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Hey there, friends! Christmas is incomplete without
Santa Claus, isnt it? But not many know that it was Saint Nicholas
who is now known as Santa Claus! Come lets know more about him! Zoom in! It was believed that there lived a
monk named Saint Nicholas. Who was a big man with a big heart. He would often give away all this wealth
and possessions to the ones who were needy. Saint Nicholas was believed to
be born in 280 A.D. Near Myra, in Modern day Turkey. As legends say, Saint Nicholas
was a smart kid. He started reading the bible
at the age of five. There are many stories of Saint Nicholas
generosity too. One that stands popular is the one where
he saved three poor sisters.. ..from being sold into slavery by their father
by giving them 3 bags full of money! When Saint Nicholas died, it was believed
that people saw angels around him.. guide his way to heaven! But even after his death, people continued
the practice of giving gifts. Slowly and steadily, his popularity
spread across all borders. And thats how we got our Santa Claus! Many believe that he lives in the North Pole. rides on a sleigh pulled by a reindeers… To keep gifts in socks of Christmas Trees! TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that in the early years,
Santa Claus was shown in different colours? Not like the ones you see now. It was only after a television commercial,.. ..that the image of Santa Claus began
in red and white. Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on
the 6th of December. If Santa Claus was alive, he would
be 1,748 years old. Who says Santa’s is not alive? He is alive in all of you! He is alive in all the goodness and niceness
that sticks with you all through! Oh yes! And that is exactly
the spirit of Christmas! I’ll spend some time with Santa, while
you come back next time for more fun facts! This is me Zooming out! Merry Christmas!
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  3. You forgot the Dutch immigrant thing. (Dutch immigrants in America wanted their own kind of Sinterklaas, so they came up with Christmas, and Santa Claus instead of Sinterklaas.

  4. Saint Nicholas is a devil I'm telling the truth He Comes jolly At night But morning He's a devil SORRY it's ture

  5. And he came into girls windows to give them gold and collect decapitated children part

  6. Aaron's two sons (who believed in and worshiped God) decided to sacrifice to him outside – and God says they decided to offer Him something He refers to as "strange fire" – God never tells us what that "strange fire" was – but – God does tell us that it was something that He has "commanded them not" – meaning, He did not authorize them to worship Him in that way.
    But because they did? He sent fire down from Heaven and killed both of them on the spot.
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  9. Do a version without religious influence, or at least tell the truth about how Yule was a stolen pagan tradition to commence the solstice until christianity claimed it and beheaded any opposes.

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  12. Thank you DR Binocs for sharing these videos and I like you because I love science it is my favorite subject and thank you๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. What if earth lost its gravity? I need the video before Thursday…coz I have a homework to do with that. If his after, then there's no need but another

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  16. SANTA claus arrange the letters and its SATAN. Cristmas is a pagan holiday. Go to Truthunenited videos on youtube.

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