Stegosaurus facts | Dinosaur Videos for Kids | Education Video for Children

Hey Toy-timers! Hey TommyDog! Let’s go! Let’s learn about dinosaurs with surprise eggs! Which dinosaur will this be? Whoa cool! Stegosaurus! On average it was around nine meters long and four meters high. That’s as long as a London bus. Or as high as two basketball players! As heavy as a small rhino! Although its body was large, its brain was only the size of a dog’s brain. Here boy – fetch! Huh! A dog-sized brain in a dinosaur? That would make him feel ‘ruff’! Ha…ha….ruff…get it? Oh. Stegosaurus was a herbivore, that’s a plant-eater. It is believed to have eaten plants such as mosses,ferns and fruits. It had 17 plates on its back around two
feet tall! It also had a very scary tail. It had
four long spikes. All of this makes Stegosaurus a super dinosaur! You could be a Toy-timer by subscribing for free. Just click the subscribe button Or the big TommyDog face on the screen.

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