Stephanie Jones, Meigs Professor of Educational Theory and Practice

[ Music ]>>It was surprising to me as I
grew up and came of age to see that a lot of kids who
were from working class and poorer backgrounds didn’t
really get the same kinds of advantages. And how learning happens in
social and cultural spaces. And when I decided to
be a teacher I thought that this was one way
that I could go back into an institution to
make sure that all kids and families were treated
with respect and dignity and given the opportunities
that they deserve. So they are absolutely
engaged in critical literacy. I teach orientation to
early childhood education. This course really is about
orienting themselves as learners from communities and
learners from children.>>Have you ever had
a piece of pizza?>>Yep.>>Yes.>>You know there’s
fungus on your pizza?>>Part of their work in
that course is to spend time at the Awesome Clubhouse
at La Escuelita and to be with children outside of a
formal education setting. Most of the students by the
end of that experience see that children learn
through joyful engagement. I think when students say what
would Stephanie do they’re probably reflecting just
a willingness to pause and not react to figure out
how am I impacting what’s happening here. So if that’s the kind of
student that we have out there in the world then that
just makes me really happy.

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