State and Federal Captioning Compliance for Education

More than 20% of American students
have a disability requiring captions-assisted media. To ensure the best possible outcome for
all students, the Americans with Disabilities Act
requires making course materials such as class lecture recordings, class
videos, and documentation accessible. But because just being
accessible isn’t enough, laws are very detailed on the quality
of captioned course materials. When it comes to education materials,
the FCC requires video captioning quality to meet or exceed 99%
accuracy to be considered compliant. Without compliance, learning can
become an exercise in frustration or simply a comedy of errors. [MUSIC] Further, captioning compliance
requires more than correct words. It also depends on timing and
completeness and placement. How can you learn more? Download Captioning Accuracy Requirements
for Education. Our free ten-page e-book
explains how accuracy is defined. It also lists the four criteria used
to assess compliant captioning, and provides a checklist you
can use when creating captions. [MUSIC]

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