hit a few trees that
helicopter going into that spot will descend vertically for the last few feet known for… momentum whatsoever and worst that’ll happen maybe little clips of tree That’s amazing! provided that the pilot manage the kinetic energy in its rotors system and balance it with its potential energy in kind of balance that driving region
versus the driven region of the rotor system. Exactly! That’s amazing! ok so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re up
high and they were about to disconnect the engine for the rotor system. When we do that we’re gonna start trading our vertical potential energy for kinetic
energy in the rotor system so what Jerry’s doing now is he’s spinning up the
rotor system and as we go down we have a part of the rotor that’s driving the
rotor because winds coming up to the bottom and we have another part that’s
being driven now that part is providing drags what we’re doing is as Gerry is
adjusting the collective he is trading off the distance all the driving in the
driven that region of that rotors. So we coming down he’s got it spot up really
fast and right here at the bottom he’s gonna flare it and when it flares it that trades off that kinetic energy in the system into… There we go You hear that? So… We just made an autorotation We skidded to a stop, But we are alive Thank you very much, really appreciated it, you’re the man! You’re welcome. How many hours you have? A little over 16,000 It’s that all? That’s all. maybe you’ll figured it out how to do this one day Yeah…practice practice You can know the theory behind it But you don’t really understand how… you do it until you do it yourself, right? That yea…exactly and just becomes a feel thing. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Smarter Every Day I wanna say thank you to Neil deGrasse Tyson for agreeing to be the ‘foil’ for this video also want to say thanks to Bradley
freezin for taking up in his helicopter he’s got a really cool helicopter channel you should really check it out his dog flies with him, it’s really fun. Also wanna say thanks to the sponsor which is However, Their gonna support this video in direct response to how many people get kiwicrates Therefore, I’m not gonna tell you about it myself, I’m gonna let my kids do it Because their cuter, and probably gonna believe them more You can open your crates, go for it! If you support Smarter Every Day Go to and you get this really cool crates sent to your house. This is called the Thinker Crate This got like engineering project What is this one? A Bio mechanical hand Over here we had this, What this one called buddy? Koala Kate… A Koala Crates. This for younger kid. and this one called a Doodle Crate, where you can do what? Make craft. Make craft. They’re really fun. You guys enjoy them? Yes so! Ok. So we do this at our house all the time and we really enjoy it. So if you like to go Support Smarter Every Day Go to Get a free crate sent to your house It’s a subscription service I think you’re gonna keep it because they’re awesome and they help kids be thinkers and do-ers and learn a lot with their hands Do you think other kids would enjoy this? Yes! Really? Is daddy making you say this? No! Every box you get goes directly to support Smarter Every Day Get to the chopper! Get into the chopper! There’s no time! Echo!! Echo!! Why’d you have to say the word “Echo” to get an echo? So at works. woohooo…. I going to explore somewhere that nobodys else can get to… That’s what helicopters do for ya… I drink glacier water. [laugh] Did you make it? I almost. You were very close And I broke mine! It’ll be okay, give me five, good job!

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  1. 00100100111100100 Its 2028 and I just attended his live funeral show on my VR holophones he died doing some PQV (personalquadcoptervehicle) failure video 0010011100001100000011111000001001 -Sent from Blast2thePast ™ app prototype.

  2. I was in the United States Coast Guard in the early 70s and I watched a lieutenant autogyro a Sikorsky HH3F. He was doing fine until about the last hundred feet and I guess he sneezed or something because from there it did fall like a brick. It fell so hard it broke all five rotors. To make matters worse, it was a drill and we were on scene and I was in command of the boat. I Radioed the helicopter pilot and told him whatever he did, “do not deploy flotation”. The reason is, on a Sikorsky HH3F, the port flotation deploys first, which rolls the open door underwater and the thing then sinks like a brick. The lieutenant asked me what my rate was and I told him and he told me he was not going to take orders from an enlisted man and did it anyway. He was forced to resign his commission after that. Oh, and the helicopter? Yes, it definitely sank like a brick. No lives were lost; just one officer’s commission. 🤣

  3. So essentially autorotation is bleeding off the rotational energy of the blades gathered by letting them spin 'more freely' if I'm getting it right.

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  8. I would hope I won't have to see you taking risks like you did in this video, are you kidding me? you know how many ways there are for these types of aircraft to have an accident? it's somewhere near infinite, come on now guy I thought this was about getting "SmarterEveryDay" ? what happened to you… are you doing alright man? did something happen? listen take a break for a little while everything will be alright because if not then you'll need to open another channel if your going to be doing this kind of thing because when looking at all your work up to the date you that you decided that it was a good idea to go flying around in brick like you did in this video… wow do you realize how close you probably came to dying, dude the lighter the aircraft the more dangerous and easier to get yourself killed like you almost did on this escapade fiasco here. if you ever decide to do anything even remotely close as you did in this hairbrain idea make sure you upload it into the right channel, I believe this video would be better suiting for "DumberEveryday". I know you're smarter than this thats why I am genuinely concerned about your mental health. I think we're going to need you to come in to be checked out. I'll be keeping a very close eye on any future work you get yourself involved in. now don't upset me like this again you understand?

  9. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is one of the coolest people on the planet. He's the new Stephen Hawking. A desire to engage and teach people science, with a great sense of humour.

  10. Amazed that Tyson got it wrong. Because actually it's the other way round in general. A modern plane with 2 or 4 turbines fully loaded has nearly no change of performing a save landing when all engines or the majority of engines fail. Also the jet engines have other tasks than keeping the speed up the plane needs for it's lift. For example life support in passenger planes.

  11. Its all about variables and response, also most people could probably fly a plane in an emergency less likely with a helicopter but i am now smarter today 🙂

  12. How does it both work like a fan and a pinwheel? Wouldn't the angle or rotation have to be the opposite for one to switch from one to the other?

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    I have 30,000 hours with my wife and have mastered nothing. I can’t figure her out.
    Great video. Love choppers and like the agility of them.

  16. @smater every day: NOPE ! autorotation is not a windmill effect. Being so, it would turn into the wrong direction. You's need vector math to understand autorotation.

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