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Hey, sugar cubes! Hey! Hello! (Creepy Voice) HEY FRIENDS! *Le Scream* *Cough Cough* *Chokes* So… Teachers:having spent 17 years of my life in school and planning to spend at least two more to get an animation degree I've been through MANY different types of teachers. It's usually a hit or a miss; You either get a teacher that's in love with their subject… So you end up loving the class. 🙂 OR a teacher that just goes to work to collect a check, and doesn't really engage anyone with their content… >:( You know what I have always wanted out of school? Some real skills I could use in my everyday life! If you are like me and have a passion for art or business, check out Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 26,000 classes in design, business, and more! I'm personally invested in the animation courses they offer, as well as the illustration ones. If you want to fuel your curiosity, creativity, or even career, SKILLSHARE is a perfect place to keep you learning and thriving in 2019. If you're interested in beginning animation, I would suggest looking up the Flippaclip tutorial. Skillshare is giving away a FREE two month unlimited access tryout to the first 500 people who click the link in the description box, and after that it's only around $10 a month. So check it out down below. People love to bash teachers, So before I get into some of my stories I just wanted to thank all the good ones that I had in the past. It takes a lot to want to go to a job where you have to spend eight hours of day with other people's kids and their issues. Getting close to your students is a good thing, but sometimes it can go too far. My calculus teacher was an example of this. He doubled as the high school basketball coach, So he was super buddy-buddy with most of the students. The students were frequently in his class during lunch. We had a huge test one week when all the papers were graded, he told the class how proud he was of them. Apparently almost everyone got a 100% except my paper was… Heh… Well, I'm guess I'm a stupiddd *Clap* Taking AP physics, chemistry, and history at the same time probably wasn't the best idea… Turns out that during one of their lunch hangouts, one of the students stole the answer key. Snapshotted it and sent it to all the other people in the class. I felt so bad for the teacher. He was super genuine but he let them take advantage of that kindness. Speaking of kindness, the food drive was happening during my seventh grade year. I really wanted to participate in it, So I ran home and asked my mom if I could take some cans to donate from the pantry. She said no. *Whiny* "But..MoOoOoMmM" "Shannon look around." "Aren't I already feeding the poor?" "Huh, I mean you're not wrong." You have to understand that at that time it was difficult to donate to any food drive that came our way. Due to the fact that we had so many kids in my family. Some of those schools were requiring parents to donate $100 per kid for school funds. Let's just say my parents weren't too fond of that.. The next day my teacher walked to the front of the class to address something. She was dissatisfied about how many cans were gathered so far in her bin. We don't have NEARLY enough. Obviously you guys don't want to be charitable. Okay, anyone that hasn't donated. Please raise your hand. Reluctantly, me and two other girls rose our hands. Thing is.. I know those girls. Okay now come up in front of the class. Come on. We don't have all day. Okay..This is just… strange. You see kids these people think they are too good to donate. Starving kids are in need and they won't rise up to the occasion. Tomorrow, I expect that bin to be full! Class, what do have to say to them? The class then proceeded to shame us for our OBVIOUS "lack of charity" and "white privilege." That bin better be full by tomorrow, now sit! D-did that just happen? Since when was being charitable a requirement? When was donating mandatory or else public humiliation? I even considered STEALING from my mom because I was so humiliated. The reason the other girls didn't donate? The first one was from a single-parent household that barely had enough food to put on their own table. The other girl, their family had just lost their business due to bankruptcy and her parents were in the middle of a divorce. I knew their situations, the teachers should have taken us aside rather than display our lack of funds to the whole class. I was so distraught over the whole thing. So I told my parents and they went completely insane and ratted her out to the principal. After that, the teacher made sure to give any paper I wrote an automatic 'A' despite how bad the piece was. I actually tried making it bad just to see what she would do and it didn't matter. She always gave me an 'A' Not an outcome I wanted but, nonetheless; I'm.. grateful? Alongside high school, my religion has an extra class in the morning called seminary otherwise known as… "Cemetary." … because it sucks Depending on what state you live in the class could either start in the morning *Cough of sickness* or the afternoon. I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of taking it at 6:30 a.m It was basically a class just learning about my boy, Jesus. As a high schooler that time was WAYY too early. Half the class would be asleep while the other would be doing homework. My dad had a long drive to work every day so he would take me over to the seminary building around 6:00 a.m. My teacher that year noticed I was always there early and decided that instead of sitting around that I could help set up her class. She had a very particular way in which she would set up her chairs, and I wasn't doing anything else, so I agreed to help her set up. I was always willing to lend a hand to anyone who asked, 'cause why not? She was a very driven person prepping for her lesson, so after setting up the class, I would just sit there kinda awkwardly not wanting to disrupt her concentration. One day, however; she didn't show up. Now, it's important to note that she was SUPER rich, if she didn't show up most likely she was in Vegas with her girlfriends or something ridiculous like that. I got into the building at 6:00 a.m and no one was there as it came close to 6:30. She still wasn't there. I didn't want to set up the chairs for nothing. So I waited. It's 6:45, the typical late kids start coming into class and it just comes to a point where we are all questioning what's even going on? 7:00 a.m. Rolls around and people start to give up on her showing up. *SMACK* Urrghh! You have got to be kidding me. Shannon, it's already 7:00 and you haven't set up my class? (Quietly) What..? I can't start the class all because of YOU. But I'm not in charge… Yeah, you know what? I don't want to hear your excuses. Just sit down. Wha..? But… That's not fair… She asked some other students to set up some chairs as she started a quick lesson. If I were in that situation today, I would have just yeeted myself out of the class rather than being talked down to. This chick was used to having people clean up for her. I bet she never really cared about a relationship with me. I was just an easy person to dump manual labor onto. I didn't stand for that though I hid from her. I started sleeping on the pews instead and you know, it's kind of nice to get some extra rest before school anyways. I bet she woke up late that day and instead of admitting she was in the wrong took her anger out on me. A 16 year old anxiety ridden child. I wasn't being paid to be her worker. I didn't owe her anything. She never asked why I stopped helping her after that. I don't think I heard anything she even taught during her class after that incident. I was more focused on getting some rest. For some reason my teachers loved to publicly humiliate me. I don't really get it, heh. Before I get into the outro, let me remind you guys that my plushie is out right now over at makeshift.com. The link is in the description below. Buying one would really help out the channel and it'd be a cool way to show your support. It's super soft, and I'm really proud of how it came out. So if you want to snag one while you can it'll be out for the next few days. Do you guys have any crazy teachers stories? let me know down in the comments below. I can't wait to hear them all and I'll be responding to as many posts as I can Teachers have it pretty rough, the way they handle the stress can be quite interesting. So spill that tea sis. And as always thanks for watching the video. Please take a second to like the video, share it, and turn on notifications. Some BIG revealing story times are coming up in the next few months and you won't want to miss those. I'm super excited to share them all with you guys and see ya! {Captions by Zoomaster1}

