Stepping stones – School Insight Series

(bright music) – Our school sets us
up for any circumstance so we’ve already got everything ready, we already know what to expect. – Every student feels as
though they have a place and a way to move forward. It’s that maturity to
have not only the ability to deliver in their classroom work but to sit back and look at their life and where they’re going and
make some conscious decisions about how they’re going to
drive their life forward. – I was built up a lot
at school to be a leader and to be confident and I
had lots of opportunities. So to move on from this school, to be employed by the preschool, it was just a really good transition and it makes me really proud. – There’s this really
strong sense of connection with community for the students when they graduate the school and we see many of our
students over the years move into leadership
roles in the community. – It’s very supportive and diverse and the encouragement I think and acceptance that’s offered to the broad range of students and staff, it’s a really special thing to have in such a small community. (calm music)

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