Step Inside Australia’s Underground Homes

– For somebody driving
into town the first time, you wouldn’t think there was a lot here because 95% of it is hiding underground. People drive in and go,
“Where is the place? “I don’t understand.” (didgeridoo music) Coober Pedy is from the
Aboriginal kupa-piti, which means white man in a hole. At the moment upstairs it is about 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Down here we’re sitting
on about 71, 72 degrees. No air conditioner necessary. We’re right out in the middle of nowhere. It takes a day to drive
here from Adelaide. I’d say there’s about
1,000 underground dwellings and at least 1,500 people
living underground. (whistling) We’ve got five underground churches. We’ve got underground motels. There’s some amazing
underground homes here, many bedrooms, underground
workshop, you name it underground we’ve pretty well got it. I bought my dugout as a fairly small two bedroom dugout and
I’ve been extending it over the years. Some of this I blasted out
when I could get away with it. The cops don’t like us blasting in town. We don’t do it anymore. Back in the old days, if
somebody was gonna have a baby, we’d rock around there with
a couple of compressors on the weekend and some
jackhammers, and a couple of cartons of beer, and by the Sunday
night, we’d dug out a room, cemented the floor, and mired it up, and, um, there’s your new baby’s room, honey. Even though we’re so
far away geographically from anywhere else, I don’t know why, but we just love the place to bits.

100 thoughts on “Step Inside Australia’s Underground Homes”

  1. Literally No one
    Me lets block those air vents and suffocate them to death. Ehahaha
    Lmao just kiddin no need to spam with hate .😂

  2. I went on a school trip 25 years ago on a bus from melbourne, to Adelaide, then right up the guts of the country until we got to Darwin. Coober pedy was one of our many stops… I recall it having a reputation as very rough town.. I also recall our bus driver very seriously telling us to walk in groups to get our dinner then come straight back as it was at night & apparently sketchy. I’m sure it’s not all bad though! That’s just my memory.

  3. 2005 I had dream of such underground homes. I had many such dreams that came to be true. Oct 8, 2005 earthquake was one of them.

  4. How do they keep the air fresh down there? I would imagine cooking odors and stuff would make the air a bit stale.

  5. Plenty of videos of this town at:

    Here some samples:
    Explore Coober Pedy: An Australian town that lives underground
    Could you live like this? LIVING UNDERGROUND – Coober Pedy. Ep.28 – Road Trip Australia

  6. Here is the documentary mentioned here by someone.
    Coober Pedy – Opal Capital of the World (Documentary)

  7. Those are not underground homes, since Australia is upside down, underground will be at the surface and the surface will be underground. Do your research first!

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  9. This is false this location is not very Australia if something is not inverted or "upside down" its not a location from Australia

  10. I hate it how Americans always think that Australia is just a massive desert it’s not if you look at qld and nsw they are actually nice places and are greener than people think

  11. And they say there is no life on another planets, but many scientists believe there are subterranean inhabitants but just haven't discovered them yet.

  12. Forget it. I'm not stepping into Australia, let alone the homes. Those snakes are devils, the crocs are monsters, the spiders pack a punch and the local creatures speak in grunts and scratches…

  13. Hopefully there won't be any flooding on the Above anytime soon, because those Air Vents to the surface will let all the water in!!!

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