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hi are you one of those students who gets baffled by the questions on critical reasoning if yes then this video is for you so my name is Bala and I'm from fool's ENCOM your complete online partner for Klat other law exams and be calm and be be entrance exams and we have got this video ready on the request of some of your students that you find critical reasoning as a very challenging topic and most of you are unable to get a good accuracy on these questions so we have prepared this video on this it's not a complete video of critical reasoning we have just taken one of the topics of critical reasoning that is statement and assumption which is generally a part of critical reasoning and try to solve some questions and get your concepts clear so how does a question on statement and assumption look like see basically there'll be a statement followed by two assumptions and you have to tell like which of these assumptions is implicit in the statement MATLAB occur hindi my balloon toe ik statement ragas can each of the assumptions rain up Cueva tanake in dono may say Konza assumption is statement candor choppa why implicit means conscious candor choppa why okay which of these is hidden in the given statement okay so for that first let's see like what an assumption is so most of the educational institutes and say you know Google would define assumption as a thing that is accepted as true or certain to happen without a proof bla bla bla but this definition is not gonna help you in the exams right we both technical so definition aapko yeh clarity in a Heidegger exams may like how to solve the questions now how do we define say an assumption or say how to go about how to go about it in the exam let's talk from an example spectrum C so assumption kya hota first all you need to do is like you have to step into the shoes of the person who's given the statement MATLAB just may be your statement they're up to code for person bun Jonna you have to consider yourself at that person as that person and you have to think about all these things like what was the thought process of mine before giving this statement you are that person so you have to think like what was my thought process before giving that statement what has a waterway considered to be true before giving this statement right and you have to think like ultimately why have I given this statement like am I expecting any particular outcomes on that segment so an answer to one of these questions would be the right assumption so now let's take some questions to get these concepts clear so let's take this question there is a statement which says we Hoffer hotel management course it's an advertisement by a college right and there are two assumptions one some people want to do Hotel Management and to some people who want to do Hotel Management would join the university see here all you need to do to begin with is you think from the perspective of the college okay now say you are the administration or you are say the management head of this College you have given an ad in our paper that we offer hotel management course right what is your thought process behind the ad first one are you have you given the ad thinking that some people who some people in the country would like to do Hotel Management yes definitely why would I give an ad in a newspaper if I am a college I'm giving an ad because there would be some takers at least who would see that right so I'm giving the ad for them so I believe this assumption is implicit or true as far as the statement is considered the second one am I giving the ad thinking that some people who want to do Hotel Management in the country some of them may join my University of course yes you have to think from the college's perspective obviously I would give an ad so that people see that ad and join my University right that's my thought process behind the statement so definitely this assumption is also implicit so both of these assumptions are true or implicit in this statement let's take another question so unnoticed in a shop says that goods once sold will not be exchanged that is Joe mall Egg Barbic mei-hua pasaje lunga it's like notice laga who I hate shopman right now you just consider yourself as the shopkeeper himself and think why have you put up this notice okay so the first assumption says that customers abide by the notice that is customers follow what is written in the notice would this assumption be implicit definitely it would be implicit because obviously I am putting up this notice so that customers avoid by it right that's my thought process so this assumption is true see some students get confused they think that even after seeing the notice it's quite possible that some of the customers may not abide by the notice see that is the final outcome we are not talking about the final outcome here what we are talking about is what is your thought process behind this notice right to carefully jugar result Kooskia embark nigga right whoa assumption Lee that is something else right huh me about cranky apne notice lagarith a cement so Chocula thought process kata obviously up eh angry key sorry customers okay no disco follow correct yup cuz thought process top mullah be up to Assumption table right so this one is true say again one normally no one comes back for an exchange this assumption is not implicit because obviously if no one comes back for an exchange then why would I put up this notice right so this assumption is implicit and this one is not let's go to the next example which says despite becoming an icon in Bollywood he remained unaffected by the trappings of the glamour world like there is some person who was an icon in the Bollywood say Aamir Khan but still he's a great icon but still he's unaffected by the glamour world the glamsham of Bollywood right okay let's see what are the assumptions which are implicit now you think from the perspective of this author right suppose say and this author who's saying giving this statement I have to think like is this my thought process or mindset let's see so Bollywood icons are affected by the trappings of the glamour world I think the first assumption is true because this is it's sorry it's my mind said that generally these people Bollywood icons are affected by all these things that's why I am giving Streetman that despite becoming an icon this guy is not affected that means my mindset is like generally people who become icons are affected so this assumption is true second one those who are unaffected by the trappings of the glamor world do not become icons this assumption is not true because this is contradicting what is given in the statement so if I'm giving this statement and this assumption is contradicting it obviously it cannot be true let's go to the next question which says the statement says evaluation from your project guide who's in charge of a project is very important to grade you favourably so say a student is saying this giving the statement to students that if you want good grades in your projects you have to get it evaluated from your project guide right now you had just step into the shoes of the teacher and think why has he given this statement with what mindset first assumption the listeners are concerned about race this assumption is implicit it's true because obviously if I'm a teacher I'm saying and I'm saying that if you want good grades go and get it check from a project guide that means I know that the students are concerned about grades that's why I'm talking about rates here right the second assumption no other criterion is necessary to decide once grades is not implicit because see here we are talking about one particular criterion and we are not talking about other criteria whether we even don't know whether there are some other criteria for good grades or not so definitely we cannot say that no other criterion is important right so this one is implicit this one is not I think that would have helped you with the topic statement and assumption so if you have any queries doubts suggestions or if you want any specific videos please comment in the comment section below we are planning more videos on critical reasoning also in the coming days and do not forget to download the fools then app on which for free for free you can practice daily mocks and also photo mocks photo mocks are nothing but all india mocks that be a conducting in the pattern of flat every Sunday and last but not the least do not forget to subscribe to our Channel please hit the bell icon below thank you

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