Stick Fight

[Dunk, Blue] Sean, come look at this gun! [Sean, Yellow] Hmm… [Dunk] Look at what it does! [Sean] Can I think about it for a bit? [Dunk] Yeah!
Come here! [Sean] I’m gonna think about it… I’m gonna think about it for a bit.
[Dunk] Yeah! I’m gonna- [Sean] Perfect! Now I’ll go there. *Dunkey laughs* [Dunk] Mine! [Sean] Ow! [Dunk] Fight! [Sean] Ahh… Oh, boy! [Dunk] What do I do? Do I get-? Oh, you get a gun- Oh! [Sean] Ah! Ah!
[Dunk] No! No! [Sean] No! [Dunk] No!
*Laughs* [Sean] No! [Dunk] Ah, my foot! [Sean] What?! [Dunk] Oooh! What’s this one? The- Oh god! Oh!
No, no, no, no, n- *Laughs* [Sean] What? What?! What did you do? [Dunk] I won! *Laughing* *gasp* Give me that! Give me that!
[Sean] Give me that! No! No! [Dunk] Sean… Stand-
Don’t- Stand still! [Sean] Don’t you shoot! [Dunk] Wait! [Sean] Yeah!
(While laughing) [Dunk] Give me the gun! You don’t know how to shoot guns… …like me… [Sean] Oooh! Oooh!!! [Dunk] What have you done? My god! [Sean] No- *Dunkey laughs* [Dunk] Do you hear that? [Sean] You know!
I have a feeling about this one… [Dunk] Oh, fuck! Oh, god! Let me in of the pit! Oh! Shit! I can-
I can stop it! I can prop it up with this… *Sean laughs* Fuck! *Sean laughs* [Dunk] Come on! [Sean] All right!
Here we go. Here we go!
Get rea-! [Dunk] Why do you get the gun?!
[Sean] Oh, yeah! Good! Perfect! Thank you! Is this a water gun? [Dunk] Oh!
It doesn’t hurt! Ok! That’s fine!
[Sean] Oh, Ok! How about this one? [Sean] Ow! Ow!
*They’re both laughing* [Dunk] Gimme that! [Sean] Yeah!
Go get that snake gun! [Dunk] That’s mine!
[Sean] Go get it! [Dunk] Gimme that snake gun! [Sean] Go get the gun that shoots snakes!
[Dunk] Yeah! [Dunk] Go, snakes! Go! [Sean] See what happens when you fire a snake that has no, sense of remorse or alliance? [Dunk] I win… That’s what happens… I win. Oh! FUCKING SNAKE! [Sean] Just like in real life, the true enemy isn’t yourself… It’s snakes. [Dunk] Why do you have the gun again? Get- Get- Get- Shit. Gimme that! Gimme that shit! Yeah! Yeah! Now what? Now who’s got the gun? Now, come over here and die like the- …dog… What the fuck?! *Dunkey laughs* WHAT?! [Sean] What?! What?! The game doesn’t even knows what happened- Lightsaber! Ho! Ho! MINE! *Dunkey laughs* [Sean] Wha-
*Laughs* *They’re both laughing* *Evil laugh* [Sean] Get it! [Dunk] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! Stop shooting! Stop shooting! I just- Stop! I just- I just want to get that to see what it is. ♪ “Megalovania” – Undertale OST ♪ [Sean] Well…
[Dunk] Oh… [Sean] I got it! [Dunk] My god! [Sean] And… [Dunk] What is- Oh!
What the fuck?! [Sean] Good luck! Idiot! [Dunk] What is this shit?! [Sean] Good luck! [Dunk] What the fuck?! Who did that? [Sean] Yo!
So, I started on this side of the laser… So, I’m not really sure… [Dunk] Here you go! [Sean] Give me the gun! [Sean] Come on!
Give me the gun! [Dunk] Come on! Come to Papa!
[Sean] Give me the gun! Give me the gun! [Dunk] Da, da, da, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… Eh. [Sean] Yeah, that’s right! [Dunk] My fort still STANDS! You fool! NO! [Sterling, Red] All right! *Dunkey making the sound of the gun falling* [Sean] Okay! I’m not really sure how this one’s gonna end up. [Dunk] Who’s gonna win? [Dunk] Oh, Sterling is gonna win.
