(Anthony) Have fun in the sun,
get laid in the shade! – (smarmy chuckle)
– (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (friend) Wait, you’ve never
hooked up with a girl? No, okay. (Anthony) People always say
be careful what you wish for. Well, you have heard of Sexual Sun, right? (Anthony) Because I got
the wish I wished for. Legend has it that if someone sends you the Sexual Sun emoji three times, sexy things happen to you. Dude, send it to me. (text message sent) Nothing happened. Well, I guess that didn’t work. Let’s go, guys. (Ian) See you later, virgin. (Anthony) And I wish I didn’t wish
to wish for wishing for this wish. ♪ (horror music) ♪ (screaming incoherently) Dude, chill out.
It’s just us. First, it was great… but now she won’t stop! Who? Sexual Sun! Goddamn it! (screaming) Every single second of every day, she won’t stop sexing me up. (screaming) (tittering) Sex you up? Dude, who even says that? Everyone says that. Uh, yeah, maybe everyone
from 1991 in that one song. Aw, dude, I love that song. ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ I wanna sex you up ♪ (female voice) ♪ All night! ♪ Damn, dude, that was a good high note. H-Hey! I can’t sing that high, guys. (ghostly wail) ♪ I wanna sex you up! ♪ (shrieking) (Ian) You don’t get it!
It doesn’t matter how far we drive. It will always follow you. Then how the hell do we stop this? The only way is to send
someone the emoji through text. Hey, I just had sex with Keith. Now what? What? No! I-I said send someone the emoji in TEXT. What?! I thought you said give
someone emotional sex. (irritated sigh) Dammit, man, I’m always
hearing things wrong. (sniffling) Mother f*ckers. (Anthony) We tried
everything to make it go away. No, I said DO NOT have sex with Keith. (both) Ooh! See, I didn’t hear the “do not” part. – My bad, bro.
– (moaning sadly) Mother f*cker!!! (Anthony) Okay, we just had sex with Keith. ♪ (horror music) ♪ It can take the form of anybody. Oh, hey, mom! Could you help us out
with the Sexual Sun thing? ♪ (horror music) ♪ (all scream) ♪ I wanna sex you up! ♪ ♪ (moaning chorus) ♪ (dying croak) (Anthony) We finally got
a plan to end it for good. Dude, this is single-handedly
the most stupid idea – that you’ve ever had me do.
– Trust me! Once we get it into the water, we can electrocute it to death. (ghostly wail) (shrieks) Throw it now! DIIIIEEEEE! Oh! (groans) (Ian grunts) OW! (Ian grunts) OOOWWW! God, dude, are you even trying?! Well, do you have any better ideas? (Keith) Move. (loading gun) (gunshot) (slow-mo scream) (slow-mo scream) (slow-mo scream) There, it’s dead. (Keith) You idiots happy? But just to make sure it’s gone for good, one of us should
probably have sex with Keith. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. Uh, yeah, f*ck you guys. ♪ (intense music) ♪ (Ian) Hey, guys, thanks
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the trailer for Smosh: The Movie, which comes out July 24th. Is it weird to say the closer
this guy gets to my butt hole, the better it feels? (Anthony) And click the video
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