State Department of Education and Literacy in Tennessee, JHarmon1

thank yo welcome to the show this morning the topic this morning is the state department of education and literacy in tennessee of course we’re fortunate to have with us to talk about what the state department of education in the state of tennessee is doing in reference to literacy is Miss to Tabitha siddiqui and mr. James Herman of course miss siddiqui and mr. Herman let me welcome both of you to the show this morning and perhaps mr. Sadiki to start with you by heaven you to give us some information relative to your background your education and some of the things that were important in terms of bringing you to the State Department of Education dealing with the even start Family Program I think that that is the name of that program and of course mr. Herman will give us the same information different information relative to his background experiences in etc and then we’ll get into perhaps during the second segment of what the state of Tennessee is doing in terms of programs and personnel and etc in terms of trying to increase our literacy in the state of Tennessee let’s start with you mr. dookey thank you for varying but you’re inviting us I got into the department of education because of a job interview actually my background is I went to Cumberland University I graduated my my with my bachelor’s degree and I came to the state and did an interview with Susan Dodi she was the director of even start at the time and I came in under a family literacy consortium grant and she had me hooked from the first day she did my interview and she just reeled me in and I’ve been here ever since that was in two thousand i worked with susan for four or five years and then Becky goldstein took her place and unfortunately we lost Becky to cancer but I took I took up the torch and that’s why I’m here and I firmly believe that even start works very kindly and of course mr. Herman what about your background and information meeting you to where we are today I’ve taught school for 32 years at all levels I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and in my old age i’m currently working on my doctorate at UTC I when I came to the State Department I was in special education and that I went in the family literacy and then I became director of the reading excellence program and now i’m director the reading first program you know mr. dick gave the status of literacy in the state of tennessee is one that in a real sense places us near the bottom in terms of any kind of national ranking and so was a little time that we have before the end of this segment let’s have you and mr. Herman to make some kind of statement in terms of where we stand in literacy in the state of Tennessee today and then we’ll it will continue after this after our first commercial break let’s start now I can say with absolute certainty that literacy is where a person’s education starts you cannot get a good education if you are not literate and unfortunately the highest population of illiterate Tennesseans happens to be among the poverty written so we we work strenuously to bring them in and find them programs that they need either through their children if they want to further their children’s education we bring them in and then if we find out that they don’t have an education that will get them a better paying job or put or send them on to college we help them get their GEDs we send them we help them we don’t send them we help them we help them help themselves what’s the point well it seems mr. Herman that if we’re associate in literacy with poverty it means that we have to do suffered in reference to poverty in order to increase literacy the state of Tennessee is it would that be I 86 I’d say that’s absolutely right when we look at when we disaggregate our information our assessment information poverty and literacy go hand-in-hand it really is true and we do need to look at the poverty and what does that how does it impact literacy and what we’re going to do about it yes now let’s let’s look at those three areas there how does that empowered us poverty impact midre see when we come back how it impacts literacy and what we’re going to do about it I think that that would be something that is very very important in terms of and then I think that we might be able to use all of the information that you have to deal with that major theme doing this our second segment of course we’re getting ready for the first segment of to end of this show we’ve got about 20 25 seconds and then we’ll come back and give both of you an opportunity to look at the impact that poverty perhaps has on education and what the kind of programs for example that we have that can deal with that and the success of the programs that we do have of course we’ll be back with our audience followed this very very short commercial break we’re talking to mr tappitt

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