[Sterling] But I- Oh, I get it. *Dunkey laughs* *They’re laughing* [Sterling] Oh, shit! OH MY GOD! What is this?! [Dunk] That’s the snake gun.
[Sean] Yeah! [Dunk] Don’t ever shoot that! It just kills you. [Sterling] Oh, it’s snakes! Oh, I see! [Dunkey] Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Oh!!! Oh… [Sterling] The trick isn’t- [Sean] Oh, that’s is a snake minigun! [Dunk] Oh my god! [Sterling] A snake minigun??? [Dunk] Ok! *Sterling laughs* [Dunk] Give me!
[Sterling] Oh my god… [Dunk] Give me that gun! You don’t know- [Sean] No.
[Sterling] Yeah! [Sean] No! Oh! What? [Sterling] Fight over your baby weapons. So, I’m just waiting for a real gun. Ok. [Sean] Yeah? How about that?
*Dunkey Laughs* *Sterling laughs* [Dunk] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Oh, shoot! [Sterling] No, no, no, no, no [Dunk] Let’s go the other way. *Dunkey laughs* [Sterling] But why the other way? [Dunk, Yellow] What is this one? [Sterling, Red] Oh, good! [Dunk] The- Oh!
Ok! You guys are dead.
*Laughs* [Sterling] Thank you! *They’re laughing* [Dunk] Look at it!
Look at me! [Sean] Oooh! [Dunk] Oooh! Look at this! [Sean, Blue] This is the time that I’m gonna finally get the- THAT weapon up there. *Sterling starts laughing* Oh! All right! [Dunk] Don’t let Sean- He always gets the gun! God! Damn it! [Sterling] WHAT THE FUCK?! [Dunk] What the fuck is that thing? [Sean] Ahh… Hello? [Dunk] WHAT?! [Sterling] Ohh! [Dunk] What?
(Laughing) [Sterling] Whoa!
*Laughs* [Sterling] Oh, no! Snakes.
[Dunk] I got the snakes! [Sterling] Not the snakes! [Dunk] Here we go! Kill him! Go, snakes, go! [Sterling] No! [Dunk] Kill that guy! [Sterling] Stop! Stop! Stop! [Dunk] Wait! No! No!
They’re eating me! *They’re all talking at the same time* Ok, Sterling. Just don’t- Just don’t kill each other.
[Sterling] All right! No. We gotta stay calm! We gotta team up! [Dunk] We can beat them. [Sterling] We gotta team up! [Dunk] Ok! Good job! Take this! *They’re all laughing* [OUTRO]

100 thoughts on “Stick Fight”

  1. "Just like in real life. The true enemy isn't yourself. It's snakes"
    Probably the best way to define the game

  2. Was feeling depressed this morning, thanks for the laugh dude. Subbed, and I loved your kingdom hearts explained video by the way. @videogamedunkey

  3. 3:53 – i simply love how the floor gets beamed away at the first shot, then reappears by wildly flying across the screen two times and finally crushes the stunned bystander dunkey.

  4. On the Factory map with the cube, you're supposed to be crushed in order to win. If you don't, then climb over the cube and you win.

  5. On the Factory map with the cube, you're supposed to be crushed in order to win. If you don't, then climb over the cube and you win.

  6. You know I love how they censor slurs like cunt in this game but not dick even though they are just guy and girl variants

  7. Remember when you were doodling gruesome scenes of stickmen fighting and dying by bullets or lightsabers in 3rd grade? Well now, 10+ years later, some asshole stole the idea and made it into reality!

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