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These gold and silver gears like the inner workings of a clock are the inspiration for these beauties I’m going to create a full hand sculpting these inlays and some other surprises. Let’s get started So I have sculpted this full hand in these long Clear gel pointy nails for the platform for these gorgeous nails that we’re gonna do together So I’m gonna put my glasses on now I will just every now and then I burnt my finger on a curling iron this morning So I’m trying to stop it from blistering and it actually really hurts So I have this little bag of ice that I’m just gonna have to dip in over there Every few seconds just to calm the burn down because it really does hurt. I just picked us up at Michaels and I’m really into these Alcohol inks. They’re really cool And I’ve got them in all sorts of different colors and I picked all the brown colors because that’s what we’re gonna work with They’re very very inky Means they get into anything so they can really get things dirty And I probably have to add because it’s gonna evaporate because it’s got alcohol in it. I Didn’t want to pour these ahead of time because they can evaporate pretty quick. It’s kind of a wing yet with all the colors Not reven sure, which color? I’m gonna ultimately use but I want them all here for choices. They’re quite a good selection. I just got these at Michaels Okay, so I’m going to use one of these light elegans gel brushes I got I think these ones are both the same and I’m gonna make sure I use one just for the alcohol paints and the other one for building because this ink is so Inky and liquidy meaning it gets into every little crevice so use it quite, you know, gingerly sparingly just going to Put a little alcohol in one side to clean that brush. So I’m just gonna make sure I have a little white pad and a clean e brush and This stuff looks really cool. Watch this So I’m just gonna get a little bit of Kevin which is color with which I’m just gonna start see how liquidy it is It’s it’s like almost more liquidy than water if that makes sense So it’ll run if you put too much on the nail It’ll run possibly right into the cuticle and go into all the little dry areas and little crevices of your cuticle And it’s hard to get it out. So I’m gonna make one of these I Think I’ll do this one in sort of a French design See that Just going to paint This one might be too late for that part So I’m gonna bring in some darker See how it just spreads like that Isn’t that cool? Do you see that caramel very nice. I really like it. It’s Got a very organic look to it. I stomach rust. Yeah So, let’s try this cuddle I’m gonna paint like the whole nail Careful those cuticles you don’t want to flood it. I’ve done it and I didn’t like the look of it at all In a drain of that darker color I’m going to Put that lighter color over here I just want to try to get a collection see how it grades into each other see how that kind of melds into each other It creates a very almost like a Bert Kind of a look I really like that this little darker one over here Really neat okay. Now this one, I think I’m going to We’re really testing those cuticles make sure I don’t flood it I’m gonna make this one is sort of like it’s got a little almond in this part. I Have to look at it this way Doesn’t have to be totally perfect cuz I’m gonna put some gears around it. Okay, and that’s And let’s not forget love the good old thumb if you don’t do the thumb but a French as well doing sort of a Sweet French one sides quite a bit higher That’s why you did these nails in a clear gel so we can see through when it’s finished So now I’m gonna try this one. This is sort of more a bit more rust Which is definitely in the whole Edwardian I guess the em Steampunk areas and the Edwardian is that right? I think you might know Cameron. Oh, I don’t know who had it all come on now The better guess I could just say yes, but I don’t know. I think it is. You might be dead, right? I’m sure you are. Mm-hmm So if you let it dry a little and then add some more it looks very cool Now I’m gonna do some lighter ones in there and maybe some of this copper burnt look It’s almost like a a leathery kind of love – Can I get some copper in this one you warm it up a little oops, I forgot my little rule of flooding the cuticle there See how it spreads And if you’re finding you want it to spread a little more you could even take a little alcohol and dab it, you know Even if it dries, it’ll still work. I Don’t see how it gives those kind of burnt edges Take just total alcohol and just gives it that real You see that? Oh, yeah, it’s very thanks. I really like it. It’s very cool. It’s all good right on its own, you know? No This could be a short video Wait and see this is just getting started Now I just want peer ink in