STATES (Bundesländer) of GERMANY EXPLAINED (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody, so as you know, we are working on the scripts for the next few country episodes, Which means this is gonna have to be a “Filler Week”! Heavily, heavily, heavily requested, This one is going to be on the states or Bundeslander of Germany. Germany is a powerhouse nation Obviously it is the largest economy in Europe and it holds a significant role of geopolitical activity that links an entire Continent as you’ll soon find out each state in Germany is pretty unique and diverse in their own way each kind of have their own Specialty and some have unique dialects before we get into this though I just wanna let you know that one of my favorite Sponsors is working with us once again cetera For those of you that don’t know cetera is a geography game website and pretty appropriate for this channel don’t you think you can download it on iOS or Android or you can just go to the website here and play it online. You can choose your own region You can test yourself on things like physical landscapes capitals you can even custom create your own game and get this they actually made a Geography now game that you can play it covers the countries we’ve done so far on this channel Yeah, they made one and not only that but speaking of Germany, it comes in over 30 different languages including German I totally recommend you check them out. I’ve played this game. It’s great. It’s worth it. Thank you cetera for sponsoring geography now All right and so with that being said Let’s just jump into the sixteen bundle end of Germany first one bottom Guttenberg Capital Stuttgart This is like the other southern state besides Bavaria It was formed by the joining of three other former states these kind like the luxury cars state, you know They have the headquarters of Mercedes Benz and Porsche lots of manufacturing going down here. It’s very busy They’re also known for having the Black Forest where all those fairytales were inspired off of by the Brothers Grimm Which also plays into the unique? Swabian culture that they’re known for down here Swabians have possibly the weirdest dialect in all of Germany A lot of Germans can’t even understand them and it incorporates a lot of weird unique festivals a lot of times They wear these costumes based off of the fairy tales that came from here. Switzerland is like their best friend They really just kind of get each other a lot of Swiss people come over and travel to this area of Germany and they’re known For being really smart with their money and handling it very well Which also kind of means a lot of people think they’re kind of stingy that’s like the stereotype geography Jessica says it is a sacrilege to throw stuff out Even if it’s a broken TV or something Varia or bayern capital munich This is the largest state in size and the second largest in terms of population It’s kind of like the home of all those, you know, perpetuated German stereotypes that became famous through American culture You know lederhosen dirndl those big one liter jugs of beer half timber houses You know stuff like that reason being because after World War two This place was occupied by the Americans and whatever they saw they just kind of put in media They’re kind of like the most independent out of all the German states I mean they even had their own king at one point. He went crazy and drowned himself They have more of like a Catholic background And Austria is kind of like their conjoined twin like they get they get along really well with Austria beautiful mountains here In fact the tallest mountain in all of Germany Pizza is found here as well. And no shocker. They are really really really known for beer There’s like over 4000 breweries here The oldest one in all of Germany is also found here, you know All Germans kind of have their own opinions on Bavaria autobahn bismarck even once said the Bavarian is the link between human and Austrian Berlin also the capital of Germany is not only the largest city in Germany but it’s also one of the three city states as in cities that are considered States now when I asked a lot of you German jugde people’s to describe Berlin a lot of you even from Berlin kind of said something along the lines of Why do we even have this city in 2003 former? Mayor Klaus Vova right described Berlin as poor but sexy it’s pretty much the only Capital city in all of Europe that cost more than it earns as in the entire country’s GDP could be higher if Berlin didn’t exist And it’s like you either love it or hate it geography Maura says it’s like the city where Germans go to find themselves Starving artists aspiring EDM and techno musicians trying to make a point while unemployed now But seriously the city does have some cool sights colorful art scene. What’s weird though? is you can still kind of see the distinction between East and West Berlin because it was split after the war and it’s kind of Like a weird place where capitalism and communism coalesce in one location I mean I guess Berlin is kind of like the rebel punk-rock teenager who locks himself in his room because his parents just don’t understand him Brandenburg Capital puts them jagrip. Jakob says people joke that this state is Deadzone that surrounds berlin berlin has more people than the entire state of brandenburg This is the first of the five states that make the former East Germany before the unification It’s kind of known as like the slow to get things done state as in there Airport was always supposed to be done this Year, but they always say that like every year and it’s been like ten years Well, let’s see lots of former Prussian history here Lots of cool stuff to see here though, like the Roman Baths or the boost castle the Under Havel City Museum They actually have like these cool medieval walls from the 14th century One of the most notable sites being the palace of sanssouci lots of Eastern Europeans live here, especially