29 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Master Blaster (Jammin)”

  1. I think Stevie dedicated it to Bob Marley after they performed both for a charity singing night . They realy were real MASTERS 😎

  2. un des plus grands artistes de ce monde!! booba et consorts ,prenez en de la graine!! un artiste c'est ça!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was really young when this came out, like 7.
    Riding in the car one day with mom I'm like who is this guy?
    She gets a smile on her face and says its stevie wonder!
    He was big back in the day, this must be new!

  4. When this came out in 1980 it set the bar high as hell…what a groove going on here…spot on perfect and absolutely amazing

  5. This is where the beat for ‘You Brought The Sunshine’ by The Clark Sisters came from!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. My mom used to play this song. I forgot all about it until I found Motown Magic on Netflix for my baby. 💖💖

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