there my gosh have too much ink amiibo that’s good Not happy with this one. Oh, it’s getting better. Oh, you know what the tip on here? I haven’t really got the tip It’s kind of a beat-up old leather kind of look in it, yeah Distressed metals, but it’s not metal color rusty metal Oh I like it when it turns a line II like that see that. Yeah, I Don’t know if I’m drifting from that, you know steampunk attitude, but it looks really clean Dirty weak towel, yuck Ruining my beautiful pink towel, yeah Cost of doing business Okay, I’m gonna bring in some more dark on this one You’re not over painting it’s not of course I am like Christine a little bit translucent light was going through the paint a lot Okay already I stopped So cool, let’s get to the good stuff the gears Okay, I’m just gonna put this out away Put these guys I don’t need these anymore No, but I do need these. Did you notice I haven’t put my hand in the ice Is it just that it feels better or is it that I’m just preoccupied with something much more important I’m just gonna use a little bit of this fusion It’s called the clear base and that is to help me attach the gears. I use one of these for the ink Oh, I mix them up. I think it’s this one So I’m going to use this one for the clear gel so we don’t make that mistake. Okay. Look at these beauties These are super tiny little pieces and there’s some big ones too. And I’m gonna layer them on top of each other They’re really thin and you can do that, which is great. See this big one here It is normally flat but I’m curving it a little bit so it’ll fit on my nails My nails are quite Curt, you know, they’re not a flat surface something to get some of this Clear and go put that bad boy right there I’m gonna put a bunch around here. So I’m gonna cluster them all together actually, especially around this French line All right down into here you think Now where did he go that one that I just oh there is No, he’s curved so I’m gonna see if he’ll fit right in there not bad Not bad at all Is he purposely curved like that? No, I did it Oh Because I knew it wouldn’t fit very much right get you There normally they come all flat but our nails aren’t flat. My particular quite curved is I’m gonna pick up some others Look at that that looks like a a washer or something. No gear. I hear ya. Oh Look at this one Adorable, okay. I don’t know what this one is. It’s kind of funky. I’m just gonna stick it in there weird It’s sticking up a little bit And they will because I’m getting down near they cuticle and it comes up like that. So naturally it’s gonna stick up a little bit Yeah, I like that one. Okay There’s so many in here to choose from such a different Diverse selection. I don’t know what this is, but I think that’ll fit right there My favorite ones, oh look at this loci. Oh Isn’t he cute definitely cute. Yeah, I like it Oh, I love this far far too much I’m gonna put one up here Cuz my French line isn’t perfect What’s a good one this one’s interesting These are adorable Look at this one. Oh I think I have this one on there, but I think he’s gonna look good, right? Why didn’t really have enough gel there there see that Yeah, let’s keep going you like the one stuck in your skin there Was – yeah Okay, let’s build some along this line here That’s what I was trying to do is this line is gonna sort of bring it down. I’m sure it got too much on there I’m gonna try to take some of that gel off. I Am going to have to do another video on building the gel cuz when I was building these gels I learned so much more doing gel I’m an expert in acrylic and When you work with acrylic you work with it on the fast side because you’re trying to sculpt it before it hardens But gel not only can you take all the time that you want? But you should and what I learned is the slower you do it the less bubbles you get on it cuz I did a build of gel and actually you were witness to it where I had too many bubbles in and I noticed But this time I did it and they were so clear. I was very very proud of myself. They’re very cool Oh, look at this one. Do I have this one in here? No wonder this guy He’s a big one You might need to bend amethyst. I think he’s gonna have to be bent. Let’s just do that. So what all I did was I Just took a Timmy finger and I just wrapped it around See that this brush. I was easy. Yeah Sometimes I don’t drop it then you lose it I have to do it again don’t oh, he’s done right now I just gotta pick him up And see this, oh my goodness you just fit like a glove you gonna see oopsie I’m in a movie No, that’s pretty good vegan leave that Okay, I do want to put some more He’s gone, I’ll put that in another one Okay, so he’s sticking up I’m gonna have to bend him to There long, so that makes sense to bend these guys Okay Would you mind if I just give it a bit of a Nuke please do