polish I mean they are on the border with Poland They’re kind of like this sidekick of Berlin that like tags along and wants to join his punk-rock band I guess you could say Bremen. This is actually another city state However, it’s more of like – it’s broken up into Bremen and Bremerhaven This is the smallest and least populated state in all of Germany at only about six hundred and sixty thousand people Back in the day. It was labeled as a free Hanseatic city back when the Hanseatic League was a thing That’s a whole other thing we could talk about lots of marine culture here actually people who want to become sailors come to Bremen and Bremerhaven Beck’s beer comes from here as well as chocolate beer both of which many Germans hate. Let’s see What else do they have they have the Bremer stop music content statue They have the only microgravity Tower in Europe where you can experience 9 seconds of weightlessness Eight mummified bodies and glass coffins and a memorial block in the street dedicated to a female serial killer charming But yeah You know Bremen is just kind of like this unique quaint yet always kind of competing with Hamburg State which brings us to Homburg Hamburg is the last of the three city-states and it is pretty much the richest state in all of Germany You gotta love these guys because people from Hamburg are called hamburgers Sometimes they’re called the Venice of the north sea because they have all these neighborhoods that are separated by canals and bridges like Bremen and Bremerhaven they have a harbour built on the Elbe River which gives them access to the sea and they have a huge maritime culture even though they are technically not on the sea and they are getting quite a bit of attention these days because Hamburg is kind of like the IT capital of Germany right now A lot of you have also mentioned that they have the most famous red light district in all of Germany the adult-themed Reeperbahn Ida Know that lots of cool sites. You can see here though Oh and they love fish here kind of like the techie rich guy who loves his fish next up hiss or hissing capital Wiesbaden much of today’s hess states belonged to the former hissing duchy back in the day It was an independent state all the way up until 1871 and they are most famous for frankfort It has more skyscrapers Than any other city and it has the busiest airport in all of Germany as well and it is kind of like the business hub Of Germany, it’s home to so many corporate banks and financial institutions also home to the German Stock Exchange and good – one of the most important writers in German history is from Frankfurt when they love apples especially drinking it in various ways. They love apple cider There’s even a fountain that shoots apple wine at you. Maiya Hiss Hessen is kind of like it’s like the financial management brother of the family lower saxony capital hanover It’s the second largest state in terms of area and it’s called lower saxony because of the elevation Not because of the geographic location on the map get to keep that in mind. This state gets along very well with the Netherlands this state kind of has like two cultures the plain Saxons and the Frisians whom are related to the Frisians in the Netherlands It’s kind of like the country farmland area of Germany. They host a lot of fairs like the World Fair Expo in 2000 However, interestingly enough you can also hear quite a bit of Plateau Expo kin here as well Which is the dialogue that the Amish speak in the Americas it’s also the headquarters of Volkswagen and they also have Volks Berg Which is the city with the highest GDP per capita in the entire country. It’s like the richest city mecklenburg-vorpommern capital valine This is actually the poorest state in Germany and it is the second former East Germany State as the name implies for Paul men, it was part of the former area known as Pomerania which? Yes, that’s where the Pomeranian dog comes from. Some people joke that it should be called mecklenburg-vorpommern Sits right next to Poland they even share and split this island with them called lucidum It is very rural and sparsely populated. It has a lot of farmers and old people In fact, it is disputed Lee the oldest state in all Germany tons of lakes here, though The largest lake completely within Germany is actually found here as well. They also have the largest island in all of Germany beautiful beaches cool places with like chalk cliffs via mecklenburg Pullman It’s kind of like the old angry grandpa that yells at the kids for running on his lawn North Rhineland Westphalia capital Dusseldorf, this is like the big daddy of Germany It’s the most populated with about seventeen million Its the powerhouse Industrial capital of Germany much of its economy was built off of coal mining in the beginning and today they have more companies and factories Than anywhere else in Germany people here have a deep-rooted Catholic culture They love celebrating carnival the two biggest cities Dusseldorf and Cologne are always like competing with each other There’s really cool Frank Gehry architecture in düsseldorf Cologne has the Cologne Cathedral Obviously and cologne is kind of like the media capital of Germany much of the major studios can be found here Yeah, overall. The this state is kind of like the partying dad of Germany. Rhineland-palatinate Capital mains this is kind of like the younger brother of Rhineland, Westphalia Except they love wine like it’s often argued that the best German wine can be found in this state there’s a lot of historical sites and castles especially ones that date back to the days when France was always like Invading and taking over they also have the last bastion of Roman presence north of the Alps in the town of Trier It’s also the birthplace of Karl Marx. They are known for liverwurst It’s kind of like the loyal sidekick of Rhineland, Westphalia za land capital za walkin besides the city states It is a smallest state in area. Basically