Stop / Prevent / Ban – Quick English Grammar Lesson

hello everyone um I'm so sorry I was kind of playing around the settings of YouTube for setting up a live I didn't realize that it was actually going to announce that I was going to be live and then I saw all your comments and I was panicking as you can see I'm not at home I am in a public place so I hope that you can hear me okay I wanted to do a very very quick little lesson for you based on some of the practice sentences I saw in yesterday's lesson so yesterday's lesson was the 1 minute English class on the homophones and vs. and now and meaning to prevent so I've been stopped from doing something I've been banned from doing something many of you were writing a sentence using that verb but the structure wasn't correct in a lot of cases so I thought this was an interesting quick little lesson to share with you when we're using the verbs stop prevents or ban so most commonly we would use stop prevent and bam with the preposition from so if someone is preventing you if someone is stopping you or banning you then they are going to be stopping you from doing something so the structure works with the with the verb let's say BAM lets you down so I'm going to ban and then you do you put the object so I'm going to ban you or I'm going to ban him I'm going to ban them then we put the preposition from so I'm going to ban him from and then we would use another verb in the ing form so I'm going to ban him from going to school on a Saturday mr. Lee wouldn't it or you could have I'm going to ban you from doing that I'm going to ban you from seeing him I'm going to ban them from writing on the tables I'm going to ban her from chewing chewing gum okay so hopefully that makes sense now if you can just write a quick practice sentence using that format in the comments now I can just go through a couple of examples with you check what you're doing and make sure you've got the idea so too you can do the same with stop I think the same form work so I'm going to stop him from going to the disco I'm going to stop her from seeing her boyfriend tonight okay so it does work and then we've got the word prevent they plan to prevent me from going home yet so it works with all three verbs so if you'd like to write a practice sentence now then I can help you out with that one okay so we've got I'm going to band him going to the pub so you haven't used the preposition from it actually does kind of work ideally use from it really helps the the structure so I'm going to ban you only need in it simple form when you're using to to burn to prevent to stop I'm going to ban him from going to the pub and that would work um mari has said I'm going to stop thinking about you okay so that works because well this is a different form so let's just stick with one form let's learn one form structure today because if we go into all the different forms it just becomes confusing so that's that sentence is fine it works but let's look at one in two using the preposition from what else have we got I'm going to and him from going home again if you're using 'too then it's just the simple version I'm going to ban I'm going to ban him from going home oh gosh these comets moving so fast let me find another one oh I've lost my place I ban her from going out alone I found her from going that alone I think this sentence would work better if you say I have I have banned it's something I've done I have banned her from going out alone and that would be perfect okay as as I said I'm going to stop her this you need from who need the preposition from this is what the whole lesson is about to use the preposition from with these verbs I'm going to stop her from going the next verb needs an ING I'm going to stop her from going shopping or you could take away going all together and just use shopping as the verb I'm going to stop her from shopping oh gosh I've lost my place again goodness leave me so fast I banned my daughter from seeing her boyfriend perfect that's from sauce and perfect hopefully someone will prevent YouTube from constantly changing the way it works perfect or done you've got it any other examples I can see here I'm going to banned him from going to the pub I'm going to ban and to ban him too bad to ban and my current circumstances prevented me from sleeping eight hours a day perfect the government prevents smoking in you don't need the in this one in public areas and public places and that doesn't follow the structure but it does work just take away the and yeah there's oh my gosh accuse jumping in Egypt the you a university professor has been and prevented or stopped from teaching for the public cleanest behaved I'm not quite sure it's not it doesn't it doesn't feel very natural to say it like that from teaching oh hang on sorry I misread a university professor has been stopped from the teaching for she publicly misbehaved okay if that works probably best to use because in this in this example we stopped her from going to the pub the pub it means the one stops her from going to the pub the rain prevented us from playing tennis very good she was banned from driving for two years by the police perfect well done just make sure use the on the noun pub the pub I have got banned to him from playing with that band yeah like what you've done you've used both you lose the homophones band and band in one and you don't need got so I have banned him from playing with that band oh it's just jumped again okay alright I think most of you have got the hang of it I hope this was helpful if you do like these many lessons I'm willing to come and jump in and do them more often it's very difficult for me to produce lots and lots of lessons like I used to but I want to do more I just need to find ways to make it work so if you don't mind kind of you know an impromptu little short live lesson a little 10-minute lessons teach you one thing then I'm happy to try and do more of that ok so just remember that form prevent stop or ban and the object and the preposition from and then another verb in the ing form I have written that little form structure down in the description box below so if you forget then it's just there okay thank you so much for joining me you can see me more often as well on Instagram so do join me there at British English Pro otherwise have a great day and I'll see you soon

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  1. Would you mind making a lesson about how to put adjectives in a correct order when describing sth? Like, is it "a young, smart, beautiful girl", or "a smart beautiful, young girl"? What is the correct order of those adjectives? I would be very grateful if you do, thank you.

  2. I had to stop her from impaling an axe into his head and prevented a murder. I banned him from seeing her again because he kept provoking her negatively…how did I do Anna?

  3. Hi!! I love your videos, they're educational and enjoyable to watch. Just a minor point – should you be using the English flag (St George's cross) instead of the Union flag to denote the promotion of English language?

  4. I hope to wear a good clothes i mean full clothes in order follow your videos, as you know there are a lot of Muslims people in YouTube

  5. * 3 jezika * the fake medias kan try, to ban me again and again, i continue, it's like stop'n go * media se laže, potrudi meni zabrani, ja sam nastani, kao kreni' pastani * die Lügenmedien sollen ruhig versuchen, mich zu bannen, ich fahre fort * 🇷🇸🇭🇷🇸🇰🇸🇮🇲🇪🇲🇰, dio:🇧🇦,nema:🇦🇱 *

  6. Two out of the three words double as nouns: The ban was temporary. The car came to a sudden stop.
    Remember that to use the three featured words as verbs in the passive, you must add the past participles:
    I was banned from singing in public.
    I prevented a disaster by being careful.
    We stopped that nonsense a while ago.
    Writing in present and future tenses, the words will either be infinitive or progressive:
    I ban you
    We will prevent you.
    He must stop singing.
    We will be banning her.
    We will be preventing accidents.
    I should be stopping soon.

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