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  1. When I was in 5th grade, I have a teacher who made me stop drawing for the rest of the school year then when I start to draw during summer I forgot how to draw I have to find my style again to draw good But she help me developed my art but I hated History so I did'nt listen so I forgot but now I'm just trying to listen but still can't when I'm completly focused on the lesson then I'll be brainstorming of what should I write or draw.

    But I was proud and told my NEW History teacher that I was proud to get a 7 on my quiz because when I was 5th grade I would always get 5 to 0 in my quiz so I'M PROUD TO GET A 7

  2. So last year I had the strictest 5th grade teacher for home room and science! So once it was almost the end of the day then a Thor guard thing got called and they didn’t even let you leave the classroom! So I have ADHD and my meds started wearing off so I got distracted and thought that my teacher said you can go so I was the only person that RAN out of the room but then somebody had to get me then I got yelled at >~< Ps it was because I didn’t want to be kicked out of honors theater xD oh and I had a really big roll so 10y/o worries xD I’m so weird and I’ve read other people’s stories so mines doesn’t seem that bad…. well maybe it’s because I go to an really expensive school… ok now everything makes since 😂

  3. Yeah that happened to me for a while…
    when people take advantage of your kindness you need to put a stop on it before it’s too late
    Nice to hear that now you put a stop to it 👍

  4. Holy sh- ad apocalypse man comes in me: holy shiznugget you have a Deku photo for you computer wallpaper

  5. Me: watched one of your videos and liked it
    Me: starts to watch other videos and realize that you’re a member of the same church as me.
    Just thought that was cool, your animations are really cool and it’s fun hearing your stories, keep it up!