Because we know I’m gonna hit it don’t we? Yeah, I can wait 30 seconds. Look at this one I hope she did hit it. Okay Okay, it’s going in now, okay, it’s in move my job 30 second pure Thought it’s a graphic That’s lazy care man you put in that graphic I like those graphics. Yes I’m a visual person. So for me if and I could turn the sound up and just understand it with all the visuals So to me that graphic is really a nice addition Don’t you think? Oh So cute I think I’m gonna love this set. Oh, yeah Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and create some more. You know, one thing I do have here. I’m gonna put in Gives me little caviar beads. I’ve got two different colors of gold here The more golde golde like an antique kind of gold and a brighter gold. I don’t know what I’m getting these yet just we’re just gonna Something else. I’ve always noticed in the Edwardian steampunk I looked it up on the Internet and they do bring in that Burgundy kind of color and I’ve got one of the beads here like it It’s a bit on the fuchsias side, but it is a bit Burgundy. I might add a few of those I’m gonna play with a thumb right now. I want to use some of these big guys The more you can put on there I Know a girl her name is Chantel. She works for fusion, and she Puts everything in a steampunk male. She says everything Everything. Yeah, just like every medium. She could possibly think of she just loads them in so she doesn’t stop to see anything She’s done. She adds something else just funny Okay, I’m gonna put that bad boy right there The gel sticking my finger That’s a big thick thing to cover it is but it’s so laying right? It’s right in the arch of the nail so I can build up and go a little higher So that’s a good point to put your inlays I really like these gear things. I’m really partial to the circles For some reason I like the circles and I like to overlap them. I’m gonna put that guy right there Look how cool that is when you overlap them. Come on now, you gotta admit that’s Cool. I like it more of a chaotic kind of look you Want to look like somebody just dropped a tool box on your nails, right? I Don’t know if I would go saying that I don’t think I like that explanation Look at my nails somebody dropped something on it. Yeah. No, you don’t know It look like my workshop I like it your workshop your workshop is like musical equipment Okay, so if I dropped anything, it’s gonna be a box of glitter That’s the only thing that I’m gonna accept then you’re gonna drop All right stupid bucket tools Sorry This is Too adorable. Oh It’s awesome. I Think it’s one of our favorites a can this can be one of the best sets and nails ever Oh, that’s cause it’s mechanical. Let me nuke it before I wreck it Isn’t it like nuke yourself before you wreck yourself Okay, now I’m gonna add some beads and see if I like it if I hate it we can take them out It’s not a loss, right? Always have a back-up plan Right good idea that’s one of the nice things about gel is that you can kind of change your mind. Yeah Yeah, cuz it kerlick once it’s in there. You gotta file it all that again minute or two. So yeah Should I take these off my skin? Yes, there’s no point. Well, I was liking them but Okay, let’s try some little beads here, let’s see how well they blend in That’s pretty good you do like it Well, I do I do it’s kind of like, um, I wasn’t sure if you were gonna but oh, yeah. Yes. Yes It’s awesome are you lucky you said? Yes, cuz like even if you didn’t like it they’re going in. Oh Yeah, they had a nice touch just offsets the hard mechanical look I agree I Think I need a little beads up there. I’ll try the lighter ones That is cool, I Always thought I would like to been born in the Edwardian steampunk era until I had a toothache Yeah, and I’m very grateful for modern Inventions to relieve the pain of a toothache someone interfered very well Back in the 1800s. I Had been tough for me a bit of a baby that way Okay Well, I think this is looking just too too adorable. That’s an awesome thumb. It sure is. I love it We felt done ourselves cameraman. Well, I didn’t have anything to do with it. Well If and this is how much I like the edwardian-style Get a look at this. Look at this adorable little thing Do you remember this caramel? Oh, yeah Do you really remember it I do it Was on our special day Adorable this is it’s beautiful. See I like that. What is it from cameraman? There’s a little test for you. It’s from our wedding day Yay Yeah, very good. Yeah, my dress was very similar to that too Very like this kind of off-white lace and kind of stuff. It was cute. Mm-hmm. It was cute It was beautiful. Probably a better word. Well, no, it’s probably more cute because we’re on a budget. Yeah We’re poor kids. Yep kids Yeah, that’s really really cute I don’t think you use that umbrella since heavier