15 thoughts on “STEM Education: Developing 21st century problem solvers”

  1. As a high school student (sophomore) whose not in stem but can solve partial differential equations and stem students can’t i don’t know what level of education they are getting.

  2. I have seen a low IQ guy develop a process of making masks with a heat gun and vacuum pump.
    I have interviewed a lot of engineers. Works well with others and does not give up are some things to look for.

  3. Bring US on top, America got talent and resources, we should move from 17th, progressively towards first position.

  4. I like this talk very much! thank you. I think the point is very clear and the approach is worth trying.

  5. OMG, another American talking about pedagogical practices approaches and the focus of education. The USA is still so low on the PISA score. Also Thomas Edison is a bad example, you may like to mentionTesla instead. Pick role models of good moral character.

  6. This is good information and motivational. I do think that when talking about Edison's success one should mention Nikola Tesla. Thank you for being committed to the valuable career of teaching.

  7. The value of a STEM education is now gone. The truth is there are no jobs for the STEM educated, because they cost too much to employ, in America. There is no point in learning Calculus if in the end you cost too much to employ. This is the environment students are facing, today, in America when they leave school. I am STEM educated and have industry experience. I know what's true. The truth is the value of a STEM education in America is now gone. It was here, but now it is gone. America, you are buying technology that will not employ you nor your kids.

  8. now train 9-10 july 2016 "STEM education" at university Chiangmai province Thailand
    sometime i ever knew a long time ago but don't practice the curriculum shown activity that.

    sorry ! bad write English language !

  9. Want to keep up-to-date on the latest STEM/STEAM topics and get some great ideas for your classroom…visit and "Like" our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Center-for-Developing-Excellence-CDE-265965426750584/timeline/

  10. Watch: "The Global Water Crisis: POU Water Filters — The Balanced Equation HQ" on YouTube.  This video introduces an interdisciplinary unit entitled: "STEM-ming The Global Drinking Water Crisis" which is loaded with great hands-on STEM activities.  Read the description below the video.

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