33 thoughts on “Start Learning Japanese! (How to Self Study!) 日本語を学ぼう!”

  1. Thank you for this. I love the Japanese culture for a long time, even korean, too! (But mostly Interested in Japanese lol.)
    I love their culture, food, clothes, ect. They’re so respectful and they’re all so.. yeah. BEAUTIFUL. The schools are cool and everything there is amazing. I’m trying to learn Japanese, I know some small words, but I want to learn full Japanese. This kinda helped me get started and work. Your pronunciation is also amazing!

  2. This is the best video on the topic of learning a language that I've ever seen. It's strategic and aggressive while still sounding somewhat possible. 100/100

  3. Hey,what books can u advice me to buy ? I'm a beginner and i'm lost -.- exercices books ,dictionary ii don't know wht to buy

  4. Wow you both are very pleasant. Your pronunciation is super good!!! Thanks for shearing this video

  5. Advertises italki lessons in the beginning…then says "if you can't afford a textbook" a textbook is less than Italki. WAAAY less than italki.

  6. @KemushiChan ロレッタ

    I don't know if you have already made a video on it but could you do a topic on the EJU test? How difficult were the questions? I have finished art college and I would like to study aboard in Japan to do an illustration degree (no, I have no interest in being a Mangaka – 漫画家.)


  7. Hi can i ask where u buy your flashcard? I want to have one but dont know where to buy. Thank u. Waiting for reply

  8. My timeline is about a year. I'm hoping to get into the JET program next fall… so I've just finished memorizing hiragana and I'm about halfway through katakana… long road ahead!

  9. Wow, no mention of japanesepod101. That's interesting since it's probably the best AND the cheapest way to learn Japanese. You can go to japanesepod101. Com or download the Innovative app. Worked great for me

  10. hello!
    I am Japanese and I don't need to study japanese tho but I have a friend who want to learn Japanese .I am glad to find your video because I can teach Japanese use this video as a reference !

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