Of course not is the is umbrella the proper term for tours or something else Paris. No salt Yeah, maybe that’s the word think it’s parasol. Okay I’m really particular about which gear that I want to pick out here. I like the little ones Really partial to those guys You know what I’m trying to stick with that there’s a diamond in their cap here’s to That darn cat. He’s not even in the room I saw the picture you put on Instagram He’s so cute they’re Taking up my spot yeah I get up from the couch like ten seconds later. He’s right where I was sitting. Yeah bad. I can’t get him off Well, no, you don’t want to mess with cannot without risking my life. Yeah, no, he will hurt you He’s the boss. Yeah. He really he runs the house. Yep And he knows it I think so, yeah, that’s a possibility Okay, I’m gonna give that a bit of Anouk was watching me Joe You know I had prepared some stamping Not that I don’t love my stamping but I don’t know if it’s I Really like the light ones I’m glad I tried them there just add Quite a little sparkle, don’t they? Oh, yeah. I’m adding the antique ones – Yeah the antiques quite nice. Mm-hmm You know, I’m really liking the color scheme – I don’t think I’m gonna add the red Burgundy. Well, you know what? I’m gonna add it and show you and then you should know good pop mom. Yeah, I Don’t know much about nails but I do know about nuking that do you know, what do you know anything about lights? You know battery dead. Did you charge it? Oh Yeah, okay so I’m gonna put the beads on this one That was a good news what we gonna do about that now, I think I’m just gonna do it on another now. Oh, It is pretty Gorgeous I’ll let you run the call that one I don’t know about that No, I think I’m just gonna keep it all in one color even though those are gorgeous You have to be very judicious about where to put them in Yeah, okay. I’m gonna go ahead and put a whole bunch more in and then Care man’s gonna go get me another light I Karin man got a new lab and now I’m just going to add some beads to the pinky and I’m almost Okay now I’m gonna build these Now one thing I’ve learned I’m an acrylic artist and you’re always trying to Get fast time Because you want to make sure you sculpt and shape before it cures But with gel you don’t have to hurry and with gel you should never hurry the slower you move the gel Loves it Because I’ve learned The less padding and fussing you do The less bubbles there are and of course we are always trying to avoid bubbles Now you know what I forgot to do I Forgot to cure that particular finger, did you report it? No Unfortunately, I went over so nice and smooth. It didn’t ruin it at all Well, so you don’t have to cure it well You should you absolutely should because I could have moved everybody out of position there and I would have been really upset Because I specifically put them in those areas So I’m just gonna give that one a bit of a Nuke right now because I just want to hold it in place. Okay? Okay That’s beautiful so just take it nice and slow if You were an acrylic person you are used to that hurrying before it cures, but with gel, of course We don’t have to do that but move very slow because the more movement the more bubbles And of course with a design like this, I don’t want any bubbles. I’m really learning a lot about gel I’ve worked with a bit of gel over the years but Not with all the different viscosities they got now they’ve really got a lot more viscosities which makes it flow a lot differently And I want to make it clear I know what I’m doing as far as bill goes when you build a nail There’s only one way to build a nail and that structurally sound I’m Really really good at that learning all these new techniques and products is the learning curve not how to build a nail I know how to build a nail But learning all the different techniques and products that are coming out That’s where I can take my knowledge of building the perfect nail and applying it with all these awesome products that are coming out I’m gonna turn that one upside down a little bit When you turn it upside down it helps the product self levels This one’s a little bit runny or so. It will self level beautifully So when you turn it upside down it brings it into that natural arch that you’d want to see when the nail is upright so by doing that Look at that trust me. That’s perfect Oh, I wanted to mention one of my students just sent me an email this is a really good email They were perfecting that’s what they’ve learned it’s a little bit hot so I’m just tuning you know what he has a little as The other lamp did to the Kara sky, which as I wanted to show you but I forgot to charge it That was my fault. They have these buttons now, there’s a lower Intensity so you won’t burn and look at that. I’m in there and it’s not burning Kira. Skye’s lamp was very