the people here are like Frenchie Germans the area was occupied by France after world war ii and they were actually their own independent state all the way up until 1957 when they decided to go back to germany, which explains why the people here are really good at speaking french chuck Fionna says they are like the long-lost uncle that you don’t know how you’re related to and speaks french The most notable sites all probably being the fucking in ironworks. It’s a massive rusting steel plant That is now a UNESCO Heritage Site today. It holds a museum Science Centre and an auditorium for concerts I wouldn’t be surprised if heavy metal concerts were a big thing here Josiah. That’s saxony capital dresden This is the third former east european state Geography Thorsten explains it pretty well when he says the Saxons are one of the oldest German tribes with having a lot of political influence In the early times of the Holy Roman Empire and with some of them even creating something of what we now know today as England why many British people say that they’re Anglo-saxon and why the English language is classified as a Germanic language. It kind of started here interesting, right? This place is kind of known for having two things great universities and very right-wing politics They get along really well with Czechia the Czech Republic whatever you like calling it they have a minority group called the sore pians a Slavic people group kind of related to the Czechs and it’s actually a language that is protected by the German government. Nonetheless, though I’ve been told that the people here are really Super nice. They have like that East German hospitality It’s just you know, they’re different from the rest of Germany, especially Lower Saxony Like the two sexes knees have nothing to do with each other saxony-anhalt Capital McDouble. This is the fourth former East German state It’s often said that they call themselves the states that wakes up earlier This is basically kind of like Saxony’s Chillar little sister. It’s also the birthplace of Martin Luther who started the Protestant Reformation Baroque composer Handel was born here. It is home to the Bauhaus movement and they love Christmas here they have a huge Christmas market and produce a lot of nutcrackers when I was told they are home to the mountain of Vulcan which on April 30th becomes the site of the Walpurgisnacht a night of dancing with witches based off of the story by goodto schleswig-holstein Capital KL named after the two duchies that worked together for centuries it is the only Bicoastal state in Germany with coasts along the North Sea and the Baltic and it’s basically like the Denmark of Germany There’s a lot of Danish people here are Danish speaking people here, and it’s actually a protected recognized language You can greet people here by saying Moin Moin and the cool thing is on the North Sea coastline on the west side They have the largest cohesive tidal flats in the world a natural world heritage site twice a day The tide recedes exposing a massive mud flat, of course, no surprise fishing and sailing are huge out here They actually have a huge sailing competition every year Yeah, the people here are kind of known for being like tall animal herding people that are really quiet like they don’t talk much and finally Turing gia or tooling in capital F hoot the last and final state of former East Germany This place is probably most famous for the city of vimar as geography Thorsten says it is the home of yo Wolfgang goethe and friedrich von schiller their works in the so-called Sturm and Drang Era was so influential that it was manifested in a saying about Germany. Germany is the country of poets and thinkers They were kind of like the Shakespeare’s of Germany back in the day much of their writing actually Influenced a lot of words and phrases for modern German that is spoken today the composer Bach was born here You can see his house and interesting They have a lot of caves here as well like these and they’re known for having really good food here as well They have like these potato dumpling things and all Germans. Love touring in style bratwurst. It’s a it’s it’s they’re famous for it So there you go. Those are the 16 states of Germany however A lot of you guys also mentioned two other things the spanish Balearic island Majorca a lot of germans jokingly call this the 17th bundes lander this is a Hotspot for Germans and they flock to this place all year round Tons of Germans already live here a lot of the street signs and shop signs and billboards are written in German people have lived on This island never learning a word of Spanish and they’ve been fine. Yeah, the Germans love this island Yeah back in Cold War times Cuba kind of like said, oh we’re gonna give you this island caios Blanco dal-su named Ernst almond island, but then like Cuba was like, oh it was just like a symbolic thing We didn’t actually give it to you and then Germany was like a fine whatever keep that Island. So that is it So yeah, I mean in conclusion for Germany, you gotta hand it to them they’ve gone through so much in the past century and it’s almost miraculous how much they’ve moved forward whether you’re Bavarian or Mecklenburg-vorpommern. Hope you liked this video. Thank you. Danke Schon. Stay cool. Stay tuned

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    It got its modern name from the noble House of Wettin, who all through 14th to 16th century acquired a lot of Thuringia, the Mark of Meißen and became Churprincipal of Sachsen-Wittenberg. Because of that, their lands became known as Sachsen all together, and when their domain broke apart during Reformation, the Churprincipality went with what eventually became the modern state of Saxony. Thuringia kept the term Saxon for some of its states, but when all of the Kleinstaaten merged together after 1918, they took the older name of Thuringia.

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