Steve Nyanchoga: Welcome to my UniSA experience

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m having a ball at UniSA in Adelaide Since coming to Adelaide I’ve discovered footy. At first I thought it was an awkward form of rugby But I quite enjoy it now after watching the finals with the boys I’m really impressed with the balance between theoretical and practical aspects of study at the University of South Australia It provides a fun and enjoyable way to learn concepts that are necessary for our professional development One thing that I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m really good at writing, which is something that I didn’t have to do quite as often in my home country My favorite place on campus is the A Building. It’s basically a study space Students are often ready to help and collaborate with you at any time and so are the professors. The best thing about studying at UniSA is the fact that I’ve made so many friends there. It’s the best place ever

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