good for that, too But he emailed me and said that he’s really coming along and his technique and stuff, but he’s having a real issue with confidence and that Is so important and I find this is a huge problem I know a lot of technicians that are really good at what they do But they do find the confidence issue is a problem and it is tough I get it you’re sitting across the table from a client and you’re holding their hand for an hour – there’s a very intimate relationship There so when you’re creating and building you are worried whether they like it or not And sometimes you never know until they return and if they don’t return you think it’s your work So that confidence issue is a huge thing for us to get over see how clear that is. I haven’t got any bubbles So confidence, what I can say about confidence is; confidence is earned client by client And it starts with your friends and your family. Those are the people that are gonna be the most understanding you hope and and Available and have the time to you know Sit with you as you learn and doing your own nails too, and the more you do that the more you’ll build confidence for yourself If you got to remember, you’re gonna do a nail and when you know, it’s good. You got to trust yourself to know that confident and the more you do it the more other people will see that And you’ll attract the people that like what you do. There will be some people that won’t like what you’re doing even though you’re confident in it That’s okay. They’re not the ones you’re trying to please First and foremost the one you want to please is you You want to rely on yourself for that Once you know you’re doing the job that you want to do Then other people will see it and then they’ll want your nails And that will build your confidence So just give yourself some time My job, okay, I’m gonna nuke this a full gear and I’m gonna clean this up and we’re gonna sculpt them So you’re just gonna remove all the stick. That’s what gel has – a little sticky layer. Take that off Just an alcohol cotton pad and Now I’m gonna file now. They’re so shiny you could almost leave it the way it is, but you want to make sure that has no bumps and lumps you want to absolutely Shape the way a nail should be shaped. That’s where the sculpting in So I’m just gonna give it a nice little sculpt I’m doing with a hand file. This gel is very easy to sculpt a hand file when I do the long parts I literally will hold the long part on my finger To brace it as I file rather than leaving it out in the open it can leave it a little bit So she when you’re filing the real base layer really thin to put all this stuff on top Just hold it with your finger underneath. It just braces it So the better you are at laying that gel layer down when you’re sculpting it the less filing you have to do That’s where your time can be picked up too if you’re worried about your time If you get better at an application, it just naturally makes the Filing part easier and faster and therefore you pick up your time Now my shapes were already pretty much in there because I shaped them before we began and I laid all the letters on top Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and do the same with all of them We’d like to finish with a nice smooth file enough to grab onto the grip for the gel topcoat But smooth is then just making it a little bit smoother So there’s no fit sticking up during your gel top coat. So I’ll just go once over all of the nails just finished shaping them Smooth finish under there And then I will take another lint free pad and Then I will Wipe away all the dust Get into the cuticles – I hurt my burn Notice that I didn’t even pay attention to my burn once I got into the design so it either went away Or I just didn’t think about it Okay, get your favorite top coat And you can just put a nice tough coat on them This is where the color will come to life right now. It’s a little bit dull but watch this You can really see those gears pop. Hey what top could always brings it like Sure, does look at that. You can see the comparison Uniform I was so rich. No, beautiful Okay beauty Okay, I am so excited and I know caramel would be loving to take these pictures I’m looking forward to it. Mm-hmm. So let’s check out the reveal shots That was fun to do I really enjoyed I think I’ll post my Wedding picture. How’s that camerman our wedding picture on Instagram, I think I’m nail career education on Instagram so you can follow me there if you’d like to see it Also, I wanted to mention some people ask me what’s on my other hand. This is by a company called mail Kimmy It’s a beautiful color called vintage Rose goes on beautifully And don’t forget confidence takes time. You’ll get it just takes time. See you guys in the next video

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