Story of J. J. Thomson – Education & Facts, famous Scientist biography for kids.

a Scientific theory is a tool and not a Creed Joseph. John Thompson Joseph John Thompson was born on December 18th 1856 in Manchester, England His father Joseph James Thompson ran a specialist bookshop that had been in his family for three generations His mother Emma swindles came from a family that owned a cotton company Even as a young boy Joey who would later be known as JJ was deeply interested in science at the age of fourteen He became a student at Owens College the University of Manchester Where he studied mathematics physics and engineering a Shy boy His parents hoped he would become an apprentice engineer with a locomotive company These hopes were dashed. However with the death of his father when Thompson was 16 The fees for engineering apprenticeships were high and his mother could not afford them This misfortune ultimately benefited science because Thompson needed to find funding to continue his education in 1876 aged 19 he won that funding not in engineering but in mathematics at the University of Cambridge Four years later he graduated with high honors Thompson continued studying at Cambridge and in 1882 He won the Adams prize one of the university’s most sought-after mathematics prizes in 1883 he was awarded a master’s degree in mathematics in 1890 aged 33 Thompson married Rose Elizabeth Padgett a young physicist working in his laboratory She was the daughter of a Cambridge medical professor the couple had one son George and one daughter Joan Humble and modest with a quiet sense of fewer would probably be the best words to summarize Thompson’s personality Despite his modesty. He became Cavendish professor of experimental physics at Cambridge A role first held by James Clerk Maxwell at the age of just 27 in His role as Cavendish professor he would often sit doing calculations in the very chair Maxwell himself had once occupied as Cavendish professor in addition to making remarkable discoveries himself He paved the way to greatness for a significant number of other scientists in Fact a remarkable number of Thompson’s research workers went on to become Nobel Prize winners including Charles ter Wilson Charles Barkley Ernest Rutherford Francis Aston Owen Richardson William Henry Bragg William Lawrence, Bragg and Max Born Thompson was aged 40 when Ernest Rutherford arrived at his laboratory After the meeting Rutherford wrote of Thompson he is very pleasant in conversation and is not fossilized at all as regards appearance He is a medium-sized man Dark and quite youthful still shaves very badly and wears his hair rather long 31 years after Thompson was awarded as Nobel Prize His son George won the same prize in 1937 George’s prize was also for work with electrons, which he proved can behave like waves Joseph John Thompson died at the age of 83 on August 30th 1940 His ashes were buried in the nave of Westminster Abbey joining other science greats such as Isaac Newton Lord Kelvin Charles Darwin Charles Lyell and his friend and former research worker Ernest Rutherford Please like and subscribe to my channel and click the Bell icon to get new video updates

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