  6. Its super late; I had this math teacher that was really cool. He had a masters in both math and english. And all the sophmors he tought walked all over him. (I did some messed up stuff to, I'm not an innocent party.)
    A few days before a club meeting I was I'm I had been given detention. This man, the kindest person I know (He was really chill with most students), told the attendance office that I could serve it in his room. Which normally ment sitting with a packet of volege level math with no calculator. But I was in the room for like 10 minutes maybe. He told me to go to the club meeting before he changed his mind.
    Down right the coolest guy

  7. So I had this teacher that no one really liked
    One day the teacher called on me but mispronounced my name than a kid next to me said that was not my name and said it the correct way. Then the teacher exploded and said stuff like YOU CANT CORRECT THE TEACHER and I DIDN'T CALL ON YOU

  8. My teacher yelled at me for getting a question wrong that I wasn’t listening when they were going over it the day before, they didn’t even let us write down yet the still yelled at me this literally happened 2 more times

  9. Yo whenever you get in "trouble" for something you're not entitled to do, you must
    1. Remind them of that fact
    2. Publicly share that fact
    3. Make sure you never help them again (well you can if they ask you politely but I wouldn't)
    4. If they yell at you tell their superiors
    5. Tell them to go ahead and fire me, send me to detention, etc. because I will need that free time to call my lawyers.

    Btw. I did not copy and paste that from a How to handle abuse book for dummies

  10. I had bad eyesight in primary and didn’t have any glasses because my mum didn’t take me to the opticians. One day we were doing a times tables test and at the end she put the answers on the board,sideways. we had to mark our test now here is where my vision is important, i had to stand up and lean forwards to see whilst turning my head since it’s sideways. The teacher didn’t mind other kids standing up and going up to the board. I did this for 10 times and at the 11th time. The teacher Shouted at me literally and was insulting me for standing up to try and see. she was so loud. I felt like crying i didn’t see what was wrong with standing up to see the answers when all the other children were allowed to get out their seat and do the same?She wasn’t even blaming the other kids it was only me.

  11. As soon as I New you were going to BYU, I New you were LDS. Love your videos btw. I’m going to BYUI this year.

  12. my mom is a teacher (7th grade). now, she has depression and is really really good at masking emotions. one day one of the reg ed groups was just being terrible and she started crying. She told them that it was tears of pure rage and not at all weakness. like 9 kids got ISS that day.

  13. Once in school the person sitting next to me took out a metal ruler and just… cut my hand
    It was not too deep of a cut,but seriously,why? I'll never know.
    I screamed as quietly as I could. As you do when you're in pain while the teacher's giving a lecture.
    The teacher,however,heard me. Apparently,according to whatever bullshit rule he was taught, I was the person at fault. I got yelled at for disrupting his class and not letting his students learn.
    I could see other students just talking as much as they liked while I was standing there, listening to him talk.
    Possibly one of the stupidest teachers I've ever had.

  14. Yes, I have a crazy teacher story:
    So my teacher,lots call her lolli. Lolli told us that the moose was a hunter. Now we were in middleshcool so one of my classmates corrected her. He said that no,infact the moose is a hunted. My teacher started flipping out and screaming at him that "the moose is a hunter" then she re-read that part of the book we were reading and realized she had read wrong. She then proceeded to apologize to the class and then went on with her lesson.

    Another time she told me and my friend who were being bullied and chased by two boys out on an ice rink, to go sit down outside the ice rink if we didn't want to be bullied. So basically the victims got arrested. But my other teacher saw the boys who were being annoying and told them to get of the ice and stay off. Of course they didn't and they kept on harassing us. You wanna know what I did to decent my friend? I took one of tho use chars they have for people where bad at ice skating(im not bad at iceskating) and I started chasing them. I rammed them each with the chair two to three times each and it was the heaviest chair there. It weighed maybe 15 kilos. Yea they weren't that annoying after that. We were still in middle school back then. That was fun!

  15. the 'Charity requirement' at 4:13 reminded me of that scene from early man where the public pays '100 snoockles voluntary contribution everyone must pay' to what the football game (snookles are the currency)

  16. The story about the food donation really upsets me because schools are becoming more and more like that. Especially since you said they brought up "white privilege"…? Schools are becoming a place I won't want my kids to get an education at. Of course my kids will go to school but I'm going to be very picky and do my research about the school before deciding which one my kids are going too. I want my kids to learn and be educated. Not brainwashed and indoctrinated into "modern liberal values".
    Oh and they will not be humiliated in front of class or that teacher is getting a piece of my mind!

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